Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: It’s Different Because It’s Her Own Daughter!

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Sister Chen said in a hurry, “Yes, Young Master Mu! The Mistress is strolling in the courtyard. She was just talking about you earlier.”

Mu Yichen nodded. “We’ll head over there now.”

At the courtyard, an old woman with a head full of gray hair was seated in a wheelchair. The maid pushed the wheelchair so that the old woman could take a stroll.

The little dumpling was excited as soon as she saw Grandmother Mu. She shoved Luo Chenxi away and scrambled away to run toward Grandmother Mu.

“Great-Grandmother, Great-Grandmother! I’m here to pay you a visit!”

The little dumpling threw herself onto Grandmother Mu’s legs at once. Grandmother Mu bent over in an attempt to pick up the little dumpling.

Upon seeing that, Mu Yichen stepped forward quickly and picked Tang Tang up in advance. “Grandmother, the little girl has gotten fatter recently. You can’t lift her up anymore.”

Grandmother Mu rolled her eyes at him as she said in dismay, “Who’s calling my little precious girl fat? You must be thinking that I’m so old that one of my feet has stepped into the coffin so I can’t carry her anymore, right?”

Mu Yichen choked on his words at once. “Grandmother, I didn’t mean that…”

He did not manage to appease Grandmother Mu while the little dumpling was displeased as well. She twisted about in his arms.

Mu Yichen smacked Tang Tang’s back softly in a rush. “Behave yourself.”

“Great-Grandmother said that I’m not fat!” The little dumpling glared at her father. She turned her head to the side and stretched out her chubby little arms toward Luo Chenxi on the other side. “I don’t want Daddy anymore. I want Miss to carry me!”

Mu Yichen watched helplessly as the little princess threw herself into Luo Chenxi’s arms.

Alright then, so the little girl cared about her looks more than anything else. She took it upon herself to choose the little dresses that she wore to the kindergarten on the usual days. It seemed like she was very offended by the word ‘fat’. Why was it so difficult for him to appease the women in his family from old to young?

Grandmother Mu took a glance at Mu Chenxi and Her eyes lit up at once. “Is this your newly-wedded wife? Beautiful, she’s very beautiful, just like my Tang Tang! Quick, come over here and let me take a look at you!”

Mu Yichen was stunned for a moment. He did not expect that the grandmother would not recognize the wicked woman! He was still under the assumption that Luo Chenxin had certainly played some tricks to charm Grandmother Mu.

However, judging from the situation now, it seemed like the situation was not as he had imagined.

On the other hand, Luo Chenxi was relieved. Even though she had no idea what was happening, she knew that her secret would not be blown at the very least…

She hastily walked over and called out in a sweet voice, “Grandmother.”

Grandmother Mu held her hand and examined every part of her. There was no need to mention how pleased Grandmother Mu was.

“What a fine lady! Look at how close she is to Tang Tang. It’s different because it’s her own daughter!”

Luo Chenxi was blushing ever so slightly from Grandmother Mu’s comment. She dreamt of having such an adorable daughter like Tang Tang, but Tang Tang was not her own daughter.

Grandmother Mu spoke unceasingly, “When I asked you to take your fiance with you in the past, you refused to do so. Why are you being so obedient today? Is it because you know that I’m right? I had a master read your fortune to me before. You have to be with Tang Tang’s birth mother in your life. Only then the Mu family will remain prosperous. You refused to believe that and only agreed when I was almost dying.”

Mu Yichen could not help frowning. “Grandmother, why are you talking about death? You are recovering very well. You think too much. It’s too windy here. Let me push your wheelchair back to the house.”

As he was speaking, he sent the maid away and pushed the wheelchair on his own to head to the villa. At the same time, he turned around and took a glance at Luo Chenxi who followed closely behind him with Tang Tang in her arms.

Grandmother Mu continued to speak along the way, “Yichen, you shouldn’t reject the notion of destiny! The old ancestor’s words make sense. Hey, rascal, don’t you stop speaking to me, huh!”

Upon noticing that Mu Yichen disregarded her, she turned and looked at Luo Chenxi. “My granddaughter-in-law, do you think I’m right?”

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