Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 1295 - fu linchen, you ... you hooligan!

Chapter 1295: fu linchen, you … you hooligan!

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mu weiwei never expected that the man who could not even be woken up by the small movie earlier would suddenly move.

she was leaning on fu linchen’s chest, so her center of gravity was not stable. in shock, her hands trembled, and her whole body fell down.

the muscles on the man’s chest below were hard, and it hurt her.

mu weiwei’s face was a little twisted from the pain. however, she could not care about anything else. she only wanted to get up as soon as possible.

oh no, she didn’t know if fu linchen had been woken up by her.

if that old fox really woke up, she would be finished!

at this very moment, mu weiwei had already given up on her revenge plan. all she could think of was to get away as soon as possible.

however, what he was afraid of happened.

mu weiwei carefully moved her butt, which was sitting on fu linchen’s lap, as gently as possible. she wanted to move her butt away from him without anyone noticing.

but as soon as she moved, she felt a strange sensation under her body, as if she had been poked by something hard.

mu weiwei felt uncomfortable, so she moved a few more times.

then, she heard the man’s deep and forbearing gasp. ” “mu weiwei, i didn’t expect that you’ve been having ideas about me all this time. you usually pretend to be uninterested in me, but you’ll take the initiative to throw yourself into my arms when i’m asleep …”

when mu weiwei heard fu linchen’s voice, she shuddered. it was as if she had been struck by a bolt of lightning on a clear day. her entire body froze on the spot.

“you … you …”

she was at a loss for words. after a while, she realized what fu linchen had said and quickly retorted, ” “stop daydreaming, who … who has ideas about you? it’s just … just an accident …”

“an accident?” fu linchen raised his eyebrows and smiled. ” your so-called accident is that you climbed onto me and touched my chest when i was asleep? ” or are you rubbing your face on my thigh? do you think i’m a dead person?”

mu weiwei could not bear to listen any longer. she covered her ears, shook her head, and screamed.

“who … who touched you? who’s rubbing against your thigh? it’s clearly …”

she was halfway through her sentence when she suddenly realized that something was wrong. the thing that she was sitting on made her feel very uncomfortable.

could it be …

“ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! fu linchen, you … you hooligan! shameless! you actually … actually used that to rub against me!” mu weiwei was about to explode with anger.

she straightened her back and was about to jump off fu linchen’s lap.

however, no matter how hard she tried, her waist was firmly held by the man’s strong arms, and she could not break free at all.

fu linchen snorted again. ” “little wild cat, don’t say i didn’t warn you. if you keep rubbing against me like this, i can’t guarantee what i’ll do. i’m a mature man after all …”

“you … you …”

mu weiwei’s expression changed in shock. she glared at the man’s handsome face in front of her. she wished she could send him flying with a slap!

however, she didn’t dare to move at all, for fear of arousing the man’s beast-like nature.

she had just come of age and her upbringing was very strict. the most she had ever held hands with a boy was to hold his hand. when had she ever experienced such a situation? he was immediately scared silly.

fu linchen looked at her innocent reaction and smiled with satisfaction.

he had been busy with the presidential election and had not slept well for a few days.

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