Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Refuse To Eat This Poisonous Fish

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“So, are you saying that…you’ll allow me to sleep with Tang Tang?”

Luo Chenxi reacted to the situation. She sat upright in surprise instantly and her beautiful feline eyes even flickered with joyous radiance. She was truly delighted!

She was so thrilled that she almost leaped up when she thought about how she could snuggle with the soft little Tang Tang in her arms. The little dumpling immediately turned her head around as well. The tears at the corners of her eyes had yet to dry, but her little face already cracked into a smile.

Looking at how the two similarly exquisite faces of the woman and the girl cracked into emotional smiles, Mu Yichen almost died from his pent-up grievance. There was no need to mention how uneasy he felt!

What was going on? Why did it seem like he was the tyrant trying to separate a pair of mother and daughter by force?

He was obviously trying to protect his little princess, was he not?

Sigh, this little ungrateful, spoilt child!

Meanwhile, the little dumpling suddenly turned around and threw herself into Mu Yichen’s arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a loud smooch on his cheek.

“You’re awesome, Daddy! Tang Tang loves Daddy the most!”

The little princess finally loved her daddy the most once again.

Upon listening to her words, the surging anxiety in Mu Yichen’s chest seemed to lessen slightly. His expression turned kinder as well.

After Tang Tang gave her father a goodnight kiss, the father and daughter looked toward Luo Chenxi sitting on the sofa in unison.

Luo Chenxi blinked her eyes and asked in a slightly confused manner, “Why are both of you looking at me?”

Mu Yichen suddenly regained her focus and his expression darkened once again.

For that split second when Tang Tang retreated from his arms earlier, he suddenly had a subconscious thought that Luo Chenxi should be acting like Tang Tang and throw herself into his arms before giving a kiss on his other cheek and saying ‘I love you’ to him. Only then would they look like a lovely family of three.

He must have drunk too much that night to the extent that he was tempted into making such associations in his mind!

“Nothing, let’s go.”

“Miss, why haven’t you given Daddy a kiss?”

Mu Yichen never expected that Tang Tang would actually ask the question that he kept in his heart earlier.

As soon as those words were spoken, both adults were stunned for a moment.

Tang Tang twisted her little body in Mu Yichen’s arms strenuously to push him away with her buttocks. She threw herself into Luo Chenxi’s arms once again with her arms wide open.

Instinctively, Luo Chenxi caught the chubby little dumpling safely at once.

Tang Tang leaned her head on her shoulder and said in a childish voice, “Miss, give Daddy a kiss! We must thank Daddy!” As she spoke, the little dumpling widened her eyes and looked at Luo Chenxi in anticipation.

Luo Chenxi was at a loss about what to do in that instant.

Should she kiss Mu Yichen? With his attractive face, it should be her benefiting from giving him a kiss! However, her issue was that would this man throw her into the Pacific Ocean and feed her to the sharks later due to the extent of his loathing for her?

With her life at stake, she might as well leave this matter be. After all, there were plenty more fish in the sea. With so many gorgeous-looking men in the world, there was no need for her to insist on eating this poisonous fish.

Luo Chenxi picked the little dumpling up in one go and stood up. “Tang Tang, it’s really late. You should sleep now. I’m sleepy too and I can’t even open my eyes. Let’s go to bed.”

Even though Tang Tang was still slightly recalcitrant, she laid on Luo Chenxi’s chest obediently upon seeing how tired the pretty lady was and allowed her to carry her upstairs.

Mu Yichen followed closely behind them.

“Miss, this is my room!”

Luo Chenxi was about to turn in the direction where Tang Tang was pointing when she was stopped by the man behind her.

“Tang Tang’s bed is too small. You won’t fit. You can take the master bedroom tonight.” His deep voice was heard.

For Tang Tang’s sake, he was making a huge sacrifice!

“Oh, okay.” Luo Chenxi nodded and walked into the master bedroom with the little dumpling in her arms. She turned around and wished him goodnight, “I’m heading to bed with Tang Tang first. Young Master Mu, tomorrow we shall…”

She was halfway through her sentence when her eyes suddenly widened in surprise.

Mu Yichen had followed her into the room and locked the door behind him!

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