Lord Of The World: I Become The Lord Of The Desert From The Start

Chapter 938 - 938 Chapter 533: Aftershock, Harvest After the Battle [2/4]

938 Chapter 533: Aftershock, Harvest After the Battle [2/4]

The so-called treasure was the reflection of everyone’s greed and desire.

Everyone saw it differently. You could find whatever you wanted inside.

Some people saw endless gems and gold inside, some people found a way to become gods, and some people saw magic potions that could prolong life!

It would have something to ask for, and the power of greed magnified the desire in its heart by tenfold or hundredfold as long as it was an intelligent life form.

The inner desire could transform one into monstrosity once it had consumed that person.

The treasure turned into a faint golden energy under everyone’s gaze.

However, the golden lion crawled into the sky. The gloating players didn’t notice this. Its golden fur became increasingly dazzling as the treasure disappeared.

There seemed to be a subtle connection between the two.

The endless treasures in the magnificent palace in the sky disappeared in just three to five minutes. It had not left a single gem.

Even the strange-looking throne had just turned into a stream of light.

An empty palace alone remained before his sight.

The players’ emotions rose again. Everyone looked at Richard with unspeakable pleasure.

The downfall of others pleased them.

The power-treasure of the lord of greed disappeared. No new movement on the ground followed after a few moments.

The newly-demonized troops suddenly covered their heads. Their bodies twitched and trembled uncontrollably.

A shrill wail sounded from their throats like torture. Fear and pain engulfed their faces.

It was like someone whipped their souls.

This terrifying scene caused the atmosphere on the battlefield to become abnormally strange.

The demons who struggled with their hands over their heads collapsed to the ground. Their bodies twitched a few times before they suddenly stiffened and lost all signs of life.

Nearly ten legions of demons turned into corpses in less than a minute! This scene was simply terrifying.

The Blazing Flame Guild leader had felt much better but was stunned at the sight of this scene.

“That demon troop, just like that…Was it gone?”

That had mercilessly severed the hope that had just nestled in his heart.

He regained his senses. He felt dizzy and an indescribable rage rose in his heart.

He spat out a mouthful of blood in his anger.

In the end, he looked at the figure covered in yellow sand with an extremely unwilling gaze and let out a long, sorrowful cry.

His voice was hoarse and weak.

“Blazing Flame Guild, retreat immediately from Ell Kingdom.”

He finished speaking. It was like one had extracted his soul. That vastly dispirited his aura. His age swiftly increased 20 years.

All of his plans vanished like bubbles.

Qingqiu’s fist relentlessly devoured his high ambition like froth. He aspired to lead the Blazing Flame Guild and become the mightiest soul-crusher.

The blow to his heart was indescribable at this moment.

“F*ck, who would have thought Qingqiu would slay the Greed Lord?”

He pondered. His depression turned increasingly turbulent. That almost drove him crazy!

“That pervert! Damn pervert!

“Pass down my order. From now on, the Blazing Flame Guild will have no more conflict with Qingqiu!”

“We? We lost!!”

The upper echelons of the Blazing Flame Guild froze pale-faced.

“Who would have thought that our operation would frustratingly end in such a manner?!”

“Qingqiu didn’t even use its own troops. Just a few of his subordinates settled this war that involved hundreds of thousands of people.”

“One couldn’t figure out how many trump cards that freak had. What right did he have to kill a god?”

However, no one could answer them at this moment no matter how many questions they had.

The Blazing Flame Guild leader tore a scroll apart. The players were stunned.

All the members of the Blazing Flame Guild disappeared without a trace.

The opponent had defeated them in the Ell Kingdom.

The conflict between the guild and the individual players ended with the death of a god.

At the last moment, the screen in the live stream room showed a majestic figure that stood in the void. Yellow sand surrounded him.

Beside him was a god’s body that was as fat as a pig.

In the sky that was still connected to the bottomless abyss, the evil aura that surged out was still dense and restless.

Unspeakable desolation and misery filled the empty palace.

All of this became the background of the other party.

At this point, the last live stream disappeared, and the room fell into darkness.

Billions of players were in a daze. They felt lost.

They regained their composure. They immediately fell into an excited and indescribable state.

There were too many factors in today’s war!!

Moreover, this involved the fall of a god.

Posts that bore the name “Qingqiu” flooded the forum in less than three minutes.

All the players discussed the war like crazy. They had countless guesses about how Richard had killed the god.

The native forces were also the first to know about this explosive news under the fanaticism of the players.

Everyone was shocked.

A Grace Mainland Overlord had killed the Greed Lord. He was one of the seven deadly sins before the gazes of everyone.

This was simply a fantasy!

However, countless people confirmed it and the authenticity of this news no longer was questionable.

The flustered and exasperated believers of the evil god summoned the lord of greed and received information he was nowhere around. The waves immediately multiplied.

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