Magic's Return: I Can See The Spirits

Chapter 228 The children sure are energetic.

Chapter 228 The children sure are energetic.

”How can you be so different than your father?”


Vaan frowned in confusion.

“Who do you think are you fooling with that innocent act?” Isabel didn’t hold back.

“I hate it when you interrupt others but keep it to myself because you mostly do it to express your so-called love for your fiancée. Confessing your love out loud strengthens your relationship and is seen as a positive thing, this is why I never said anything.

But to think you would have an ‘assistant’ when you already have a fiancée! How can you betray the girl who is so devoted to you!? Do you not have a heart!?”

The Swordswoman’s outburst was loud.

Then suddenly,

“Woman, what in the hell are you talking about?”

Wasn’t planning on listening to this nonsense any further.

“Haah!? You stil-” Isabel wanted to continue, but before she could,


All the people inside the room felt scorching heat coming from a certain direction. Isabel and the others turned around and their eyes widened in horror when they noticed Elara summoning a giant Fireball.

It was the spell she used in her recent battle,

Flame Ball.


Elara then called out.

Then, with her red eyes looking right into Isabel’s eyes, Elara continued,

“Do not disrespect Vaan or I will not hold back.”

It wasn’t just Isabel, Seraphina and Vaan were taken aback by Elara’s current self.

Was she really the same timid girl who didn’t give her all in battles because she was worried about her enemies?

That girl was threatening someone?

Vaan knew that Elara was changing, just the fact that she used a dangerous spell like Flame Ball in a battle was enough to prove that, but to think that she would outright threaten someone.

‘W-What in the hell happened…?’ Seraphina couldn’t help but wonder.

Seeing Elara stand in front of her with that huge Fireball above her head filled her with extreme fear. Her body started trembling when she wasn’t even Elara’s ‘target’.

Just this was enough to tell just how strong the gap between the two of them was.


Isabel tried to explain herself.

She only wanted to help.

She had seen how much this woman liked Vaan and noticing the possibility that Vaan might be cheating on her filled Isabel with endless anger.

“I only want yo-“


“I am not a child. I know how to keep what is mine.”

Elara spoke, then, she glanced at Seraphina and as if she was warning her,

“I will not allow anyone to take away what’s mine. Even if I have to fight for it.”

Seraphina’s body trembled again. After all, she was now Elara’s ‘target’. Elara’s gaze was petrifying, Seraphina couldn’t even gulp since her body had frozen from fear. The only thing she could feel were her goosebumps and the immense heat coming from Elara’s spell.

‘I-Is she still under the influence?’

Vaan, on the other hand, had a completely different question in his mind.

‘No, if that was the case, Mother should have noticed.

Her dear Pupil being in a drunk state, she would have at the very least glared at me, but nothing like that happened…

She is sober right now…’

Vaan was finding it surprising.

Elara had taken initiatives before, but…

This was the first time she had done it when she was completely sober.

She was declaring him as hers out loud while defending him and thinking about it, Vaan couldn’t help but have a wide smile on his face.

He then tightened his grip around Elara’s hand and suddenly,

The Flame ball disappeared.

Something that surprised the three people again.

‘That’s possible!?’

A basic Mage had no choice but to cast his or her spell once it was ready, since the Mana used to form the Spell couldn’t just disappear, the spell couldn’t disappear either.


‘How did she do it?’

Everyone wondered.

Even Eliza and other members of the Obsidian Order were wondering how a Basic Mage was able to do it.

Elara, on the other hand, just smiled as she glanced at Vaan, then, she turned towards Isabel and with a gentle smile on her face,

“I know you only wish the best for me and I am grateful for that, but it gets quite difficult for me to hold back when one raises her voice in front of my Vaan, you see.

Also, what you are thinking is utterly ridiculous.

The relationship between Vaan and her is purely business-related. The two have no other feelings for each other, right?” Elara questioned.

Vaan, of course, nodded without even thinking. Only a fool would try to choose anyone else when a gem like Elara was right next to him.

Elara, however, wasn’t even looking at Vaan, her attention was on someone else.

Seraphina gulped, Elara looking at her with that ‘gentle’ smile on her face didn’t look ‘gentle’ at all. Those eyes that once carried endless compassion, kindness, naivety, and innocence, now only had… a strange, obsessive craziness.

It was frightening.

“Y-Yes, Lady Elara is right.

There is n-no other relation between us, I am merely his assistant.”

Seraphina replied.

“And none of you plan to develop any other feelings either, correct?”

Elara questioned with, again, her ‘gentle’ smile on her face.

“O-Of course. There is no need to d-develop any other feelings.” Seraphina’s answer was quick.

Seeing the scene in front of her, Isabel couldn’t help but blink a few times. Her disbelief could be felt very clearly. Follow current novᴇls on ɴo(v)elꜰɪre.ɴet

Vaan, on the other hand, was enjoying every bit of craziness his fiancée was showing.

Maybe an Elara crazy for him was what he needed in his life.

Vaan continued to nod to himself and Isabel, who noticed that as well couldn’t help but stare at the entire situation with a deadpan look on her face.

‘This entire family has an issue with their head.

I have no clue how my Teacher got entangled with them.’

On the other side, inside the room where Astra, Orion, and the other Professors from the Magic Division were chatting,

“The children sure are energetic.”

The moment he noticed Elara’s spell formation, Sylas chuckled.

Astra smiled as well, “That girl is getting better at expressing herself.”

“You call that getting better…?” Another Professor spoke up with a strange expression on his face.

After all, the little girl pretty much summoned a spell that could annihilate most Basic Mages while they were ‘talking’.

How was that being expressive!?

Couldn’t they see how this is dangerous!?

And he wasn’t alone,

“Should we mediate?” Another Professor named Professor Calista questioned.

“Professors need not worry, my trusted subordinates are keeping an eye on them, nothing would happen.”

Astra replied with a light smile on her face.

“We should continue our conversation.”

The Professors nodded.

“Right, I also wanted to talk abou-“

Professor Calista wanted to continue where they left off, but suddenly, he froze.

It wasn’t just him, others inside the room had a chance in their expressions as well, even Astra.

“Astra… was that done by your subordinate…?”

Professor Sylas questioned with a doubtful look on his face.

Honestly, he already knew the answer to this question, however, in this case, he wanted to be wrong.


“It wasn’t…”

Astra spoke with a strange expression on her face.

“Mana Dissolution…”

Professor Calista spoke up.

“Not to mention she is a Basic Mage…”

“That shouldn’t be possible…”

“According to the Principals of Magic we know, it shouldn’t be…” Astra nodded as well.

It wasn’t something that could be made sense out of.

Mana couldn’t be destroyed, neither could it be created.

To naturally cancel a prepared Spell, a Mage is required to take the Mana out of the Spell and release all the ‘fuel’ from the spell for it to dissipate naturally.

While this process in itself is complicated, excellent Mages who have a high understanding of Magic principles and their Spells can still achieve.

The problem, however, comes when it is time to ‘store’ the Mana taken out of the Spell into his body, Intermediate and stronger Mages could do it because they have a Mana Core to store the Mana into, but the Basic Mages…

Mana Dissolution shouldn’t be possible.

Or at least that’s what the Magic Theory that has been passed down for 5000 years states.

The fact that the little girl was able to do it while being a Basic Mage…

“You must be dying to have a talk with your pupil, aren’t you?”

Suddenly, Orion chuckled as he looked into Astra’s eyes. All other Mages stared at Astra with a jealous look on their faces.

It was a doorway to a completely different knowledge, of course, these oldies craved it.


How could Astra allow that to happen?

She may respect all these people since they once taught her, but in the end, for her, Family came first, if there was something that could lead to the discovery of something new, then unless they know what it is and if it could be used by the Vesta Family or not,

Astra would let that ‘source of knowledge’ get away from her.

“Well, Professors, as you can see, something urgent came up. As much as I enjoyed chatting with you, I would need to take my leave now.

We will meet tomorrow during the Induction.”

And just as everyone expected,

Astra was already kicking these ‘professors’ out.

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