Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: They Don’t Belong To The Same World Anymore

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Upon saying that, Sheng Yu left with a swagger.

Luo Chenxi finally learned from her own experience why he was nicknamed the Devil by the students at the Royal Academy Of Fine Arts after hearing the malicious chuckle before he left.

He was completely not planning to pass her audition, was he?

Luo Chenxi complained for a while in her heart before she managed to calm down. She had no choice but to stand before this haute couture gown and begin pondering in all apparent seriousness.

At least, Sheng Yu was not wrong about one thing. The gown appeared to be already perfect at first glance, but it felt like something was missing after one studied it a few times calmly.

It felt like it was still missing a single breath for a designer in pursuit of perfection.

“What’s missing? What is actually missing?” Luo Chenxi circled around the gown for a few times before her eyes lit up all of a sudden. “That’s it!”

Three hours later, the man with the small mustache, Andy, went backstage in a rush. He found Sheng Yu. “Chief Sheng, the gown for the main highlight has been sent over.”

“Oh? Have you seen Xing Chen? Has she completed my mission?”

“Yes, I’ve seen her. Xing Chen said that the answer lies on the gown and that you’ll know after checking the gown personally. Chief Sheng, what sort of theme did you set for her actually? I thought you wanted her to sketch a design.”

Puzzled, Andy was utterly incapable of solving their riddle.

Sheng Yu raised his brows and walked to the backstage in quick strides. He was stunned the very second he saw the gown. Soon afterward, the surprise in his eyes grew more and more apparent.

After a long while, he spoke, “I’m even more confused now…”

Needless to say, Andy was even more confused. “Chief Sheng, what are you talking about? What is confusing to you?”

“I don’t understand…Why did the Royal Academy Of Fine Arts expel her? A genius like her should be forgiven for everything she’s committed!”

At present, the participants in the meeting room were already impatient from the wait. Three hours had passed. Luo Chenxi and Sheng Yu seemed to have gone missing and had not made an appearance yet.

However, none of them left either.

Zuo Xiaoqing was baffled. “Where did Luo Chenxi go? Has she already been sent away by Chief Sheng because the plagiarism incident has been exposed?”

Meanwhile, Andy walked into the room.

“I’m very sorry to keep all of you waiting. The result for Number 12, Miss Xing Chen’s second audition has yet to be announced. Here’s the thing. If you’re bored, you may head over to take a look at the fashion show located on the first floor. Coincidentally, today is the launch of our SL Holdings’ spring collection.”

The people were very disappointed because they did not manage to see Luo Chenxi but they learned from Andy that they would be watching SL’s spring collection fashion show soon.

All at once, everyone was excited.

“Wow, we are in luck!”

“Other than the major influencers in the fashion world, only the hottest celebrities are invited to SL events every year. I’ve never even dreamt of being able to see it with my eyes. I didn’t expect that I’d be given such an opportunity today!”

“That’s awesome! It was the right choice to come today!”

Zuo Xiaoqing rejoiced. She had the opportunity to watch such a prestigious fashion show, but how about Luo Chenxi? She was still sketching designs in some unknown corner now!

That was the difference between them. Luo Chenxi did not belong to the same world as Zuo Xiaoqing anymore!

The participants followed Andy to enter the fashion show arena from the side door.

Even though they could only stand at the back of the arena to watch the fashion show, it made them so excited that they felt they could faint.

“Teacher Andy, thank you so much. Please contact me if you have such an opportunity in the future. I can attend to the floor duties of a fashion show for free,” Zuo Xiaoqing attempted to flatter and curry favor with the man with the small mustache.

At this very moment…

“That’s strange, why am I hearing Zuo Xiaoqing’s voice? Am I hallucinating?” Luo Chenxi picked her ear with a puzzled expression. She was seated in the first row of the fashion show.

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