Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 1346 - Qiao Nian Has What She Has

Chapter 1346: Qiao Nian Has What She Has

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After everything was done, he shakily picked up the health supplements that Qiao Nian had bought for him. He poured out a pill from the medicine bottle and drank it with the unfinished water in the cup.

After swallowing a small white pill, Old Master Jiang clearly felt that most of his fatigue had disappeared.

He was rather curious about where Qiao Nian had bought the medicine from. He reached out for the medicine bottle and studied it again, but couldn’t figure it out.

Old Master Jiang was tired, so he put down the medicine bottle and went to rest.

The Jiang family.

The atmosphere in the house was oppressive when Jiang Zongnan and the others returned home. No one wanted to speak after what had just happened.

Jiang Zongnan’s face was cold all the way home. After returning home, he pulled off his tie, and a trace of fatigue appeared on his dignified face. He walked straight to the sofa and said, “Young Master Ye came to the company to look for me in the afternoon.”

He sat down on the sofa.

Tang Wanru followed closely behind him. Her eyes lit up when he mentioned Ye Wangchuan’s name. “Young Master Ye…”

Jiang Zongnan glanced at her and knew that she was still harboring unrealistic fantasies. She thought that Ye Wangchuan was still on their side. He said coldly, “Young Master Ye came to tell me about Xianrou. The Zhu family has already been dealt with by him. It seems that the Zhu family is about to fall. He gave me two choices.”

Jiang Xianrou was in the living room. Her heart sank when she heard this. She bit her lip and asked her father, “What choice did he give you?”

Jiang Zongnan’s eyes flashed with pity when he saw her beautiful face turn pale, but he had no choice but to tell her the cruel truth.

“Young Master Ye said that you can either drop out of Qing University or go overseas.”

There was some silence.

Jiang Xianrou’s beautiful face suddenly turned pale, and the blood on her lips disappeared completely. Trembling, she immediately raised her head and retorted, “Impossible! Dad, you’re lying to me.”

Jiang Zongnan pressed the space between his eyebrows and said nothing. He just looked at her quietly.

However, Jiang Xianrou felt as if she had fallen into a bottomless abyss. She stood rooted to the ground, and all the blood in her body froze. She bit her lip, and her face was pale. Her throat was dry as she explained, “I didn’t know what Zhu Yuanhao was going to do. I found out with you guys. I didn’t do anything. Why should Grandpa and the others blame everything on me… What did I do wrong?”

She didn’t understand why Old Master Jiang, Qin Si, and Ye Wangchuan were all protecting Qiao Nian.

What was so good about her?

Didn’t she come from Rao City? She knew how to play the piano, sing, and play the konghou. She was a little famous on the singing platform and even got into a good school!

She had everything that Qiao Nian had.

Why couldn’t the old man and the others see her brilliance? Their eyes were always on Qiao Nian. She didn’t understand how she was inferior to her.

Jiang Yao saw that his sister was in pain and took a step forward. He placed his hand on her shoulder to comfort her, but his tone was heavy. “Xianrou, Dad didn’t lie to you. I was also in the company this afternoon. Young Master Ye did give Dad these two choices… Why don’t you go overseas?”

Ye Wangchuan had the final say in Beijing.

He had made it clear to them again that afternoon that if they were unwilling to choose between the two, they would have to take the third option.

The third option Ye Wangchuan gave them was for Jiang Xianrou to go to jail with Zhu Yuanhao!

He didn’t dare to bet on Jiang Xianrou’s future, nor could he afford to.

The Zhou family had learned their lesson. Zhou Hengfeng was known as the number one hacker in the country and had a close relationship with the Red Alliance. However, he was still dealt with.

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