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Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Eat, Miss!

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Luo Chenxi was immediately embarrassed when she heard him mention the little dumpling’s upbringing.

It seemed like she had been constantly mutilating the youth of the country for the past two days. If this were to continue, she was afraid that she might bring Tang Tang down a bad path!

Without any other choice, she could only walk toward the dining room.

She still had an hour’s time, so she should be able to make it in time if she were to finish her breakfast quickly.

Other than Mu Yichen and Tang Tang, Mu Weiwei and Mu Yichen’s younger brother Mu Yiling were seated around the dining table. All four of them were staring straight at Luo Chenxi.

The disdain and hatred in Mu Weiwei’s eyes could not be concealed while Mu Yiling appeared to be much more contemplative. He shared a similarity of about 60 to 70% similar to Mu Yichen’s handsome face and he constantly had a playful smile on his face.

Tang Tang was sandwiched in between Mu Yichen who was on the left and Mu Weiwei was on the right.

Luo Chenxi walked closer, but she had no idea where she should sit.

Just as she was hesitating, Mu Yichen had already shifted his seat to the left and made way for her. She could not help feeling stunned for a moment.

Mu Yichen said, “What? Do you need to be pleaded and begged repeatedly to have breakfast? Why are you standing there like a fool?”

Luo Chenxi clenched her teeth in rage. She wished that she could bite this man to death! Would it kill him just to speak nicely?

Who’s the fool, huh?! I’ll sit then!

Fuming, she took a seat on the chair Mu Yichen had vacated earlier.

On the other side, Mu Weiwei’s eyes widened in surprise.

Even though the Mu family did not have as many rules as the other powerful families and they behaved casually on usual days, the main seat of the table should not be hers! It was considered a compliment to her to even invite her for breakfast at the dining table!

Luo Chenxi had just taken her seat when the little dumpling hugged her.

“Miss, this cake is very yummy. I love it! You can have it!”

A slice of buttercream cake was pushed to the front of Luo Chenxi. The cake was decorated with cherries and strawberries, and it looked scrumptious.

“Tang Tang, you can have it,” Luo Chenxi said in a hurry.

Upon saying that, an exquisite-looking steamed crystal dumpling was placed in her bowl.

“Miss, have a dumpling!”

Soon afterward…

“Miss, have a soup dumpling!”

“Miss, have some meat!


In a short while, Luo Chenxi’s bowl was filled with all sorts of delicious food. The food was piled up into a small mountain in her bowl.

Luo Chenxi watched helplessly as Tang Tang was about to place more food into her bowl. She hastily stopped her. “That’s enough, Tang Tang. It’s too much. I can’t finish it. Save some for yourself.”

The little dumpling pursed her lips reluctantly.

Luo Chenxi picked up the chopsticks and brought a steamed crystal dumpling into her mouth. “Look, I’m already eating.”

The little dumpling appeared to be slightly pleased.

On the other hand, Mu Weiwei sitting by Tang Tang’s other side was already dumbstruck with bewilderment upon watching the scene.

Their little princess had always been a peckish girl. She was not only a foodie, but she also guarded her food like a hawk. Even Mu Yichen was not allowed to take food from her bowl!

However, she was actually repeatedly bringing food to the wicked woman. She even gave her her favorite strawberry cake!

Tang Tang did not even treat her aunt, Mu Weiwei, so generously!

Mu Weiwei could not bear to see that anymore. She could not refrain from scoffing aloud and said, “Someone was born with hands and legs, but why isn’t she eating by herself? Isn’t it shameful to fight for a child’s food?”

Luo Chenxi raised her head and took a glance at Mu Weiwei upon hearing her words. She did not reply and continued to lower her head to eat.

She could tell that Mu Weiwei loathed her very much. The woman had spared no effort to display her enmity towards Luo Chenxi since yesterday.

However, Luo Chenxi did not mind because Mu Weiwei hated Luo Chenxin, and not her anyhow. Still, Mu Weiwei became even more infuriated upon seeing Luo Chenxi’s cool appearance.

She slapped the table once and glared at Luo Chenxi ferociously. “Hey, I’m speaking to you! Why are you being such a prick by ignoring me? Serves you right that you come from a poor family. You have such a poor upbringing! Do you really think that you’re the young mistress of the Mu family now? Why don’t you take a look at yourself in the mirror?! Don’t you try to coax Tang Tang. We know your true colors very well, so stop pretending!”

Luo Chenxi frowned upon hearing the remarks. She had already yielded, yet Mu Weiwei still refused to let things be. Well, Luo Chenxi was not a piteous doormat either.

“How am I pretending? How dare you say that I have a poor upbringing? I’d like to ask if pointing fingers at your sister-in-law at the dining table so early in the morning is the upbringing of the first powerful family in City T?”

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