Lord Of The World: I Become The Lord Of The Desert From The Start

Chapter 646 - 646 Chapter 426: Mysterious Existence, Mission Completed, Level 15 Advancement [1/2]

646 Chapter 426: Mysterious Existence, Mission Completed, Level 15 Advancement [1/2]

A crystal coffin lay in the treasury of this ancient city that had existed for an unknown period.

And there was a living being inside.

This scene far exceeded Richard’s expectations.

“Lord Richard…”

Sel stepped forward with a solemn expression.

Fear engulfed his gaze as he looked at the pure gold statue of the eight-armed naga and the crystal coffin that it held.

“Do you need me to send someone to take the coffin down?”

Richard frowned.

“Wait a minute.”

That scene was odd, although he did not sense any danger.

“Let’s clean up the treasure vault first. We’ll move the coffin last.”


Sel didn’t waste any time and directly turned around to bring his men down to investigate.

Richard calmed his thoughts and opened the attribute panel.

But unexpectedly, it only had the attributes of the coffin.

[Crystal Coffin]

[Level: Special]

[Characteristic: Able to sustain life for a long time]

[Description: A secret treasure created by the ancient elves after consuming several units.]

There was no information about the mysterious life form whose chest heaved after a closer look.

Even the Black Gold System did not give any notifications. It was like it did not exist.

That made Richard frown.

The figure in the coffin was not ordinary for one to be able to hide in the treasure vault and such a state.

He felt that the figure in the crystal coffin was mightier than the vampire grand duke.

Richard opened the attribute panel of the eight-armed naga statue that held the crystal coffin. He had a strange emotion.

In the next second, His eyes lit up afterward.

[Guardian of the Treasury]

[Undead Naga (Statue)]

[Level: Legendary]

[1. Summon an eight-armed naga to guard the treasure vault (Current Level: 19, Highest Recruitment Level: 24)]

[2. It can consume 1,000,000 units of adamantine to upgrade the statue. The naga will also increase by one for every level up.]

[3. The eight-armed naga cannot leave the statue for more than 1000 meters.]

[4. The Naga will be immune to death if one has not destroyed the statue. It will consume the statue’s adamantine every time it recovers from its injuries. The statue’s level will drop, and so will the naga’s level when one has overused.]

[Description: A statue forged by a powerful craftsman to protect the treasure vault.]

As Richard had expected, the naga was immune to death outside, and one has stored in a vault similar to the ancient god statue.

[Legendary Treasure: It could even recruit transcendent eight-armed naga when it leveled up.]

Richard was pleased.

A transcendent level figure was a strategic power.

He had spent efforts to find the Contract Scroll and enslave the vampire grand duke.

However, he did not expect to obtain a treasure that could lead to extraordinary power in the Dune Lord’s treasure vault.

Life was truly outrageous.

Although one needed this thing to upgrade, it was still much better than a Contract Scroll without any information.

The battle would not have been so difficult if there had been a transcendent in Twilight City from the start.

The losses wouldn’t be so exaggerated.

He was adamantly satisfied.

He planned to move the eight-armed naga statue back to Twilight City and collect tons of adamantine to upgrade.

He couldn’t leave the statue for 1,000 meters. This restriction was for attack, but it was enough for defense.

Half an hour later, the troop had thoroughly searched the treasury.

They discovered three pure gold statues of the eight-armed naga in the corner of the treasure vault aside from the gemstones everywhere.

However, he didn’t find a second crystal coffin among the statues.

However, what disappointed him was that these three statues could only recruit level 19 nagas, and they were seriously damaged. Each required 100,000 units of adamantine to repair.

However, this was an additional gain. No matter what, it was a profit.

“Lord Richard, the gemstones in this treasure vault are estimated to be more than three million units. The total profit will include the four naga statues and the crystal coffin.”

Richard heard the soldier’s report while the soldier was excited.

“Three million units of rare resources!

“This was an astronomical figure!”

Twilight City had just experienced a siege war. It was like sending charcoal in the snow.

It was too crucial.

“Lord Richard, with these supplies, we can quickly recover.”

Richard nodded in satisfaction.

He sighed in his heart.

As expected of a top-notch force with transcendent figures.

This harvest was indeed shocking following the attack.

War was a pure zero-sum game. The winner would take all.

The loser would have nothing.

Fortunately, he was still the winner this time.

However, players wouldn’t take this top-tier map at this stage.

Just the Dune Lord alone, a transcendent who could form a hundred-meter-tall giant sand with a wave of his hand, was enough to annihilate everything.

He put all the gemstones into the system space without hesitation.

There was no limit to the storage of resources in the system space.

It became a string of numbers after it absorbed them.

It would still look the same when he took it.

It took him an hour to clear out all the gemstones in the treasure vault.

On the attribute panel, there were 3.67 million units.

Richard felt very satisfied.

He gathered the resources for post-war reconstruction in this wave.

How comfortable.

He looked at the main character afterward… The eight-armed naga statue and the crystal coffin above its head.

The soldiers brought the other three naga statues back to Twilight City.

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