Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: What Should I Do If the Little Protective Talisman Is Not Useful? Waiting On Line!

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The partition rose up slowly and blocked the view of special assistant manager Zhuo Feng.

Luo Chenxi became even more anxious. Mu Yichen was seated there quietly. He did not move or speak, but he exuded a powerful sense of oppression toward her.

She wondered if her little protective talisman was capable of protecting her!

Meanwhile, Tang Tang’s soft voice was heard in the spacious, silent car. “Miss, I can’t breathe anymore!”

Luo Chenxi suddenly felt a pushing force radiating from her chest. She lowered her head to take a look just in time to see Tang Tang pushing away from her with a hurt expression. Tang Tang’s small face was flushing scarlet. Her huge eyes even looked teary and she looked extremely piteous.

Luo Chenxi had been too nervous earlier, so she had hugged Tang Tang a little too tightly. In a rush, Luo Chenxi loosened her grip and looked down to check on the little dumpling.

“I’m sorry, Tang Tang! Are you hurt on any part of your body?”

The little dumpling shook her head. She took a seat by Luo Chenxi’s side while still holding her arm.

Luo Chenxi examined Tang Tang for a moment to ensure that she was alright. To her relief, the girl was unhurt.

She felt a probing gaze on herself, so her entire body shivered once instantly. “Uh…uh…I wasn’t trying to bully Tang Tang on purpose!”

She almost made a child cry and was caught red-handed by the child’s father.

“It was an accident…an accident,” she attempted to explain herself.

What should I do when the little protective talisman isn’t useful? It’s also causing all sorts of problems. How sad!

“Hmph! Stop pretending as if I’m bullying you,” Mu Yichen sneered after taking a sidelong glance at her.

Isn’t that the case?

Luo Chenxi exclaimed in her heart. She dared not say that out loud, so she could only give a forced laugh and frantically searched for a topic of conversation.

“Young Master Mu, how come you’re so free today to purposely come…”

“Stop changing the topic of conversation. Where’s the item? Why haven’t you taken it out?” Mu Yichen interrupted her in his cold voice.

Luo Chenxi was stunned for a moment. “What item?”

“The item that Sheng Yu gave you!” Mu Yichen’s gaze swept across her while he had an impatient expression. “You said he didn’t give you a piece of jewelry. How can I trust you without evidence? Take it out and show me! If you don’t do it, I’ll do it myself!”

How could a man be so arrogant?!

Luo Chenxi felt like stomping on Mu Yichen again as she stared at his egotistical expression. However, she thought about how she was confined in such a small space with him. She only had the little dumpling by her side that could not offer any assistance other than looking adorable.

Therefore, she took the jewelry box out obediently and opened it for Mu Yichen.

The jewelry box was exquisitely designed. It was encrusted with a ring of very small diamond chips as decoration around the box. In comparison, the brooch placed in the center of the box appeared to be less sophisticated.

The butterfly brooch that looked extremely magnificent under the T-shaped stage light was actually cut out from cardboard and folded into shape by Luo Chenxi. The surface was painted evenly with mixed coloring before it was covered with a reflective plastic sheet, then glued with cheap decorative diamonds.

Even though it had an extremely breathtaking effect at the fashion show, in reality, its manufacturing cost was less than $20. Moreover, it looked utterly unattractive up close.

“How is this considered a brooch? How can it be displayed in a fashion show?” Mu Yichen frowned. His tone of speech sounded doubtful.

He insulted her professionalism once again! This could not be tolerated anymore!

Luo Chenxi said in rage, “How is this unworthy of being in a fashion show? Not only precious jewels can be used in a fashion show. The main focus is the design. Do you understand what design is? Forget it! You wouldn’t understand even if I told you!”

She took her phone out and logged on to Weibo. The Weibo website had already boiled over with enthusiasm. Every corner of the site was plastered with news regarding the fashion show from this afternoon.

Luo Chenxi clicked on a photo casually and showed it to Mu Yichen. “See that? This is the butterfly pinned on Bai Xinxin’s dress!”

Mu Yichen lowered his head and took a glance. Radiance flickered in his eyes for a moment.

“Hmph, you know nothing!” she muttered softly. Then, she closed the jewelry box casually and was about to keep it.

Meanwhile, she suddenly felt the weight of the box lifted from her hand as Mu Yichen took away the jewelry box immediately.

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