Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Am I Getting A Baby Brother And Baby Sister now?

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Mu Yichen scoffed. “I truly wish that was the case too. I don’t care that you came home late tonight and whether you really went back to the Luo family. I’m only going to warn you once. Since you’ve already become the young mistress of the Mu family, you are representing the Mu family’s reputation when you go out! For those chaotic relationships of yours before the marriage, break them off and clean them up. If I were to catch you fooling around with some other men again, I guarantee that you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”

In the past, He Jinsi and the rest used to mock him that Luo Chenxin was cheating on him. However, he had never taken it to heart. She was a woman that he had no love for, so her doings did not concern him at all. However, he felt extremely uneasy when he heard those words of hers once again tonight. His uneasiness was raised to its peak the very moment he realized that she came home late.

Something clicked in Luo Chenxi’s mind. When she heard his warning, she came to realize that Mu Yichen did not fall for her lie about her phone being out of battery.

In fact, in his heart, he was already set on the idea that she was fooling around outside.

There was a look of irritation in the depth of Luo Chenxi’s eyes. “Mu Yichen, you have a filthy mind! I’ve already explained myself earlier. You can choose to believe me or not, whichever suits you best. Please move away from me now!”

Even if she did spend the night with Mu Yichen, he had no right to defile her like this!

This man was simply an egomaniac! He was unbelievable! What a waste that he had such a good-looking face!

Luo Chenxi pushed Mu Yichen’s chest in an attempt to get up.

Mu Yichen’s gaze was growing darker and more dangerous with time. He clutched her chin and tilted her face forward. “Are you trying to seduce me again?”

“Wh-what?!” Luo Chenxi widened her moist eyes that were filled with confusion. How was she seducing him? She was obviously trying to get away from him and leave, was she not?

However, Mu Yichen refused to listen to her explanation. He looked at her soft lips that were slightly parted due to shock. He could no longer suppress the burning flames in his heart anymore. Finally, he did something that he had been constantly trying to do since he woke up that morning.

“As you wish!”

Luo Chenxi had never thought that she would be suddenly forced into a kiss while both of them were still talking to each other.

All of a sudden, the patter of footsteps was heard coming from the second floor. Soon afterward, Tang Tang’s soft voice was heard coming from behind them.

“Daddy! What are you doing?”

Mu Yichen’s body stiffened for a moment and he let go of Luo Chenxi at once. He was actually caught in bed by his daughter…no, they were on the sofa.

Luo Chenxi was even more embarrassed. She could not refrain herself from covering her face with her hands as she felt that her blushing face was burning in embarrassment.

Oh my god! What…is wrong with her?

How did this happen again? Could Luo Anguo have drugged her again today?

The worst part of this was that Tang Tang had witnessed the scene once again! Was this considered mutilating the youth of the country?

However, Tang Tang was oblivious to the awkwardness between her parents. She blinked her huge eyes and pouted her lips as she looked at Mu Yichen before she glanced at Luo Chenxi.

At last, she nodded with her little head strenuously and announced her conclusion. “I knew it! Daddy and Miss are making baby brothers and baby sisters!”

“You, you…Tang Tang, what did you say? Who…who taught you that?” Luo Chenxi almost choked to death on her saliva when she heard those words coming from the adorable little dumpling’s mouth.

Tang Tang grinned and said, “Aunt told me about it. She said that when a boy kisses a girl and a girl kisses the boy, then comes a little baby. Are Daddy and Miss making a small baby as well? Does that mean that Tang Tang will get a baby brother and baby sister now?”

The little dumpling sucked on a finger and tilted her head. She looked at the two adults in puzzlement.

That question…

How was she going to answer it?

Luo Chenxi wished that she could be like an ostrich that could dig a hole and bury herself!

Mu Yichen gnashed his teeth in rage. “Mu Weiwei! What have you learned from going to school all day? How dare you teach Tang Tang about that! It seems like you need to be punished!”

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