Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 554 - Chapter 554: Living with Su Ji!

Chapter 554: Living with Su Ji!

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When He Yu arrived, Su Ji saw him turn around from the end of the corridor.

The doctor in the ward came out and called out to them, “the patient is awake!!”

Dong Xiyou’s condition had stabilized after she woke up this time. She slowly remembered some things.

Dong Xiyou lay flat on the hospital bed with an IV drip in her hand. Looking at Su Ji and He Yu, who were guarding her bedside, she felt unprecedentedly safe!

She pursed her dry and wrinkled lips and shook her head, trying not to cry. The doctor said that she was extremely dehydrated. Crying would really worsen her condition.

“Since the 5th…” Dong Xiyou was shocked by her own voice. The sweet girl had turned into an old witch. She cleared her throat and said, “since the 5th, how many days have passed?”

She didn’t have a sense of time, and that feeling was too uncomfortable.

“It’s been 7 days,” He Yu said, his eyes filled with hatred for the perpetrator.

Dong Xiyou was also shocked by the amount of time that had passed.

Seven days…She couldn’t imagine how she endured it…

She looked at Su Ji and then at He Yu, tears rolling in her eyes that were swollen like walnuts.

A few seconds later, she finally could not hold it in anymore. She raised her arms and hugged Su Ji!

She sobbed loudly!

He Yu, who reached out to hug her: “…”

He was indeed a little redundant.

He pushed his glasses up awkwardly, acting as if he raised his hand just to push his glasses up.

Su Ji patted Dong Xiyou’s back gently to comfort her. She must be scared out of her wits.

Dong Xiyou only realized how much pain she was feeling after she let it all out.

If she moved a little, her body would feel like it was about to fall apart. It wasn’t just the area that was tied up. Imagine one’s feet curled up on the ground without moving for seven days, and half of her body couldn’t feel anything. What kind of feeling would that be?

Pei Huai stayed for a while before leaving the ward and closing the door for


The three of them could speak more freely inside.

Dong Xiyou held Su Ji’s hand tightly as she spoke, afraid that if she let go, she would be caught by the bad guys again.

“I didn’t see who that person was either…but I think… it should be someone from the television station!”

This piece of news was quite important, so Su Ji asked her why.

Dong Xi then told her about the day she was kidnapped. The cubicle where she called Su Ji that day was not accessible to outsiders. Moreover, it was impossible for anyone who was not familiar with the internal layout of the television station to be able to take her out of the building without avoiding all the cameras.

He Yu looked at her firmly. “Don’t worry, Xiyou. We’ll definitely catch him!” Dong Xiyou was stunned. She felt like she didn’t know He Yu.

Before today, every time she asked He Yu out to discuss work matters, He Yu always looked calm. He was knowledgeable, experienced, and steady.

But today, he spoke quickly and loudly. He was also very agitated, and his glasses were slanted.

Is this the He Yu she knew…?

Su Ji caressed her soft fringe. “Rest well. It’s important that you get well.”

Although Dong Xiyou had been tormented badly, she was safe. Everyone was much more relaxed than before.

Dong Xiyou nodded slowly.

“He Yu…” Su Ji continued, “…almost lost his job looking for you.”

“Ah?” Dong Xiyou suddenly looked up and blinked at He Yu.

He Yu’s ears instantly turned red. “No, no. In the end, the leader was still moved by my sincerity. I just need to write a long essay to self-reflect.”

“How long?” Su Ji raised an eyebrow with a smirk. She was not surprised, but she wanted to know how bad was the punishment. He Yu raised his hand and made an 8 sign.

8 pages…a total of 16,000 words…

“But don’t worry, I’m good at writing theses in university. It’s very easy.” He adjusted his glasses again.

He adjusted his glasses like Pei Song usually did, but the feeling he gave off was different.

He did it whenever he felt nervous.

But Pei Song did it when he had a mischievous idea, or when he’s watching a drama happening in real life.

The hospital didn’t allow visitors to stay for the night. Pei Huai knocked on the door and reminded them that it was time to go back.

Dong Xiyou held Su Ji’s hand tightly. She remembered her parents in her hometown. Su Ji told her not to worry because they did not know.

But Dong Xiyou still didn’t let go.

Later, He Yu understood. “Xiyou, are you afraid of being alone in the hospital?”

Dong Xiyou pursed her lips and looked like a clingy child.

Anyone would have been traumatized.

He Yu scratched his head. “Why don’t I…”

Su Ji glanced at him.

Pei Huai felt that she was going to offer to stay, so he coughed lightly and interrupted her. He tilted his forehead at the six bodyguards guarding the door.

“They won’t leave tonight. No one can hurt you.”

His voice was gentle, and Dong Xiyou’s uneasy heart also calmed down.

Su Ji was thinking about something in the corridor outside. She bent down and was almost at eye level with Dong Xiyou, who was leaning on the hospital bed. “Stay in the hospital for one night. It’s safer this way if there’s an emergency. If your condition is stable tomorrow, I’ll check you out of the hospital in the evening. You can’t go home now, so why don’t you stay at my house?”

Pei Huai:

“Really?” Dong Xiyou’s eyes were full of stars. Ever since she found out that she was rescued from her own apartment, she never wanted to go back to that place again. If she went back to the dormitory, everyone would be gossiping about her.

Su Ji’s house…

She would be living with Su Ji?

When she thought about that, her pale face turned red as if she had a fever.

Pei Huai and He Yu noticed it.

Su Ji said, “Aunt Wu’s cooking is quite delicious. It’ll help you recover.”

Dong Xiyou felt that she was about to die of happiness!

Pei Huai brought Su Ji to the car in the underground parking lot. The car drove out of the hospital. He held his forehead with his hand and said slowly, “will it cause trouble for Madam Xu?”

Of course, Su Ji knew what he was thinking. She smiled and glanced at him.

“You are allowed to take in Anna, but I’m not allowed to take in Dong Xiyou?”

“If it’s because of this, I can send Anna somewhere else tonight.”

“Tonight?” Su Ji raised an eyebrow.

Pei Huai said yes.

Su Ji smiled. “That’s great. Bring her to my house too.”

Pei Huai narrowed his eyes slightly.

His girlfriend was not following the rules…

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