Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Kiss Her! Kiss Her! Kiss Her!

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Luo Chenxi licked her lips anxiously.

That small action of hers broke the final strand of sensibility in Mu Yichen’s mind. His only thought now was…

Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!

He let the d*mned woman seduce him this way once again! He had enough of this!

As she watched his handsome face approach hers gradually, the emergency bells in Luo Chenxi’s heart went off and warned her to flee subconsciously.

However, her body could not move at all as if she was trapped by a magic spell. In fact, she had even raised her chin subconsciously…

“Daddy, why haven’t both of you got into the car?”

All of a sudden, a childish voice was heard. It sounded confused.

Suddenly distracted, Luo Chenxi gave Mu Yichen’s face a slap before shoving him to the side. Then, she struggled free from him in a flurry of panic.

Mu Yichen was also stunned for a moment by Tang Tang’s sudden appearance. He did not manage to react to the situation in time. By the time he recovered from the surprise, he discovered that the wicked woman in his arm had already slipped away. On top of that, she seemed to have…slapped him earlier!

Luo Chenxi had done that completely out of instinct. She was only trying to push him away, but it was already too late when she came to realize that she had pushed his face instead of his body. She took a glance at Mu Yichen secretly and saw his stormy expression. Her heart was pounding anxiously.

Oh no, oh no, oh no!

There was a saying that one should not strike a person’s face. Moreover, it was such a handsome face.

Mu Yichen was an emotionally unstable person. She wondered if he would seize the opportunity to beat her up for this!

“Miss! Why haven’t you come home for such a long time today? I miss you!”

Someone tugged at the hem of her skirt just as she was overwhelmed with anxiety.

Luo Chenxi lowered her head to see the little dumpling looking at her with sad, puffed-up cheeks.

Instantly, her eyes lit up.

Oh, right, she had Tang Tang as her protective talisman!

She hastily bent over and welcomed the little dumpling. “I miss you too!”

The little dumpling was overjoyed at once upon hearing Luo Chenxi’s reply. She blinked her huge eyes and threw herself into the woman’s arms. Then, she hugged Luo Chenxi’s neck and gave her a kiss on her cheek ferociously.

“Miss, I want a kiss!”

She pressed her face to Luo Chenxi and demanded for a kiss.

Luo Chenxi leaned forward and gave the little dumpling a kiss, feeling like her heart was about to melt. Tang Tang was so obedient and adorable. She was so cute that Luo Chenxi almost forgot that she had such a nasty daddy!

She picked up the small protective talisman in a haste and opened the back door of the sports car. Then, she took a seat and was about to close the door conveniently.

However, she gave the door a tug and found that the door still did not budge.

In the next second, Mu Yichen followed suit and got into the sports car. He sat right next to her closely, much to her bewilderment.


“Drive!” Mu Yichen darted a glance at her and spoke indifferently.

Before his voice faded away, the Aston Martin began moving at once.

Luo Chenxi had just noticed that someone was sitting in the driver’s seat in front. Mu Yichen was not the driver.

The situation was getting worse. She thought that she would be safe as soon as she got into the sports car, but she did not expect that…

Mu Yichen turned his head to the side and looked at her with a deep gaze. His meaningful gaze made Luo Chenxi’s heart pound rapidly, so she hugged the little dumpling tighter.

“Hey…Mu Yichen, what are you trying to do? Tang Tang is here, and so is…so is the driver!”

“Driver?” Mu Yichen darted a cold look at Zhuo Feng sitting in front.

Zhuo Feng stopped himself from secretly glancing back through the rearview mirror. “President, I didn’t see anything!” He pressed a button immediately and rolled up the partition board that separated the front seat from the back.

At present, Zhuo Feng was shocked beyond comparison. He did not expect the young master to leave early for the first time since he had taken over the company for many years. Furthermore, he had done that so that he could pick his wife up!

The young master had always paid little to no attention to the young mistress. In fact, he had not even allowed her to meet the young Lady Mu.

Everyone always thought that the young master loathed the young mistress very much!

Nonetheless, what did he just witness today?

The young master could not refrain from picking the young mistress up on a busy street. Had it not been for the young Lady Mu suddenly getting down from the car, they would have been about to kiss!

Only a couple with a very good relationship would kiss each other on a busy street.

Could they have all misunderstood the young master?

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