Long Live the Mad Wife!

Chapter 408 - Chapter 408: Entering Class 1

Chapter 408: Entering Class 1

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“Meatbail, is the bracelet you mentioned last time true?”Feng Chuge suppressed the strange feeling in his heart and asked.

The meatball’s eyes flashed with a dark blue light when it heard that. “Master, how could 1 lie to you? From the looks of it…It seemed like…This bracelet really has something to do with the Five-Colored Stone. Otherwise, how could it attract a Divine Beast so much…”

As the meatbail spoke, it stood up straight and looked at Feng Chu Ge with its blue eyes. “Master, what do you plan to do now?”

Feng Chu Ge’s eyes drooped slightly and her thin lips were pursed tightly. After a long time, she curled her lips and smiled seductively.

“I don’t believe in fate!”

She did not believe in fate.

Her life had always been in her own hands and would never be controlled by anyone else.

What female lead under the heavens, what dogshit destiny?!

As long as it wasn’t what she wanted, she definitely wouldn’t accept it!!

A chill spread out from his body, and the ball of meat could not help but tremble.

At this moment, it thought of something.” Master, I forgot to tell you that the class promotion test is in two days. A few people from Class Seven came to look for you today, but you weren’t there.”

“Yes, I understand.” Feng Chuge nodded.

She narrowed her eyes slightly.

Class Advancement Test…It turned out that it was already so fast…


Under the cherry blossom tree, a woman in a blue dress was lying on the swing.

She looked up, her hair falling down.

Her face was covered by a book.

After an unknown amount of time, she suddenly sat up straight, opened her eyes, and exhaled a foul breath.

Ever since she had advanced to become a Talisman Master that day, her mental strength seemed to have stagnated. Just now, after sensing the movement of the dragon egg in the Heart of Ice Soul, Feng Chuge felt the changes in her spiritual power and mental strength again.

She jumped off the swing.

At this moment, someone walked in from outside.

“Miss, the class promotion test is about to begin. Do you want to go and take a look?”

“Yes, why not?” Feng Chu Ge’s lips curled up slightly.

“Yes, that’s true. After all, you’ve been in Class Seven for so long. It’s only right for Miss to go and take a look.”Bi Luo said after thinking for a moment.

Feng Chuge picked up the meatbail beside him and walked forward.

“Who said I was going to watch the show? 1… I want to go to class one.”

Go to class one?

The two people behind him were shocked when they heard that.

Miss had never mentioned this before. Why did she suddenly want to enter Class One?

While he was puzzled, Feng Chuge had already walked forward.

Bi Luo and Lu Zhu did not dare to delay and followed Feng Chu Ge.

Actually, Feng Chuge had not planned to go to Class One.

The reason why he entered Class Two was because he wanted to be qualified to go and get the Scarlet Heaven Sword.

But now…

After this series of events, it was impossible for him not to enter class one.

Just as Di Juechen had said, only those who entered Class One were qualified to enter the Heaven and Earth Prefecture.

Right now, it seemed that only by entering the Heaven and Earth Palace would some of the mysteries be revealed…

She walked in front, letting her hair fall down.

Her hands were tightly clenched.

There were two standards for class one in the Cloud Sky Academy.

Either they were strong enough to reach the standards of class one, or they had special abilities.

The former was like Yun Che.

The latter, Yue Ji was a very good example.

Yun Qianche was especially powerful and had already reached the Spiritual Venerable Realm.

As for Yue Ji, it was because of her ability to control the wind and snow…

Although Feng Chuge’s strength was not good, she was confident that she could enter Class One directly with her abilities as an alchemist and a talisman master!

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