Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 553 - Chapter 553: Rescue!

Chapter 553: Rescue!

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“I stay at home every day to watch football games. I definitely didn’t hear wrongly,” He added in the end, as if he was trying to atone for his sins.

Every day…he could hear the sound of someone returning…

Wang Zhicheng understood. He went to Dong Xiyou’s door and continued knocking.

“Knock, knock!”

“Knock, knock, knock!”

After knocking a few times, someone kicked the door.

Fortunately, Wang Zhicheng dodged in time.

Su Ji slammed the door firmly.

“Pang! !

There was a loud bang!

Accompanied by the sound of wood breaking.

When the man looked over, he was so shocked.

The entire door, along with the door frame, fell out of the wall! It fell straight Into tne room, ana aust Instantly new Into tne am. !

The old man looked up. A jagged crack extended from the door frame of Dong Xiyou’s house to his door frame.

Su Ji didn’t waste a moment and rushed into the room, followed closely by Wang Zhicheng.

The one-bedroom apartment was completely empty. The bed, sofa, and open kitchen were all empty. Su Ji noticed that the bathroom door opposite the kitchen was closed.

She took a few steps forward and placed her hand on the door. She took a deep breath and entered through the door.

Seeing the scene inside, Wang Zhicheng sucked in a cold breath!

Dong Xiyou, whose legs and hands were tightly bound…was lying on the cold tiled floor!

The most dangerous place was the safest place. This was indeed a bit of reverse thinking. Normally, one would not have thought that the criminal would actually tie Dong Xiyou up in her own house!

Wang Zhicheng looked around and found a small knife on the table. He quickly came over to untie her.

The blade of the blade was very blunt, so he picked up the hemp rope and cut it back and forth.

“Be gentle.” Su Ji frowned.

Only then did Wang Zhicheng realize that Miss Dong had been tied up for a few days. Her wrists and ankles were already covered in blood from the friction of the rope. When he cut the rope, the wound was pulled open.

But even so, Dong Xiyou lay motionless in Su Ji’s arms, not even frowning.

Su Ji removed the blindfold and the tape on her mouth. He removed the tape carefully, as if the skin would be torn off with a little force. Her lips were so white that they were almost transparent. If she was not wearing the clothes that Su Ji had seen before, she might not even recognize her.

Within seven days, Dong Xiyou had become all skin and bones. His cute little round face was sunken in, and his dark circles were so heavy that she did not look alive.

Su Ji checked her pulse. Fortunately, she was still alive, even though she was already very weak.

However, as long as she had even the slightest breath, Su Ji could save her.

She glanced at the kitchen and asked Wang Zhicheng to help her find a few things.

She mixed some sugar and salt into water and poured it into her mouth.

Dong Xiyou choked and coughed, but she was still unconscious.

Immediately after, Su Ji rolled up her sleeves and pressed on a few acupuncture points. She used a lot of force, and her arm quickly started to bruise.

Throughout the entire process, Su Ji kept calling her name.

Wang Zhicheng watched from the side. After ten minutes, he suddenly said, “Miss, she seems to have regained consciousness!”

Dong Xiyou still couldn’t open her eyes, but her forehead was covered in sweat. Under her tightly shut eyelids, her eyeballs were rolling uneasily.

Su Ji did not say anything. She pursed her lips slightly and did not stop moving her hands.

The ambulance and the police arrived almost at the same time. Su Ji followed the ambulance to the hospital while Wang Zhicheng stayed behind to explain the situation to the police.

After the stretcher was carried away, Wang Zhicheng looked at Su Ji worriedly. “Miss, you must call me anytime if there’s anything.”

Su Ji nodded, got into the car, and left.

In the ambulance, the doctor gave Dong Xiyou a general examination. She had severe malnutrition and dehydration.

This situation was actually very dangerous. Dong Xiyou had already

Noticing the water stains on Dong Xiyou’s lips, the doctor looked at Su Ji in surprise. “You gave her first aid?”

Su Ji nodded and described what she did to make it easier for the doctor to save her. Dong Xiyou did not have a scale at home, but Su Ji could almost tell the exact grams.

The doctor looked at the young lady in front of him who had extremely professional first aid knowledge and was momentarily speechless.

Then, he suddenly seemed to have realized something. “You came to our hospital’s emergency department yesterday, right?”

Coincidentally, when Su Ji sent Anna to the hospital yesterday, it was also this doctor who received her.

Su Ji pursed her lips slightly. “Yes, for another friend.”

From the rescue to the transfer to the ward’s infusion, Su Ji stayed by Dong Xiyou’s side. The doctors surrounded Dong Xiyou, disinfected and bandaged her. Su Ji stood in the hospital corridor, looking out the window with a lollipop in her mouth.

Every day, he could hear the sound of someone returning…

That person was definitely not Dong Xiyou…

At eight o’clock in the evening, Dong Xiyou woke up for the first time. At that time, the doctor was in front of her, and she looked very frightened. She probably didn’t remember what had happened, but after seven days, she was in trauma.

This time, she was only awake for a short while. She fell unconscious again after a minute or two.

At nine o’clock in the evening, Pei Huai arrived at the hospital and packed food for Su Ji.

He went to the police station after the meeting and then came over.

“No fingerprints.” He showed Su Ji the police records.

Normally, only the police could see this, but Pei Huai brought it to Su Ji. Su Ji massaged the space between her eyebrows. “I Imew it.”

Pei Huai opened the lunch boxes one by one. “Eat first. We’ll ask when she wakes up.”

Su Ji did not have much of an appetite, but she had not eaten for a day. Now that she smelled the fragrance of rice, her stomach began to growl.

While she was eating, her phone rang.

She didn’t take it out.

A few minutes later, a voice call came.

This time, she took out her phone and saw that it was He Yu. Only then did she remember that she had forgotten to contact him about Dong Xiyou.

He Yu only knew that Dong Xiyou had been saved when he saw the news. Moreover, she was in her own house!

His tone was very anxious. He first asked Dong Xiyou about her condition. He heard that she had not suffered any other injuries except for not eating for seven days. He did not know whether to be relieved or anxious.

“The two of us are really stupid! If I had thought of smashing the door yesterday, she would have been released a day earlier!!”

It was understandable that he was anxious, because if they had been a day late, Dong Xiyou’s situation would have been very dangerous, but… Pei Huai picked up a piece of pork rib for Su Ji. “Speak for yourself.”

He Yu choked and laughed awkwardly. “CEO Pei is here too?”

Su Ji ate the rib and took another bite of rice. She immediately reported the hospital ward number.. He Yu said that he would be there soon!

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