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Chapter 31

Chapter 31: It Was Destined To Make Her Regret For The Rest Of Her Life

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Zuo Xiaoqing’s words stirred up a great clamor in the meeting room.

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Country Y!? It was the holy land in the heart of every young designer.

The entry requirements of the Royal Academy were extremely strict such that worldwide, less than 50 people were accepted as students of the academy. Every single student was a genius of all geniuses.

No one expected that Luo Chenxi would actually have once been a student from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Country Y! However, she had been expelled from the academy!

There were relatively quite a large number of students that dropped out on their own due to failing examinations in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. However, it was rare for someone to be expelled due to misconduct.

The people that studied arts were much more open-minded than ordinary people. Issues that were regarded as immoral to many ordinary people were regarded as a norm in the eyes of many artists.

The behavior that could be identified as misconduct by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts could only be…

Everyone had the same thought at once.

“Could participant Number 12 have had a past record of plagiarism when she was in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts? Otherwise, why would she be expelled then?”

“You don’t say. I heard that someone had a s*x party in the academy and was taken to the police station, but he wasn’t even expelled!”

“Then, there can only be one reason, right?”

“I think so too…”

The corners of Zuo Xiaoqing’s lips curled up. “Luo Chenxi, stop pretending. I know everything about your dark past! I thought that you’ve returned to the path of virtue after being expelled. I didn’t expect that you’d actually manage to cheat your way into SL Holdings. It’s a disgrace for me to be ex-schoolmates with a person like you!”

Andy realized the extent of the issue now. “Xing Chen, will you please explain yourself. Is Zuo Xiaoqing telling the truth?”

Luo Chenxi looked rather pale, but she still spoke calmly, “I don’t know which part of the situation your question is referring to. I was genuinely studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Country, Y and it is true that I was expelled due to some reason. However, I’ve never had a past record of plagiarism and the work I submitted to the Chinese Style Competition this time is all by me too.”

Andy did not believe the accusation that Luo Chenxi’s work was plagiarized. It had been a few years since he had last seen the work of a genius like hers. Those were not some simple ideas, so how could she have possibly plagiarized it with ease?

Upon hearing her answer, he nodded. “Noted on that. We will be sending someone to verify the matter later. You are considered to have passed the audition for the time being…”

“How is that alright?” Zuo Xiaoqing interrupted once again, “Teacher Andy, how can a person possibly admit to plagiarism? It’s obvious that she’s lying to you. You said you’ve never plagiarized. Then, can you explain how you got expelled?”

Every single person was staring at Luo Chenxi, waiting for her response. However, she suddenly went quiet and the color of her face turned ghastly pale.

“Tell me! Tell me if you can!” Zuo Xiaoqing was certain that her accusation was right after seeing Luo Chenxi’s expression. She attempted to pressure Luo Chenxi proudly.

Luo Chenxi’s right hand was bunched up so tightly that her nails sank deep into the flesh of her palm. However, she was completely oblivious to it.

Four years ago…

It was the past that she could not bear to think about anymore. She grieved deeply every time this was brought up.

It had not only ruined her career and her future. In fact, it had made her pay a price which was a thousand times worse…

It was destined to make her regret it for the rest of her life.

“Why? You can’t explain yourself, can you? If you don’t want people to know, you’d better not do it! Why haven’t you left SL Holdings yet?”

Luo Chenxi looked at Zuo Xiaoqing with a cold gaze. She was suppressing her emotions with great effort. Finally, she said in a frigid tone, “I told you that my expulsion is unrelated to plagiarism. It was due to some personal reasons. This is my privacy and I have no obligation to explain it to strangers.”

Upon listening to her remarks, Andy could not hold himself back anymore. He did not expect Luo Chenxi to still refuse to reveal the true reason behind her expulsion at this point.

Could Zuo Xiaoqing have told the truth?

“Miss Xing Chen, if that’s the case, I’m afraid we can no longer allow you to continue your participation in the competition…”

Meanwhile, a deep male voice was heard coming from the door and interrupted him, “What’s with the racket?”

Andy spun around and his expression immediately turned to panic. “Ch-chief Sheng!”

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