Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: How Insensible Of Her

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In the Mu Group office.

“President, this is the financial statement for this quarter…”

Special assistant manager Zhuo Feng checked Mu Yichen’s expression cautiously after he was done making the report.

For some unknown reason, he constantly felt like the president seemed a little distracted today. There were even a few occasions when he looked up and caught the president staring blankly into space.

No, no, no, that was impossible!

Zhuo Feng shook his head ferociously in an attempt to shake away the absurd thought.

The young master had always been a workaholic. How could he possibly be staring blankly into space at work?

Mu Yichen furrowed his brows ever so slightly. His gaze was deep and his expression cold. It made Zhuo Feng tremble with fear even more. He was afraid that he had made a mistake in the report earlier. However, he waited for a long while and still did not receive any instruction from Mu Yichen.


Mu Yichen suddenly snapped out of his thoughts. His expression turned dimmer. “Are you done with the report?”


“Get out then and leave the report behind!”

Mu Yichen could not refrain himself from pounding the table heavily once after Zhuo Feng left.

What was happening? He had actually been distracted when he was listening to his subordinate’s report!

He felt that something was off with him since the start of that morning. That charming little face emerged in his mind continuously.

He could not stop himself from thinking about her. Did the wicked kitten-like woman make it to the event on time? Did the competition go smoothly? Also…why had she not called him yet? He had already given permission for her to call him yesterday. Why had she not called him eagerly yet?

He recalled the time when Luo Chenxin was recently engaged to him. She would call the Mu Group and look for him every mealtime until he blacklisted her number. Only then did she stop!

Why did she not call him anymore this time?!

Meanwhile, his phone that was on the table suddenly started ringing.

The annoyance on Mu Yichen’s face vanished into nothingness. His expression turned haughty. ‘I knew it. I knew that this woman just can’t stand it anymore! She calls me at work casually for no reason. How insensible of her! I must set some rules for her!’

He let the phone continue to ring for some time intentionally before he picked it up.

He spoke in a cold voice, “I remember telling you that you aren’t allowed to call me for no reason.”

“Young man, how dare you not pick up Grandmother’s call?”

“Grandmother? Why are you calling me?” Mu Yichen’s expression was frozen instantaneously. It was actually not that wicked woman!

“Do you still remember that you have a grandmother if I don’t call you? I’m so old that I’m about to step into the coffin soon. No wonder you won’t talk to me anymore.”

“Grandmother, why do you have to say that?” Mu Yichen was at a loss about whether to laugh or to cry.

Ever since Grandmother Mu had been snatched from the jaws of death last year, she seemed to have suddenly turned into another person.

In the past, she was a motivated person just like a young man. However, she was very pessimistic these days. She was constantly saying that she would not live long whenever she spoke.

“You still have the nerve to talk about this, huh?! My body is weak and I couldn’t make it to your wedding, but you haven’t even brought your newly-wedded wife to introduce me! Are you doing this because you blame me for forcing you to marry a woman you don’t love?” Grandmother Mu sounded dejected.

Upon listening to her words, Mu Yichen pursed his lips. It was considered courteous to say that he blamed her. When his grandmother had stated her decree, he had been so furious that he wished that he could strangle that woman to death on the spot!

Yet, now…

Now that Grandmother Mu was commanding him to visit her with his newly-wedded wife, Mu Yichen hesitated for a moment before agreeing.

He hung up and opened his contact list to dial Luo Chenxi’s number at once. He did not even realize how eager he was when he did that.


“Is her phone turned off again?”

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