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Chapter 1601 - 1601 Another Type of Exterminating Heart Technique

1601 Another Type of Exterminating Heart Technique

Chu Nan was shocked.

Before this, he had never been able to sense any aura or energy fluctuation from Anise. He originally thought that she should be an ordinary person who did not know martial techniques, so he was still very curious why a Star-Grade Martial Artist like Supremacy Quediro had such a special relationship with her. However, now that she attacked, it was immediately like a volcanic eruption, and an extremely powerful energy fluctuation instantly surged out.

What surprised him even more was that this energy fluctuation was very ferocious, but it made dense black gas appear around Anise. When he carefully sensed the energy structure in the black gas, Chu Nan was surprised to discover that it was identical to the Exterminating Heart Technique!

Chu Nan did not dare to be negligent and could only quickly condense his Internal Breath to deal with it with all his might.

In just a moment, the two of them had already exchanged dozens of blows. Chu Nan became more and more shocked.

The characteristics of the Exterminating Heart Technique was that it would make all the spatial energy affected become very sluggish. It was even very difficult to maintain the basic energy structure to affect the opponent from being unable to even use the cultivation method completely.

Due to this characteristic, the fluctuation of spatial energy in the area affected by the Exterminating Heart Technique would definitely be very slow and low-frequency, giving people the feeling that everything was obliterated and silent.

However, the cultivation method Anise used now looked the same as the Exterminating Heart Technique in terms of energy structure, but the characteristics displayed were the complete opposite. The spatial energy fluctuation affected by the black gas became extremely intense, far exceeding the limit of all the cultivation methods Chu Nan knew. It even clearly exceeded the highest frequency of energy fluctuations he could control now.

If the Exterminating Heart Technique was like an extremely cold airflow that could calm or even freeze all the energy fluctuations, then the cultivation method used by Anise was like a terrifying magma, causing all the affected spatial energy to be extremely intense.

At first glance, such an energy fluctuation seemed to be very similar to the violent spatial energy in the alternate space, but it was actually very different.

The violent spatial energy in the alternate space was completely disorderly, but the spatial energy in this black gas was clearly accurately controlled and arranged in an orderly manner.

To be honest, it was a little similar to the energy fluctuation caused by Chu Nan’s deliberate control to use his high-frequency vibration Internal Breath to affect spatial energy.

However, in terms of destructive power, this black gas was a little similar to the Exterminating Heart Technique. Under its influence, it was difficult to maintain any stable energy structure. It would all be driven into an extremely high-frequency intense state.

From this point, it was the same as the Exterminating Heart Technique. They both used the same special energy structure to affect the spatial energy in the surrounding space and destroy the other party’s control of spatial energy.

Chu Nan had changed dozens of different cultivation methods to deal with them during this period of time, but it was difficult for every cultivation method to have any effect in front of Anise. It would always be destroyed by the cultivation method she used and could not be useful at all.

This feeling was exactly the same as when he faced the Exterminating Heart Technique.

Helpless, Chu Nan could only use the Exterminating Heart Technique to deal with it.

“Hmm?” Seeing Chu Nan use the Exterminating Heart Technique, Anise seemed to be very surprised. She retracted her hand and retreated. She glanced at Chu Nan from head to toe and asked in surprise, “Why do you know the Exterminating Heart Technique?”

“About that…” Chu Nan scratched his head, “It’s a long story and has something to do with me coming here today.”

Anise shook her head. “Forget it. No matter how you learned the Exterminating Heart Technique, as long as you’re related to Quediro, it’s fine.”

As soon as she finished speaking, black gas surged out of Anise’s body again and she continued to attack Chu Nan.

Chu Nan wanted to explain, but Anise did not give him a chance. The two of them quickly fought again.

Feeling that Anise’s attacks were getting stronger, Chu Nan smiled bitterly in his mind.

He had secretly run out of the palace. If he wasted too much time here and was discovered by the palace, although he might not be punished much, it was clearly a problem. At the very least, it was not easy to explain.

However, Anise’s strength was unexpectedly powerful. With Chu Nan’s current strength, he still used the most effective Exterminating Heart Technique. He could not gain any advantage when facing her and was even clearly inferior to her in terms of the strength of his Internal Breath. Of course, it was not that easy to win.

Chu Nan had no choice but to take the time to continuously try to talk to her as he fought. He wanted her to stop fighting and discuss any problems properly. However, Anise had always turned a deaf ear to Chu Nan’s words and her attacks became heavier and heavier. There were a few times when he was almost injured by her, forcing him to take it seriously.

However, when he was serious, he immediately discovered a fact that surprised him even more.

As he began to be serious, the strength he displayed increased. Logically speaking, he should have changed the current disadvantageous situation, but as he increased, Anise was actually increasing at the same time. She had always suppressed Chu Nan and forced him to think of a way to deal with it, but it was still difficult to salvage the disadvantage.

Chu Nan quickly understood that Anise’s true strength was definitely much stronger than he had imagined. Otherwise, it was impossible for her to always maintain her strength slightly superior to him.

The only way to do this was to have much higher true strength than Chu Nan.

However, with Chu Nan’s current strength, the only person who wanted to be stronger than him could only be a Star-Grade Martial Artist, and he was much higher… That was definitely not a Star-Grade Martial Artist like Quinn who had just broken through the Star Dao.

After figuring this out, Chu Nan could not help but complain in his mind.

There were indeed hidden dragons and crouching tigers in Declan’s palace. If he captured someone, they would be a Star-Grade Martial Artist.

However, on second thought, only people of the same level could be related to a Star-Grade Martial Artist like Supremacy Quediro. It was not strange that this Anise was actually a powerful Star-Grade Martial Artist.

However, why did she have to attack him?

Moreover, since she had attacked, why did she not use her full strength and have to hide it like this?

What did she plan to do?

Most importantly, if he delayed Chu Nan like this and the people of the Elder Council could not find him later, it would really be unreasonable if they thought that he had run away and fled.

Chu Nan’s worry did not last long. After the two of them fought for a while, just as he was calculating how to escape, he suddenly discovered that Anise’s attack seemed to have begun to slow down and the special destructive and violent intent contained in the black gas had clearly weakened.

He was overjoyed. He thought that Anise had finally decided to let him go and speak properly, but he suddenly discovered that the dense black gas that had been surrounding her was rolling intensely. It no longer felt as orderly as before.

Anise’s body also began to tremble violently as the black gas rolled. A moment later, she suddenly restrained her aura, and the black gas swept back. She retracted her hand and pulled away from Chu Nan before stopping.

Chu Nan looked at her in surprise.

“About that… Senior Anise, are you… alright?”

Anise’s already overly pale face became even paler. Suddenly, a very abnormal blush surged. She opened her mouth and suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

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