Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: I Kept It Specially For My Granddaughter-in-law

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Luo Chenxi was still smirking to herself secretly when she saw that Mu Yichen was rendered speechless by Grandmother Mu’s conversation.

She was caught off-guard when Grandmother Mu suddenly changed her target of conversation.

She choked on her words as well. “Uh, I…”

How was she going to answer the question? She was actually given another fatal question again!

Grandmother Mu had found some fortune-teller master from somewhere that declared that Mu Yichen had to get married to Tang Tang’s birth mother, yet her sister Luo Chenxi had already passed away.

The master did not even manage to read this destiny, so it was clear as day that the fortune-teller was a swindler without a doubt.

Could she answer that Grandmother Mu was right despite it going against her conscience?

As she felt Grandmother Mu’s kind gaze on her from one side and Mu Yichen’s threatening gaze through his squinted eyes on the other side, Luo Chenxi was tormented by her conscience.

At last, she hugged the little dumpling tightly and announced aloud, “It’s getting cold. Tang Tang’s clothes aren’t thick enough and she’ll get a cold. I’m going to take her inside first!”

The little dumpling was wrapped in a tight bundle of warm clothing while being dumbstruck with bewilderment. “Miss, I’m not cold…”

Where was the promised mother and daughter bond?

Luo Chenxi snuggled the straying little protective talisman closely to herself and stopped Tang Tang from continuing her speech. Then, jogging with Tang Tang in her arms, she ran into the villa.

Grandmother Mu and Mu Yichen were speechless.

Then, Grandmother Mu said, “Grandson, why do I feel like my granddaughter-in-law isn’t very fond of you, huh?”

The corners of Mu Yichen’s lips twitched. “Grandmother, you’re mistaken. Your granddaughter-in-law loves me very much. She was practically crying and begging to be married to me.”

Ever since Grandfather Mu passed away five years ago, not only was Grandmother Mu’s health condition deteriorating, but her mind was also getting more confused each day and she began to turn almost child-like.

As a result, everyone hid the truth about the series of Luo Chenxin’s impressive deeds from Grandmother Mu. Mu Yichen consoled himself that it was normal for Grandmother Mu to have a misunderstanding earlier because of her lack of understanding concerning the inside information.

By the time he pushed his grandmother back to the villa, Luo Chenxi and the little dumpling were already seated on the sofa properly.

Due to all the fights and disputes earlier, the little dumpling’s braids had already loosened into a mess, so Luo Chenxi gave her a cute top bun with agile movements. The little dumpling touched her hair and smiled joyously. She gave Luo Chenxi a peck as a token of appreciation.

Grandmother Mu was delighted watching them. She instructed Sister Chen, “Go upstairs quickly and bring down the box that I’ve prepared earlier.”

Sister Chen did as she was ordered. She returned soon with a simple, unsophisticated-looking jewelry box.

Grandmother Mu waved her hand to signal Luo Chenxi to come to her. Then, she removed a dark green jade bangle from the jewelry box and put it on Luo Chenxi’s wrist. “This is a gift from me for our first meeting!”

Luo Chenxi said in astonishment, “Grandmother, this is too precious. I can’t accept it!”

The clarity of the jade bangle showed that it was of high grade. Grandmother Mu had collected it as part of her treasure trove.

Luo Chenxi could figure out how precious it was just by analyzing it. She wanted to remove the bangle and return it to Grandmother, yet for some unknown reason, the bangle was stuck on her wrist. There was no way she could remove it.

What was happening? Grandmother had obviously put it on easily earlier, had she not?

In a panic, she tugged the bangle strenuously a few times, but she did not manage to remove it. On the contrary, the friction turned her wrist red.

She bit her lower lip and was about to pull harder when a huge hand grabbed her wrist.

“That’s enough. You shouldn’t decline a senior’s gift. Since Grandmother has given it to you, you can keep it,” Mu Yichen spoke with a deep voice.


“No buts!”

Mu Yichen’s gaze swept across the redness on her fair wrist which looked unusually striking.

Grandmother Mu patted Luo Chenxi’s hand. “That’s right. I kept it especially for my granddaughter-in-law! This is the precious treasure that has been passed down in our Mu family for generations!”

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