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Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine

Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine





Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine

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Su Ji, a traditionally popular devil courtesan, has actually transmigrated! When she opened her eyes, she was the child of the Su household, an attractive girl that was bullied by every person. She was likewise an undesirable starlet with no visibility on social media sites. Everyone believed the evil one concubine brought calamity to the country and its people. Actually, she was very knowledgeable and also callous. There was a wealthy old man from the Pei family members who enjoyed chasing after stars, as well as he swore to make Su Ji his granddaughter-in-law! The whole globe knew that Third Young Master Pei was rich, but fierce and not interested in women. Haters eagerly anticipated Su Ji weding him as well as living a lonely life. It would surely be a fantastic show to see. Later on, at the honor event, Su Ji felt nauseated as well as was about to vomit. Her followers assumed she was sick. Third Young Master Pei, who had chased her for 2 lifetimes, felt his distress. "It's currently her 2nd child. Why is she still so influenced?" *** Everybody assumed the devil courtesan brought catastrophe to the country as well as its individuals. Just he understood that she recruited skills from throughout the world, and laid the foundation for tranquility for later generations. In his previous life, he had actually been a dedicated general that enjoyed her in silence. After her fatality, he developed a gold coffin for her and passed away in remorse. In this life, he would certainly not let her go again ...