Martial God Asura

Chapter 5497: Don’t Butt Into Things That Are None of Your Business

Chapter 5497: Don’t Butt Into Things That Are None of Your Business

Chapter 5497: Don’t Butt Into Things That Are None of Your Business

Shortly after the light faded, specks of light similar to that of the earlier palace began appearing on the cavern walls. Knowing that there was something special about these specks of light, Chu Feng made sure to closely examine them.

While these specks of light didn’t seem to contain anything special at first glance, Chu Feng still noticed some peculiarities in them.

“What are those? Is it a formation?” Eggy asked an hour later.

“It doesn’t seem to be a formation. I think it’s some kind of special cultivation skill instead,” Chu Feng replied.

“What kind of special cultivation skill is it?” Eggy asked out of curiosity.

“It seems to be a body tempering skill, but the records are incomplete,” Chu Feng said.

“Should we head elsewhere to take a look then?” Eggy asked.

“There’s no need for that. I’m guessing that the content of the wall will change on its own accord to reveal what comes afterward,” Chu Feng said.


A loud sound could be heard from afar.

“It’s coming,” Chu Feng said with knitted eyebrows.

He realized that the specks of light wouldn’t change that easily. He would have to undergo something first if he wanted to see what came next.

Soon, he found himself faced with a tsunami that rushed at him at an incredible speed. Barely as he saw it, he was already swept into it. Its currents were so powerful that he couldn’t move in it at all. He was helplessly swept away by the tides.

He noticed that there were some secrets hidden in the currents, but there was some kind of peculiar energy in the water that was seeping into his body and leaving him with a stifled feeling from head to toe. It was tolerable at the start, but as time went by, it soon began to irritate him.

It was as if someone was intentionally stopping him from observing the flow of the currents. Such a disturbance, however, didn’t pose a problem to Chu Feng at all.

As the currents died down, Chu Feng found another person next to him. He had noticed a person being slowly pushed toward him under the flow of the currents, but he was too focused on deciphering the secrets in the currents that he paid it no notice.

Now that he was finally paying attention, he could see that the person was a female junior from the Totem Dragon Clan. She had entered the God Taboo Battlefield together with Chu Feng and Long Zhizhi; in fact, she was the one who had threatened to massacre Chu Feng’s family and friends.

Her words provoked Chu Feng, so he knocked her out with a single punch. That might have appeared to be a vicious move, but the truth was that he had already gone easy on her. If not for the fact that she was a Totem Dragon Clansman, he would have killed her with that punch.

After all, he could tell that she was planning to follow through with her threat. It would be dangerous to leave someone like that alive.

Fortunately, that woman’s hatred for Chu Feng didn’t last.

Her attitude changed after witnessing his feats in the God Taboo Battlefield. In fact, she had been one of the juniors waiting outside his door while he was unconscious. The delight she had shown on her face upon seeing him didn’t appear to be feigned.

Thus, Chu Feng decided to bury the hatchet. He was not a narrow-minded person, after all.

“It sure is a coincidence for us to reunite here, young hero Chu Feng.”

The woman was overjoyed to see Chu Feng. She was still wailing on the ground a moment ago, but as soon as she saw him, she seemed to forget her pain and immediately rushed up to him.

“Young hero Chu Feng, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Long Shanshan. My paternal and maternal grandparents are elders of the Totem Dragon Clan,” the woman said.

Chu Feng acknowledged her words with a simple nod. His willingness to bury the hatchet didn’t mean that he was fond of her; she did threaten his friends and family, after all. He also didn’t like how she brought up her connections in her introduction to elevate her own standing.

“Damn it! What the hell is going on? First a gust of wind, and now a sudden tsunami. This is different from what I heard about the Demon Crane!”

Furious curses could be heard from the other end of the corridor as three men walked into Chu Feng’s view. They were all from the Totem Phoenix Clan.

“Oh? Aren’t those people from the Totem Dragon Clan?”

Those three men initially looked disgruntled, but their eyes lit up upon seeing Long Shanshan. However, it didn’t seem that they had good intentions at heart.


Coincidentally, the specks of light Chu Feng had been waiting for appeared in the surrounding walls. He quickly turned his attention toward the walls, not knowing when they would disappear. He had to memorize them as soon as possible just to be safe.

“What a small world we live in! What luck is it for us to stumble upon a woman from the Totem Dragon Clan here!”

“She does look pretty decent.”

“Hey, what’s your name?”

The three men from the Totem Phoenix Clan walked up to Long Shanshan and ogled her from head to toe.

“You haven’t been beaten up enough by our young master Chengyu yet?” Long Shanshan sneered.

Seeing that the trio had malicious intentions in mind, she brought up Long Chengyu right away. It was just a moment ago that Long Chengyu taught a lesson to the son and daughter of their clan chief, after all.

However, the trio wasn’t intimidated by Long Shanshan’s threat. Instead, their eyes narrowed coldly.

“Long Chengyu is formidable, but he isn’t here right now. You would watch your mouth if you know what’s better for you,” the white-faced man among the trio said.

“You better keep your distance from me. Not even the Totem Phoenix Clan will be able to protect you if you dare to touch me,” Long Shanshan said.

The trio burst into laughter upon hearing those words.

The white-faced man took another step forward as he released his rank three Half-God level oppressive might, pushing Long Shanshan against the wall.

“You wench! Why are you speaking so arrogantly, acting as if our Totem Phoenix Clan is inferior? Let me tell you! The ancestors of your Totem Dragon Clan looked up to our Totem Phoenix Clan back then!” the white-faced man sneered.

“Big brother, don’t waste your breath. Let’s just do her and show her how strong the men of our Totem Phoenix Clan are!”

“That’s right! Let’s screw her right now!”

The other two men from the Totem Phoenix Clan looked at Long Shanshan licentiously. The lips of the white-faced man curled up evilly as he reached out to grab Long Shanshan.

“Touch her and you’ll pay the price,” a cold voice suddenly echoed.

It was Chu Feng.

“I know you. You appeared with the Totem Dragon Clan earlier. Are you a lackey or servant of the Totem Dragon Clan?” the white-faced man asked.

In spite of the white-faced man’s contemptuous words, he didn’t look down on Chu Feng at all. His earlier oppressive might had been directed not just at Long Shanshan but Chu Feng too, but the latter was completely unaffected by it. That showed that Chu Feng’s cultivation was at least on par with his.

“I don’t know who you are, but you should be able to tell that our Totem Phoenix Clan is going to make a comeback in the world of cultivation. I suggest you step aside and don’t interfere in our affairs,” the white-faced man threatened Chu Feng.

Chu Feng didn’t answer that remark.

The trio looked at one another before bursting into laughter. They took his silence to be an expression of compromise. Thus, the white-faced man reached for Long Shanshan’s robes once more.


Blood suddenly splattered as the white-faced man widened his eyes. The hand that he had used to touch Long Shanshan’s robe had been severed.

All three of the Totem Phoenix Clansmen stared at Chu Feng in disbelief. The latter was the one who had severed the white-faced man’s hand with a formation sword.

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