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Chapter 1345 - Old Master Left a Seal for Sister Nian

Chapter 1345: Old Master Left a Seal for Sister Nian

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Old Master Jiang sighed, his body wrapped in a deep sense of powerlessness. He raised his head again and looked at Nie Mi and the others with bright eyes. He said in a low voice, “The only thing I’m worried about now is Nian Nian. I’m not afraid of leaving. I’m just afraid of leaving too early. After I leave, her father can’t protect her. She’ll be bullied like today.

“You’re all my best friends.”

Old Master Jiang’s voice was deep and serious as if he was entrusting her to them. He said slowly, “From today onwards, I’ll hand the Jiang family over to Nian Nian. I hope you can take care of her more. Don’t let her fight alone in Beijing…”

On the surface, he had handed the Jiang family’s business to Jiang Zongnan, but in fact, the Jiang family had a real lifeline in private.

This lifeline was the reason why the Jiang family could have a place in Beijing!

This lifeline had always been in the hands of Old Master Jiang.

After so long, he had never handed it over to anyone else. Not many people in the Jiang family knew about this.

Old Master Jiang turned around and pushed the wheelchair. He took out a jade token from the drawer and handed it to Jiang Zongjin solemnly, then said in a low voice, “Give this to Nian Nian.”

Jiang Zongjin knew nothing. He foolishly took the jade token from his father. Seeing the Jiang character carved on it, he asked Old Master Jiang in confusion, “Dad, what is this?”

“It’s a seal, a token that only the descendants of the Jiang family can have.” Since Old Master Jiang had decided to hand the Jiang family over to Qiao Nian, there were some things that he didn’t intend to hide from Jiang Zongjin. However, he didn’t plan to tell him too much either. He only asked, “Do you know about the factory at home?”

Jiang Zongjin remembered. “You mean the factory in Luohe County?”

The Jiang family had a processing plant in the mountains of Luohe County. He remembered that they were doing something like processing lenses.

Because of the old industry, almost no one in the family was willing to take over.

“Dad, you’re giving that factory to Nian Nian?” Jiang Zongjin reacted in surprise. He held the seal in his hand, wondering why Old Master Jiang was giving this to Qiao Nian.

He was at a loss. Could it be that the old man wanted Qiao Nian to open a factory after she graduated?

However, Nian Nian was studying Chinese medicine and was quite talented in IT. There was no need for her to join the glasses production industry even if she couldn’t do scientific research with him in the future, right?

Old Master Jiang knew that he didn’t know anything and didn’t want to reveal too much. He still said, “Give this to her. I’ll tell her later.”

Seeing that his father insisted on giving the old factory seal to Qiao Nian, Jiang Zongjin thought that the old man was getting on in years. Not wanting to dampen the old man’s enthusiasm, he silently accepted it and said filially, “I understand. I’ll give it to her.”

Nie Mi didn’t know what the seal was for, but judging from Jiang Zongjin’s reaction, it seemed to be a useless processing plant.

He didn’t ask any more questions.

That big shot even had shares in Cheng Feng Corporation. She had countless properties in Beijing and did not lack money at all.

Only Ye Maoshan and Su Huaiyuan were surprised to see Old Master Jiang take out the seal and say that he wanted to give it to Qiao Nian. However, they maintained a good upbringing and didn’t say anything.

Old Master Jiang explained everything that needed to be explained. This time, he was really tired. He didn’t ask them to stay any longer. After exchanging a few pleasantries, he asked the nurse to send them off.

Old Master Jiang thought for a while and sent a few messages after the nurse finished seeing off the guests.

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