Mama's Princess is Daddy's Beloved

Chapter 1479  The tradition of crowning

Chapter 1479  The tradition of crowning.

Although it was never announced publicly, still Li Xue's disgust towards Su Ce was not hidden from the eyes of the public. They might not have really accepted Li Xue before, but their perceptions of the influentials have changed as the days passed with Li Xue handling the royal matters. Her efforts worked like magic not just in the hearts of the commons but also the ones who were responsible for supporting the royalty.

And in effect to that no one realized when people start siding with her words, attitude and decisions.

Su Ce bitterly took a sip from his flute when he realized where he lost everything he once had in his life. It was not after she got the title of the heir of the throne, but the day when he thought that she was just a little woman who can't compete with him and his tricks.

Su Ce lips turned up on one corner with disappointment while his eyes travelled to look at the lady finally entering the room with the air of nobility surrounding her.

Dressed in a white cape gown with traditional aesthetic embroidery all over it. It looked minimal but upon the closer look anyone could tell the tell the level of luxury the simple designs held. Her rose gold heels were embellished with luxury stones which at least once got everyone's attention. The clicks of her walk weren't an irritation to ears rather they sounded a graceful tune which could make people hum in hypnotism.

Her hair was styled behind to its full length enhancing her elegance while the winged cuff on her right ear spoke a lot of the minimalism she was trying to convey through her visual personality.

People's awed whispers filled the room soon and none of their eyes left Li Xue until she climbed up the stage. Shin Tingming stepped forward to offer his hand to her, holding onto which she took her steps near the podium. The royal priest was standing at the podium, ready to speak his part of duty. As the time stuck right, he started describing the essence of the royal family and the position of Crown Princess along with the coming responsibilities and duties that the princess would have to shoulder after wearing the crown.

Li Xue heard each and every word as if she was putting it permanently in her memory. She turned to the priest when the delivery of the speech got over. Giving an elegant bow of respect to him, she looked up with a smile on her face.

The priest smiled at her politeness before giving the same understanding smile to Shin Tingming and Chen Rui, who were standing behind her. Then he gestured to Li Xue to take the seat on the throne. Although the ornamented seat belonged to the monarch, on the day or coronation it was the tradition of making the heir of the throne to take the seat on it so that he or she get to understand what was waiting for them in the future. It was the ritual to make them understand the heavy duties and responsibilities they would need to take over as the next step in their life.

Li Xue would have gotten a bit confused if Chen Rui hadn't explained each and every ritual to her before. But since she already knew everything, she gave a small nod before sitting on the throne. Her arms rested on the armrest as confidence twinkled brightly in her eyes.

At that moment the raised chair, placed above all, made her feel the sense of authority that was put onto her shoulders. She felt something pressing her shoulders down and even though nothing came to her eyes, she knew it was nothing else but the duties and responsibilities that came along with authority

Her eyes matched each and everyone in the crowd and she understood that from here on, it would be her representing them, the royal family and the masses of Chiboa all over the world.

Taking a deep breath in, she controlled the butterflies of nervousness in her stomach. Since she was already there, taking the oath to serve the people and elevate the reputation of the royals, there was no use in shying back now. In the crowd her eyes caught the face of WeiWei and seeing her raising her hand in the gesture of 'fighting' made her lips lift up on the corners. She looked at her man standing beside her daughter and the residue of flutters she was feeling in her stomach was all gone.

Tilting her head, she looked back at the priest and gave him a nod of approval. And getting her orders the priest gestured the servant. Taking the cue, the servant soon came from behind with a big cushioned tray, on the top of which was the glittery crown that not just spoke about the beauty but also the power.

Chen Rui stepped forward and gave a warm smile to Li Xue before taking the tray from the servant. Once held in her hands, she took a small step aside to tun the opposite side facing Shin Tingming. Giving a blink of agreement, she asked him to step forward for his duty.

Shin Tingming looked at his wife and then darted to look at his daughter sitting on the throne. His chest swelled up with pride for his daughter. Taking his two steps forward, he came to stop in front of Chen Rui. The couple exchanged the words of their thoughts and then bother of them turned to look down at Li Xue to ask, "Are you ready for the moment?"

Li Xue smiled and nodded to them. And that affirmation was all that Shin Tingming needed. He took the crown in his hands before orderly placing it on the head of Li Xue. Although his movements were swift, the way he adjusts the crown on her head was typically careful.

Li Xue pulled her head bit down as she let her father put the responsibility of the future on her head. As he put the crown on her head, being the royal king, Shin Tingming made the royal declaration. "I, Shin Tingming, the royal monarch of Chiboa, hereby declares my first daughter, Shen Xue to be the Crown Princess and the future monarch of Chiboa." He announced in the bold voice and soon after the room boomed with applause.

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