Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 843 - Chapter 843: Besieging the Pei Corporation!

Chapter 843: Besieging the Pei Corporation!

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Shi Dachui’s phone fell to the ground.

He was stunned for half a minute.

His second uncle’s screams were like a pig being slaughtered.

“Dachui! Who did you offend? Did you offend the general manager of the Lychee Wine?”

“You’ve really screwed me up this time! Two million yuan! Two million yuan!” Even without putting it on speaker, he could hear it clearly.

Shi Dachui picked up the phone and pressed it to his ear. He had guessed something, but he felt that it was unlikely. He had dared to secretly take photos of Su Ji, so he was prepared to offend them. Over the years, he had offended more than one or two celebrities, but it was not to the extent of affecting his second uncle, right?

“What’s the name of the general manager of your lychee wine?” he asked.

“Li Yanggang!” his second uncle replied.

Shi Dachui narrowed his eyes, “I don’t know this person at all.”

He would definitely recognize it if he did.

“That’s impossible.” His second uncle’s voice was filled with doubt. “To be able to have such great power and take back the management rights just like that, other than the CEO of the Pei Corporation, there’s only CEO Li! Think about it again, you must have offended him!”

Shi Dachui was stunned, as if he did not hear clearly, “what did you just say?” His second uncle said, “think about it carefully. You must have offended him!”

“Not this sentence, the previous one!”

His second uncle couldn’t remember what he had just said.

Shi Dachui reminded him, “you mean the CEO of the Pei Corporation?”

His second uncle replied, “that’s right. That wine is a property of the Pei family. Dachui, you don’t know how popular that wine is. I will be counting on him for the rest of his life!”

At most, he would only dare to imagine that his nephew had offended General Manager Li. He did not dare to go any further because if his nephew had offended the CEO of the Pei Corporation, he would be finished. However, he had only climbed 108 steps at the beginning of this year to pray to Guan Yin Bodhisattva. Therefore, such a tragic thing could not have happened to him!

“F * ck!” Shi Dachui cursed and gritted his teeth. His expression was vicious. “I’ll tell you later. There’s something urgent to do!” After saying that, he hung up the phone.

His second uncle called again, but he hung up again.

Shi Dachui was furious.

He walked back and forth in the studio with his hands on his hips.

What the hell did he do?

Didn’t he just secretly take a few photos of Su Ji?

Who did he tell about the hard work he had to do for these photos?

He was about to succeed, so why did things turn out like this?

Not only did he block his account, but he also wanted to mess with his second uncle’s winery!

He would definitely be scolded to death by his father when he returned home during the New Year!

Shi Dachui stopped at the door and kicked over the trash can.

These rich and powerful families simply did not treat ordinary people like humans!

They had a little power in their hands and they bullied others!

Shen Mu knew how many illegal actions his second uncle had done, to the extent that they could just randomly come up with a reason that the Pei Corporation would not need to pay any compensation for breaching the contract to terminate the management rights granted to him. However, ordinary people would not know about this, such as Shi Dachui.

In his eyes, the Pei Corporation was bullying these hardworking commoners!

This was simply too much!

Shi Dachui had just gained a million fans. This account would be priceless in the future.

Not to mention that there were all the precious photos that he had secretly taken in the past year!

Thinking of this, Shi Dachui became even angrier.

Su Ji was not the first female celebrity he had secretly taken photos of. He had followed all the best actors and actresses before. If others could let him off, why couldn’t Su Ji?

How precious was she?

Did she have three eyes? Or was she pregnant with a star?

“That’s it. I hope her child will be stillborn!” Shi Dachui was furious!

The assistant outside the door heard the sound of hammering inside and pushed the door open a crack. trembling-

Shi Dachui glared at him fiercely, as well as the envelope in his hand. “What’s that? A letter from a fan? Take it away! I don’t have the time to read!”

“This is…” The assistant was on the verge of tears. “The Pei Corporation sent a lawyer’s letter over…”

Shi Dachui:

Although Shi Dachui had started his own account less than two years ago, he had been a paparazzi for twelve years. He was very famous in the paparazzi circle. Not only were there many juniors who chased after him to ask him to teach them, he also had a wide network among his peers.

This time, he had indeed kicked an iron plate, but he himself was not a


He had seen bullies before, but he had never seen bullies like this.

That night, he made a ruckus and called a few of his best friends. He asked them all out to attack the Pei Corporation together!

Back then, these people became paparazzi together. They had spent countless days and nights squatting and secretly taking photos. They had crawled under the same bed to study the draft and helped each other edit it. They had tried their best to capture the attention of the netizens in the shortest sentence possible. They had abandoned their worldviews and only wanted to provide explosive headlines!

Who asked those celebrities to earn so much money just by filming a movie?

This was what they deserved!

The group of people had cultivated a very strong revolutionary friendship in those days, and now they were all considered successful. They were either the bosses of some media company or had their own studios.

In the private room, everyone was filled with righteous indignation when they heard Shi Dachui’s story.

The vice president of a media company in a suit slammed the table. “How preposterous! Who doesn’t know that paparazzi and celebrities may seem like fire and water on the surface, but we actually complement each other and help each other achieve success. If we secretly take photos of them, it’s equivalent to helping them get on the trending searches for free. They should be thanking us!”

Shi Dachui gave him a thumbs up, feeling that he was right.

A bespectacled man dressed in refined clothes spoke up as well. “The Pei Corporation seems to be targeting you, but they’re actually provoking the entire paparazzi circle! This is too much!” Shi Dachui was filled with hatred. “I really can’t take this lying down!” The people at the table shared a common hatred.

“Don’t worry, Dachui. Your account has been banned, but you still have us!”

“Heh, which one of us doesn’t have hundreds of influential accounts? Fight with us? He made a mistake!”

“Yes. We’ll help you vent your anger! We can’t compare to him in terms of financial strength, but we’re his seniors when it comes to the internet!”

The few of them joined forces and spoke passionately. Their blood was boiling. The waiter was frightened by this scene and stood at the door for a long time before he dared to enter.

Shi Dachui was extremely gratified and was moved to tears several times.

Fortunately, he still had his brothers!

“Brotherhood is stronger than gold! Higher than the sky!”

In the end, the party ended with everyone raising their glasses and shouting their slogan.

And these people really didn’t just say it verbally. They had agreed on a time and divided their work.

At midnight that night, the paparazzi and the Pei Corporation started a war in the online world!

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