Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: The Little Princess Abandoned Him Just Like That

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She did not even have the courage to turn her head and look at Mu Yichen’s expression now.

Mu Yichen already loathed her enough. It seemed like one more offense was about to be added to her list of charges now: badly influencing his little princess. She wondered if she could still live to see the sunshine tomorrow morning!

“I’m stingy…hmm?”

Meanwhile, Mu Yichen’s voice was suddenly heard by her side. Luo Chenxi was so startled she almost leaped up from the sofa. Since when did this man lean toward her once again? She wondered if he would pardon her death sentence for the sake of Tang Tang.

“I didn’t say that. Don’t…don’t misunderstand,” Luo Chenxi explained hastily.

Mu Yichen shot an icy cold glance at her before he stretched out his arms to hold the little dumpling in her cradled arms. “Tang Tang, it’s midnight. You should go to sleep. Come back to your room with daddy.”

However, Tang Tang shot him a look before she turned around her head and threw herself into Luo Chenxi’s arms once again. She buried her head into the nook of her neck and flashed her little buttocks at her father.

“No! Tang Tang doesn’t want Daddy. Tang Tang wants to sleep with Miss.”

Mu Yichen had already poised himself with his arms opened and was waiting for his little princess to dive into his arms at first. To his shock, she completely disregarded him. He froze on the spot. He could not believe that his little princess that was always calling him ‘my favorite Daddy’ and ‘I love Daddy the most’ had actually abandoned him in such a manner!

Noticing Mu Yichen’s expression dim once again, Luo Chenxi hastily gave Tang Tang a hug and persuaded her, “Tang Tang, it’s late. You should follow your father and go to sleep.”

The little dumpling felt extremely aggrieved at once when Luo Chenxi tried to push her away. Her huge eyes were filled with tears instantly that threatened to stream down her face at any time.

“Miss, don’t you like Tang Tang anymore?”

Luo Chenxi shook her head in a hurry. “No, no! How can I not like Tang Tang? I like Tang Tang the most!”

“You’re a liar!” the little dumpling complained in a shaky voice, “You don’t want to sleep with Tang Tang!”

“I…But…Hmm, Tang Tang, those are two different things. You should go back to sleep now and I’ll come and play with you when you’re awake. Is that alright?” Luo Chenxi racked her brain to persuade the little dumpling.

It was not that she refused to sleep with Tang Tang, but the man beside her was constantly staring at her with a threatening gaze! She recalled the events that morning when the entire Mu family members had stopped her from getting closer to Tang Tang. She figured that Mu Yichen would never give her permission to take Tang Tang back to her room, would he?

Just as expected, Mu Yichen took a step forward and wrapped his arms around Tang Tang’s waist in an attempt to take the little dumpling away by force. “Listen to me and be a good girl, Tang Tang. Come, I’ll read you a story.”

However, Tang Tang insisted on clutching Luo Chenxi’s neck tightly. She held on even tighter with great effort and refused to let go. Mu Yichen was about to pry her grip loose when she immediately broke out in a loud cry, “Waa…Waa! Go away, Daddy…I want Miss…”

Mu Yichen’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot.

His little princess, the little princess that he raised from a crying infant had actually abandoned him? Just because she wanted to sleep with a woman that used to bully her in the past?

Luo Chenxi hugged the little dumpling tighter and stole a glance at Mu Yichen. She spoke cautiously, “Young Master Mu, why don’t…why don’t you allow Tang Tang to sleep with me?”

She did not wish to provoke this dangerous man, but she found that she had no other choice after listening to Tang Tang’s sobbing. It made her heart bleed when she heard the cries of such an adorable little angel.

Mu Yichen’s cold and stern gaze swept toward her.

In response, Luo Chenxi raised her right hand and speedily made a vow. “I swear that Tang Tang won’t even lose a single strand of hair if she follows me!”

Mu Yichen looked at her for a while before he answered with a cold grunt. “Why haven’t you gone upstairs yet?”

Luo Chenxi blinked her eyes. “Huh?”

“Tang Tang is supposed to be in bed by nine o’clock. It’s almost twelve now!”

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