Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Actually Bold Enough To Hit Someone!

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Hu Manya threw herself upon Luo Chenxi in an attempt to return the blow.

However, Luo Chenxi had been learning Taekwando since she was young, so she was quick and nimble. Hu Manya was utterly not a worthy opponent. On the contrary, she managed to seize the opportunity to give the woman a few more slaps.

Hearing Hu Manya’s squeal, the butler and maids came rushing over from the villa in an attempt to separate them.

“Stop it! Both of you…What are both of you doing there?!” Luo Anguo, who had just returned home, almost could not catch his breath when he witnessed the scene. He shouted to stop them at once.

This time, Luo Chenxi stopped.

Hu Manya grew fearful of being struck. She ran up to Luo Anguo’s side in a hurry and began to complain in tears, “My love! Look at this wicked girl. How dare she…she hit me?!”

Luo Anguo’s expression turned extremely unpleasant as well after seeing the obvious injuries on Hu Manya’s face.

“What happened? Luo Chenxi! It’s the first day of your marriage today. You aren’t staying obediently in the Mu family when you’re supposed to. What are you doing back here? Moreover, you hit your Aunt Hu! Is this how you should treat an elder member of your family?”

Luo Chenxi sneered in reply, “An elder member of my family? Why don’t you ask her what she did today?”

“What do you mean?” Luo Anguo frowned.

Noticing the situation, Hu Manya pinched her thigh ferociously to cause herself pain. Then, she wept strenuously and loudly, “Oh, I have such a miserable life! What sins have I committed to be punished in this manner?! I raised a daughter to adulthood with great effort and watched as she was about to marry into a rich and powerful family. Tragically, she lost her life in a bizarre accident! Oh well, now that this wicked girl has taken her sister’s identity to become the young mistress of the Mu family, she has the audacity to come to the Luo family and threaten me. If my Chenxin were still alive, how would she have allowed another person to treat me so unjustly?!”

Hu Manya stopped acting like the hysterical, sharp-tongued woman she was before and began to weep loudly with real tears and snot. She portrayed herself as if she was in an incomparably tragic situation.

Luo Anguo felt the rage in his chest being ignited promptly when he saw his wife sobbing so piteously. He glared at Luo Chenxi. “Luo Chenxi! Look at you now! You’ve married into the Mu family all because of your sister’s effort of paving the path for you! It’s fine that you’re ungrateful for her help, but how dare you hit a senior member of your family? Do you really think that there’s nothing that I can do to you? Do you still want me to pay for Lu Wenjun’s medical expenses?”

The expression on Luo Chenxi’s face grew even colder when she heard him mention Lu Wenjun.

“Medical expenses? I daren’t count on you to pay for the medical expenses! Didn’t you send Hu Manya to ask the hospital to remove all the medical devices attached to my mother at the hospital today? You are the cause of her relapse and she almost died on the spot! I’ve already obeyed your order to marry into the Mu family, so why are both of you still trying to hurt my mother!”

Luo Chenxi felt like she was such an unfilial daughter because Lu Wenjun had always treated her like she was her own. However, her life was now at stake as a result of being compromised by Luo Chenxi. She had less than six months to live!

“What did you say? Since when have I…” Upon listening to her words, Luo Anguo was stunned for a moment. Soon afterward, he looked at Hu Manya in astonishment. “Manya, did you…”

Hu Manya did not manage to stop Luo Chenxi from exposing the truth in time. She watched helplessly as her lie was exposed, so she lowered her head and sobbed softly.

“I…Anguo, I didn’t do it on purpose! I was only…only taking things into consideration on your behalf. It’s been such a difficult time for the Luo family recently. I see that you’re still paying so much for that woman, so I feel sorry for you and I wanted to try to save you some money to lessen your stress.”

Hu Manya was a beauty in her day whose name was known far and wide. Otherwise, she could not possibly have made her way up to be with a rich second generation man like Luo Anguo given her background as a village barmaid. Even though she was no longer young, she still looked rather charming now. To be exact, she looked like a delicate, pitiful woman when she cried.

Luo Anguo’s anger was soothed slightly. “Sigh. You have no sense about the degree of seriousness in this matter!”

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