Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 255

Ch. 255

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“Baozi, you are so awesome!” Lin Mumu couldn’t help but pick up Baozi and poke his white belly.

“Ouch~ow~” Baozi let out a proud cry to take credit.

“Okay, okay, I want to reward you, I must reward you. Can I reward you with meat?”

“Ouch~~oh~” Baozi let out a satisfied cry, with humanized expectation on his little face.

But the next sentence of this unscrupulous owner turned out to be: “Caterpillars are also meat, so I’ll give them to you as a reward.”

“Ugh!” Baozi quit, twisted his body, and decided to go on strike.

“Hey, why are you so stingy?” It was better now. He could let Lin Mumu smooth his hair or rub his belly, and Baozi no longer helped her catch bugs.

“Okay, how about I take you to Uncle Dog’s place at noon to play with the big dogs?”

Baozi looked disdainful, as if to say, how could those low-level creatures deserve to be friends with me.

Yun Ting looked at the interaction between his wife and her dog in amusement.

Lin Mumu felt Yun Ting’s gaze and simply held Baozi and threw it into Yun Ting’s lap: “Honey, Baozi is on strike. You have to help me teach him a lesson.” Yun Ting casually picked up Baozi’s ears and picked up the little guy, his eyes meeting Baozi’s two eyes.

Baozi felt a little guilty, so his eyes were wandering, but he didn’t dare to look at Yun Ting anyway.

“Go and work, or you won’t be allowed to get in my car in the future.”

“Awoo!” Baozi seemed to have received the imperial edict, and he moved his paws forward towards Yun Ting and kept nodding his head. This gesture was very much like a bow.

Then the little thing obediently helped Lin Mumu catch insects.

Don’t tell me, you won’t know if you don’t catch them. But after you catch them, you will be shocked. Many flowers in the flower shop were actually infested with insects. There were small spiders and scale insects, and some were still in the state of eggs. They were all caught by Baozi.

Later, Lin Mumu didn’t even have to do anything herself. Liu Yuanyuan and Sister Zhou followed behind Baozi. As long as Baozi pointed at the basin, they would clean it up.

Sister Zhou originally had rich experience in growing flowers and her opinion on the issue of worms was to use medicine, but Lin Mumu strongly opposed it, so they could only use this most primitive method.

Fortunately, at this early stage, the range of the worms could still be controlled, and there was still a little pervert called Baozi.

When Lin Mumu was free, she sat next to Yun Ting, grabbed a handful of open pine nuts and started to peel and eat them.

After eating a few, Lin Mumu realized a little belatedly, why was there a plate of snacks near Yun Ting’s hand? And a plate of peeled pomegranates.

Yun Ting ate a lot of food when he ate, and he also ate some fruit after meals, but he rarely ate away from the dinner table, and he didn’t like snacks. How could these things be prepared for him?

Then there was only one possibility, which was that he prepared it for Lin Mumu.

So wherever the snacks were, Lin Mumu would go there?

Seeing that she was sitting next to Yun Ting, Lin Mumu felt that she was being tricked. Why didn’t she realize that Yun Ting was so calculating before?

“Yun Ting, how much does this bracelet cost?” Lin Mumu played with the jade bracelet on her hand.

She heard that Yun Province was rich in jade. The last time Yun Ting went on a mission, he brought Lin Mumu such a jade bracelet that was as green as a puddle of spring water.

Lin Mumu thought it looked good and had some meditative effect, so she put it on her hand without thinking about the price.

Seeing the way the woman stared at her bracelet today, Lin Mumu knew that this thing was not cheap.

Yun Ting didn’t seem to hear him, and continued to look at his things without turning his head. He must have heard it, but he just didn’t want to answer Lin Mumu’s question.

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