Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: He Was Her Husband Exclusively For Now

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The flirtatious atmosphere that was felt in the air earlier dispersed off instantaneously with his statement.

Luo Chenxi sat upright. “Hmm…hmm, noted.”

She suddenly felt that the night was rather cold all of a sudden. The air felt stuffy despite her sitting in an air-conditioned car.

Mu Yichen looked at her rather small, astonished face and continued to speak, “Grandmother seems to be in quite a healthy state now, but she was seriously ill last year. Had it not been for her timely rescue, she would have already passed away by now. As a result, everyone in the family goes along with her and we don’t argue with her. However…”

“However, whatever you told Grandmother Mu today and you making me keep the jade bangle was all to appease her and you didn’t actually agree to it, right?” Luo Chenxi interrupted Mu Yichen before he could finish his sentence.

The words had already reached Mu Yichen’s lips originally.

However, the wicked woman said it first. He was shocked ever so slightly and felt uneasy in his heart without reason. He felt as if he had said something wrong.

However, he suppressed the thought quickly and continued, “It’s good that you understand. Actually, Grandmother feigned her sickness and forced me to marry you. I knew it from the start. However, she isn’t going to live for long although she doesn’t even know it yet. I married you to please my grandmother and I’m very satisfied with your performance today. As long as you can continue the act properly, I won’t treat you shabbily even if we were to get a divorce later on.”

Mu Yichen felt complicated emotions arise after seeing how Grandmother Mu and Tang Tang had a very good relationship with this wicked woman like they were a real family.

The woman’s acting skills exceeded his expectations. For that one short moment, he had almost believed that everything was real.

Still, he understood Luo Chenxin’s true self more than anybody else.

He could never allow her to take this relationship seriously and he could not allow…himself to do so either.

After hearing Mu Yichen’s words, Luo Chenxi calmed down completely.

That was right. What was she thinking earlier? Mu Yichen could be the hottest man in the country, but how was that related to her? Even if he was her husband exclusively, for now, it was only for namesake.

One of them did it to appease his grandmother while the other did it to make money and save her mother’s life. They were both doing it out of their own motives.

Luo Chenxi nodded. “Hmm, understood. I get it, really. Don’t worry. I’ll cooperate with you properly and I won’t bear any improper thoughts either.”

The wicked woman nodded with such determination without the slightest hesitation.

Mu Yichen almost choked on his pent-up anger!

Did…did she not have the slightest passionate thoughts of him?

Luo Chenxi thought of something. “Oh right, your grandmother wanted to give the jade bangle to her granddaughter-in-law. It’s inappropriate for me to keep it here, so I’m going to remove it and give it back to you.”

As she was speaking, she stretched out her hand to remove the jade bangle.

However, he stopped her as soon as she moved. “That’s enough. It’s fine as long as you remember my words. The jade bangle was given to you by my grandmother. Am I that petty that I’d take it away from you?” Mu Yichen’s tone of speech sounded more and more rigid.

Luo Chenxi hesitated for a moment before she responded, “Alright then. I can’t take it off now anyway. Let me try and see if I can remove it with soap water when we’re home.”

“I said that you can keep the jade bangle! Can’t you understand me?” Mu Yichen’s voice suddenly went up to a higher pitch. He felt angry for no reason and was beyond agitated.

Luo Chenxi was startled. “Why are you being so fierce?”

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