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Chapter 35

Chapter 35: I Have High Hopes On You, Cutie From The Royal Academy Of Fine Arts

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On the other end, Sheng Yu took Luo Chenxi to the first floor right away.

As she watched the extremely busy crew bustling about in the surrounding chaotic space, Luo Chenxi spoke in astonishment, “Is…is this…?”

“The backstage of the SL spring collection launch. Alright, we don’t have time. Follow me.”

Sheng Yu had mentioned preparing for the new collection launch today in the meeting room upstairs earlier. However, Luo Chenxi did not expect him to take her backstage either. Backstage was the best learning place for a young amateur designer.

However, she did not manage to learn anything before he brought her into a spacious studio.

“Are you from Country Y’s Royal Academy Of Fine Arts as well?” Sheng Yu began to ask as soon as he took a seat.

Luo Chenxi nodded. “Chief Sheng, are you my mentor from the same program?”

“No, you’re overthinking.”

She was speechless. Why did you say ‘as well’ then?

“I’m from the academy next door.” Sheng Yu smiled slyly.

The neighboring academy next to the Royal Academy Of Fine Arts was also a well-known arts academy, St. George’s University.

The two academies were old favored enemies that would frequently diss each other in the open. As a result, the graduates from the two academies were irreconcilable. They would frequently bump into each other at famous fashion weeks and even engage in catfights openly during these events.

“When I was still studying, I enjoyed going over to the Royal Academy Of Fine Arts to provoke the students. I loved it when your fellow students detested the sight of me, yet there was nothing they could do. At that time, the students of the Royal Academy Of Fine Arts would run away upon seeing me and nicknamed me ‘the devil’!” Sheng Yu appeared nostalgic as he shared his past with her.

F*ck. Why did she feel like she was having a deja vu of being thrown to the wolves? She was beginning to regret her decision of consenting to another audition.

“Cough cough. Chief Sheng. It’s an honor to hear about your glorious deeds during your time at university. However, I thought that you’re going to set the theme for me. Your time is precious and I can’t afford to hold you up!” Luo Chenxi forced a laugh and deviated the topic of conversation in a rush.

She felt like she would not be able to leave the studio alive if she were to allow Sheng Yu to continue talking.

Upon hearing that, he stopped procrastinating and stood up at once.

“You’re right. It’s about time. Come. Your theme is here.” Sheng Yu walked to the right side of the room and pulled a huge curtain screen away.

Luo Chenxi looked over and widened her eyes in surprise instantly.

The curtain was peeled away to reveal an haute couture gown that was elegant beyond comparison.

The workmanship of the gown was based upon Sheng Yu’s trademark minimalist style. It had a magnificent off-shoulder design that was matched with a slightly puffy hem which accentuated the curve of one’s waistline perfectly.

The bosom and lower hem of the gown was embroidered with complicated yet resplendent floral patterns using black silk thread. The combination of black and white provided the gown with an unusually elegant yet exquisite quality.

Luo Chenxi approached the gown and discovered that it was made from a very special material. From different angles, it reflected the light uniquely and revealed different styles.

“This is going to be the main highlight of the launch this afternoon.” Sheng Yu’s voice suddenly jolted Luo Chenxi back to reality.

“Uh…this design will certainly trigger a series of uproar! But how is this related to my audition?”

Sheng Yu said in an unconcerned tone, “Of course, it’s related. I spent three months just to produce and set the design sketch for this gown. I hired ten senior embroiderers just to make the gown. They worked together for a month to produce this. However, I still feel that it is lacking something. It’s not perfect enough.”

Luo Chenxi blinked in surprise. She asked subconsciously, “What is it lacking?”

The corners of his lips curled up in a rather malicious manner. “I don’t know what it’s lacking either. As a result, your mission is to find out the flaw, then improve it.”

She glared at him, tempted to scold him there and then!

Earlier, she considered that Sheng Yu’s theme could not possibly be a simple task, but she did not expect it to be a fatal task either!

Was he trying to toy with her?

If a top designer like Sheng Yu could not see where the issues lay, how could she make the improvements as a newly-graduated amateur?

“Oh, right, a friendly reminder for you: the fashion show is starting at two in the afternoon. So, you have…three hours.” Sheng Yu chuckled. “Do you best. I have high hopes on you, cutie from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts!

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