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Chapter 9

Chapter 9: I’m Your Mommy!

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Luo Chenxi returned to the villa, her spirits feeling lifted. However, she saw Mu Yichen’s shady face as soon as she got to the first floor of the house.

Mu Yichen was not done getting even with this woman yet. She ran away so quickly and just returned!

He was prepared to punish her when they both heard a soft, delicate voice all of a sudden. “Daddy, who is this gorgeous lady?”

Luo Chenxi was stunned ever so slightly for a moment when she heard Tang Tang’s babyish question. Something did not feel right to her. Beautiful sister? Is she referring to me? Wait, didn’t my sister, Luo Chenxin, give birth to Mu Yichen’s daughter, Tang Tang? Shouldn’t she address as Mother?

Why did she feel like she was a stranger in the eyes of this little dumpling judging by her tone of speech?

Noticing that Luo Chenxi did not answer, the little dumpling took it upon herself to get up to the bed and cuddled her arm. “Miss, you smell great!”

Luo Chenxi felt puzzled. However, her heart melted when she saw the adorable little angel. She found that she could not even think anymore as she cracked into a faint smile and said gently, “Tang Tang, don’t you remember me? I’m your mommy!”

“Mom-Mommy?” The little dumpling was astonished for a moment. Instantly, she had a perplexed expression.

Luo Chenxi felt odd, but she figured that she was right, so she continued to speak with a smile, “That’s right. I’m your mommy. Come, come over here. Give me a hug!”

It sounded strange enough. Ever since losing her child four years ago, she found herself especially fearful to touch children.

However, her entire heart melted when she saw Tang Tang’s smooth, chubby cheeks. The only thing Luo Chenxi wanted to do was to hug her and kiss her. She stretched out her arms in an attempt to hold the little dumpling, but who would have thought that Tang Tang, who had been cuddling her arm earlier, would suddenly change her expression drastically when Luo Chenxi’s fingers just grazed the little dumpling’s body? The girl shoved her away at once.

“Tang Tang?” Luo Chenxi had yet to react to the situation when she heard the earth-shattering cry of the child.


“Tang Tang, w-what happened?” Luo Chenxi was dumbstruck with bewilderment when she saw the little dumpling suddenly bawl. She was completely at a loss about what to do. She never expected that the adorable little dumpling to start howling aloud in the next moment. Moreover, she was weeping in such a tragic manner.

“Waa…Don’t touch me. Tang Tang doesn’t have a mommy! Go away…Tang Tang hates you!”

“Don’t cry, Tang Tang…” Luo Chenxi panicked at once. She tried to hold Tang Tang to comfort her in a flurry.

However, it was at this precise moment that a cold and stern berating voice was heard coming from outside the door. “Luo Chenxin, it’s you again! Let go of Tang Tang now!:

Startled, Luo Chenxi turned around to see Mu Yichen’s mother, Tan Yueru, and his sister, Mu Weiwei, walk into the room together.

Tang Tang immediately jumped down from the bed after seeing Tan Yueru. She dove straight into her grandmother’s arms. Her tiny body was still trembling continuously as if she was still running away from an evil ghost.

Tan Yueru patted Tang Tang’s back gently to comfort her. “Good girl, Tang Tang. Don’t cry, don’t cry. Let’s ignore the bad woman. Grandma is going to take you to get a strawberry pudding, alright?”

Tang Tang buried her head in Tan Yueru’s chest and nodded gently. Meanwhile, Tan Yueru glared at Luo Chenxi ferociously before she held the girl in her arms and walked away.

Bad woman? Is she referring to me?

Luo Chenxi blinked her huge eyes innocently in a daze. She was very confused by the current situation. Why did the little dumpling suddenly cry? Even though she was not very experienced with raising a child, she knew that an ordinary child would not change countenances so quickly.

Moreover, she could tell that Tang Tang was very frightened judging by how she was trembling in Tan Yueru’s arms!

Actually, what was Tang Tang scared about?

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