Lord Of The World: I Become The Lord Of The Desert From The Start

Chapter 647 - 647 Chapter 426: Mysterious Existence, Mission Completed, Level 15 Advancement [2/2]

647 Chapter 426: Mysterious Existence, Mission Completed, Level 15 Advancement [2/2]

Richard only heaved a sigh of relief when they emptied the treasure vault.

He looked at the dazzling eight-armed naga statue in the empty treasure vault. His gaze was subtle.

“Sel, get the troop out of the treasury.”

Sel puzzled. But he saw Richard’s serious face. He didn’t ask any more questions and immediately left with his men.

A moment later, the sand around Richard began to spin.

His figure gradually floated into the air.

He slowly flew above the eight-armed naga statue.

He gazed at the crystal coffin,

However, unexpectedly, the crystal coffin was clear and bright from afar. When he got closer, another layer of mist blurred the figure.

He couldn’t see what the life inside the coffin looked like.

Humans? Elves? Orcs? He couldn’t even tell the other party’s race at this moment.

Richard’s eyes narrowed. The sand around him suddenly condensed into a giant hand that held the crystal coffin from the bottom to the top.

The crystal coffin left the eight-armed naga’s palm.


A crisp sound rang out.

Countless runes suddenly appeared on the eight-armed naga’s hand. In the next moment, those runes shattered like glass.

At this moment, the earth rumbled and shook violently.

It was like a magnitude 18 earthquake.

All the buildings shook violently.

It was utterly terrifying.

The initially calm aura suddenly became violent when the crystal coffin left the naga’s hand.

A terrifying pressure surged out. In an instant, the light of heaven and earth dimmed.

Richard looked down and felt like he held not a crystal coffin but a volcano about to erupt.

He looked down at the eight-armed naga statue. He was shocked.

This naga statue was the source of a magic array, and what was even more exaggerated was… This magic array extracted the power of the mysterious life form in the crystal coffin!!

This scene was the complete opposite of what he had imagined.

He looked out of the treasure vault and saw the hundred-meter-tall wall of yellow sand around the city through the collapsed door.

The invisible giant hand blocked the yellow sand wall and shook crazily.

Waves of sand shook off. Waves of dust kicked up.

Dune City has lost its power.

The moment this thought rose in his mind.

Richard subconsciously looked at the crystal coffin.

His emotions fluctuated.

Good heavens, the energy source of this city was this coffin… It was not the life that slept in the coffin.

What kind of existence could support a city with the power in its body?

Dune City had existed for countless years… That was even odd. In other words, this mysterious lifeform whose face could not be seen still possessed terrifying power after being sealed for infinite years.

Who was sleeping inside?

However, no matter how many questions he had, he could not get an answer.

Richard left the statue and suppressed his emotions. He felt the crystal coffin’s aura gradually go out of control. His eyes slowly turned cold.

The ancient god statue that emitted a dark aura appeared in his hand with a wave.

He pressed down on the crystal coffin without wings.

The moment it touched the coffin, endless dark energy exploded and sealed the crystal coffin.

Only then did the terrifying pressure disappear.

Richard breathed a sigh of relief.

He must not wake up the sleeping life form inside the coffin before he figures it out.

Right now, it was still uncertain whether they were friends or foes. It would be okay if they were friends, but if they were enemies… Then, another bloody battle would erupt.

A life form that could serve as the energy source for a city had an exaggerated battle power.

Richard pondered, and the earth shook even more violently.

The city directly entered a state of collapse without a source of energy.

Richard quickly returned to his senses and looked at the door of the treasure vault.

“Treebeard, hold the door. Don’t let it collapse!”

He finished speaking, and the power of the yellow sand on his body suddenly erupted.

The surrounding sand seemed to have come alive and gathered towards him.

Then, it directly enveloped the eight-armed naga statue.


Something must have pulled the eight-armed naga statue out of the ground while the sound of rocks shattered.

“Everyone, retreat immediately!”

Richard finished speaking, and he flew out of the treasure vault.

At this moment, the sharp-eyed ones could see that the eight-armed naga imprisoned by the god’s ancient tree had already disappeared…The movement of the crystal and the eight-armed naga caused the disappearance!

He didn’t have the mood to pay attention to this and immediately ordered Sel to lead the troop to retreat.

At the same time, he asked Emily Amyrida to bring him back. The boss still has to hunt a troop that crawled out of the ground.

Richard controlled the sand and brought the giant statue to the square.

He looked around, and all the buildings shook. Some that were not so sturdy had already collapsed.

Gravel splattered all over the sky.

This city…It collapsed.

“Retreat! Retreat immediately!”

The Twilight City troop surged into the spatial rift like a tidal wave.

The soldiers that fought above quickly retreated under Emily’s command.

The god’s ancient tree controlled the quicksand to transport the dark treants that were vast but slow.

Fortunately, Richard was decisive. The troop retreated quickly enough. Two squadrons of dark treants were still left behind.


The hundred-meter-tall walls of sand around the city collapsed.

The scene was like a world-destroying natural disaster.

It quickly destroyed those buildings and buried them in the surging yellow sand.

A magnificent city disappeared before its eyes.

He looked at the other end of the spatial rift buried by yellow sand.

Richard felt strange.

At this moment, the system notification rang.

[Ding~ The lord of the dunes has been exterminated. The mission has been completed. You have leveled up to 15.]


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