Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 344

Ch. 344

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“Then why don’t you compete with our Yuanyuan in embroidery? If you lose, just take off your clothes, okay?” An Xiaoqin followed.

“That’s right, then you compete with me in playing shuttlecock!”

“Compete with me in playing harmonica.”

“Have people in Sakurajima Kingdom been kicked in the head by a donkey?”

“You think you are dressed like this, so this is Sakurajima Country?”


With Chen Fangya and An Xiaoqin taking the lead, the girls from Yanda University consciously mobilized to protect Lin Mumu.

After all, it was very shameless to ask a girl to compete with bows and arrows, and if she lost, she had to let her boyfriend go.

Moreover, this Inoue Noko was also very shameless in her dress, and she was the type that was usually hated by other women.

Before, she only wore revealing clothes and didn’t do anything.

Now she had done something so shameless as openly snatching away someone’s husband, even though people said they didn’t like her, she still wanted to snatch the person away, it had really touched the moral bottom line of China.

The customs of each country may be different, but people in China had deep-rooted concepts of monogamy and family.

Even if the relationship was between a boyfriend and a girlfriend, there would be certain protection, let alone a serious marriage certificate.

Although it had only been in recent years that college students were allowed to obtain marriage certificates, and very few people get married in college, but it did happen, and Lin Mumu was a little sister next door type, so she was really protected by others.

Therefore, the emotions of the girls in the entire venue were a little out of control, and even some boys who originally regarded Inoue Noko as a goddess began to attack her.

After all, other than appreciating beauty, there was another word called morality.

Beauty that touched the moral bottom line was no longer beautiful, but despicable.

Inoue Noko seemed to perfectly interpret the word mean, making people who once liked her feel queasy and disgusting.

As for the students’ reaction, since they were helping Lin Mumu, Teacher Qiu Feng was of course happy to see the results and let them do whatever they wanted.

On the contrary, Lin Mumu suddenly jumped onto the field and silently took the bow and arrow from Qiu Feng’s hand.

Was the second sister-in-law going to take action?

Qiu Feng’s eyes lit up and he almost worshiped her. He used the microphone to help Lin Mumu control the situation: “Everyone, be quiet. Lin Mumu is going to give a demonstration. We are looking forward to her performance!”

Lin Mumu was not pretentious. She put six arrows on the bowstring in one go and turned around, pulled it away and shoot backwards.


After a crisp sound, everyone was stunned.

Many people didn’t understand what she played and how difficult it was.

But everyone knew that the result was that Lin Mumu was particularly powerful and seemed to have defeated the Sakurajima girl.

Because she shot arrows backwards, and she shot six arrows in one breath, and each arrow passed through the opponent’s arrow and broke the opponent’s arrow.

The crackling sound was the sound of arrows being shot down.

Lin Mumu undoubtedly stole Inoue Noko’s limelight.

Amidst the cheers, Lin Mumu was afraid that her voice would be too low, so she simply borrowed Qiu Feng’s microphone and said, “I don’t accept your challenge, not because I’m afraid of you, but because you’re not worthy.”

After that, Lin Mumu trotted off.

Qiu Feng also asked cooperatively: “Classmate Inoue, do you still want to try?”

Lin Mumu was hiding her clumsiness, and what Qiu Feng could do was not too difficult.

But for Inoue Noko, it was a completely impossible challenge.

Inoue Noko had a cold face and didn’t know how to answer at all.

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