Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 254

Since Lin Mumu denied it, the middle-aged woman was a little dumbfounded.

“My man obviously gave the money to that person named Liu Ting. Oh, I know, you are so shameless, and he is raising a woman outside behind my back!”

She was also a bright-eyed person, and she saw Lin Mumu wearing a green and transparent bracelet, the quality and appearance of which indicated that it must cost six or seven figures. Anyway, the proprietress who loved jewellery was very discerning, so she had seen a lot of these things but couldn’t afford it.

Just such a glance made the discerning boss lady realize that since Lin Mumu was so rich and it seemed that it was true that she cheated the female star of tens of millions, she might really look down on their 10,000 yuan red envelope.

But she cried and made a fuss. She couldn’t keep her face to apologize, so she could only find an excuse: “I have to go back and ask Lao Su carefully about this matter. Men are not good! He actually went out behind my back.”

Lin Mumu and Chen Fangya looked at each other helplessly, it was really troublesome to be made such a fuss about in the early morning.

But the Flower and Bird Market was not a department store, so the quality of the bosses here was only so high, and you couldn’t expect them all to be elegant.

“I see, in one day at the flower and bird market, I encounter more top-notch products than in a week at school.” Chen Fangya complained to Lin Mumu with a smile.

“Yes, how wonderful. Some people cry and some scold, this is like life. There are no women crying in our mountains, only will-o’-the-wisps and howling wolves.” Lin Mumu also responded humorously.

In fact, Lin Mumu mainly told Yun Ting.

When Yun Ting heard that Lin Mumu had been wronged, of course he couldn’t sit still and followed her out.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s okay. It’s just a big sister who came to ask me something. There seems to be a misunderstanding.” Lin Mumu stuck out her tongue. Thinking that Boss Su was now in a state of distress after being ordered to make rectifications by the Market Administration Bureau, Lin Mumu did not dare to tell Yun Ting about him anymore.

Yun Ting nodded without delving into it.

Lin Mumu had to learn to deal with such trivial matters. Moreover, Lin Mumu’s demeanour and state of mind also impressed Yun Ting.

“Your Baozi looks like it’s holding a flower.” Yun Ting couldn’t help but remind Lin Mumu.


Lin Mumu thought nothing more and ran towards the backyard.

This couldn’t be tolerated!

The orchids she transplanted today were all precious varieties, and she couldn’t let Baozi ruin them. Every seedling was her hard work.

When Lin Mumu arrived in the backyard, she saw Baozi holding a small seedling, lying on the ground as if taking credit, and kept wagging his tail at her.

“What are you doing?” Let go of that little seedling!

“Ouch~” Baozi shouted happily, as if he was really asking for credit, and handed the seedling on his paw to Lin Mumu.

Lin Mumu couldn’t help laughing when she saw it.

“So you switched to eating caterpillars?”

There was a gap in the little seedling, and under Baozi’s paws, there was a round caterpillar.

Baozi’s strength was accurately controlled, and he didn’t actually press the thing to death. The poor caterpillar was turning and twisting under Baozi’s paws, but couldn’t escape.

“Okay, if you like to eat it, just eat it.” Lin Mumu took the flower seedlings from Baozi’s hand in a funny way, still feeling a little distressed when she looked at the bite wound.

“Pa!” Baozi used his strength to get rid of the caterpillars, then pointed at one of the large dark red flowerpots and screamed at Lin Mumu.

Lin Mumu turned the basin over, and Baozi dug out a caterpillar with his claws.

There were insects in this pot, and Lin Mumu didn’t notice it, but Baozi actually discovered it.

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