Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 941 - Chapter 941: They Didn’t Even Prepare Fruits!

Chapter 941: They Didn’t Even Prepare Fruits!

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However, when Liu Yiqing looked at the plates in front of her, the Tomahawk Steak and pork were all sacrificed.

Su Ji’s mother’s fighting strength was very shocking!

Seeing that there were still some meat scraps left on the plate of Tomahawk Steak, Liu Yiqing was about to reach out her fork to them. Xu Mingzhi forked a piece of bread and quickly drew a figure of eight on the plate to take away all the meat scraps. Then, under Liu Yiqing’s gaze, the meaty bread was swallowed by Xu Mingzhi in one bite!

Liu Yiqing:

A huge sense of loss and emptiness arose spontaneously from the bottom of his heart, and it grew crazily like bamboo shoots after a rain.

Su Ji unhurriedly retracted her gaze and smiled. She reminded Aunt Wu, “is there another dish in the oven?”

Aunt Wu, who was cleaning up in the kitchen, slapped her forehead and said, “fortunately, Miss reminded me, and I’ve just finished roasting it. This is a new dish I’ve learned in the past two days. I don’t know if it’ll taste good…”

When the oven was opened, the alluring fragrance of the pastry, meat, and butter immediately confused Liu Yiqing!

It was an excellent Wellington steak!

This was also Xu Mingzhi’s favorite dish. After Aunt Wu cut it up, Xu Mingzhi took a portion and tasted it.

The cross-section looked very beautiful. The thick meat in the middle was juicy, and the crispy shell on the outside was just right in thickness. It was layered and had a very rich texture. Xu Mingzhi took a bite, and the crispy sound would definitely kill the earphones. The outer skin and the inner meat had been perfectly fused, and the salty fragrance was overflowing.

Liu Yiqing swallowed hard.

“How is it?” Su Ji asked.

Xu Mingzhi nodded, “it’s not any worse than Uncle Tong Le ts.” Aunt Wu was overjoyed.

Uncle Tong Le’s western food was very authentic. She felt a sense of accomplishment to be able to get such an evaluation.

Su Ji followed suit and took a piece, followed by Xu Mingzhi.

Before Liu Yiqing could react, the portion on the plate was reduced at a speed visible to the naked eye.

She was extremely anxious.

Then, when Xu Mingzhi reached for the last piece of steak on the plate, a fork fell from the top and stabbed into the steak before she could!

Someone was actually faster than her?

Xu Mingzhi looked up and saw Liu Yiqing standing up from the chair. Her eyes were burning with fire.

That was the confidence she had in getting the last piece of Wellington steak!

At the same time, a guest came to the Pei family.

He was an old acquaintance of the Pei family.

After a few days, the duke’s car came to the Pei family’s house again, but this time, it was the duke himself…

The duke must have known about the recent events since he was able to personally come out of his busy schedule.

Miyazawa Ta appeared again, and his evil behavior became even more severe. As for Miyazawa Rei…she was arrested together with her son and was still locked up in a special prison in A City.

“Anna!” The duke pulled his daughter into his arms and then looked her up and down, wanting to see if his daughter had lost weight. Anna’s toot little face came into view.

It was obvious that Anna was much happier and had a much better appetite in the Pei family than in the duke mansion.

Not only that, even her body was better than before.

The duke glanced at the doll on the coffee table and was touched. “That’s a gift from me. I didn’t expect you to keep it.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the butler reached out and took it away, then put it in his pocket!

The duke: ” ”

Anna replied, “I gave it away.”

The butler smiled and added, “Miss Anna gave it to me.” The duke:

The corner of his mouth twitched for more than a minute.

Pei Qingshen came out of the room. He stretched out his walking stick and gestured to the sofa before sitting down.

The duke took his daughter’s hand and sat down. The butler poured him a cup of tea.

This time, the duke could clearly see that…the Pei family did not like him much.

If it was a few years ago, the duke would have been treated like a distinguished guest when he visited the Pei family.

The relationship between the two families was obvious. Otherwise, the third master of the Pei family would not have been arranged to stay in the duke’s mansion when he was studying abroad.

The last time he came to the Pei family, the Pei family’s attitude towards him was much colder, but they still treated him to a meal.

But today…lt was just a cup of tea, and the butler didn’t even serve the fruits!

Miyazawa Rei had long since ruined the Pei family’s impression of him, and Miyazawa Ta had injured Su Ji. The duke should have known what kind of treatment he would receive in the Pei family.

Du Meilan had a social gathering today. She was the host, so she could change the time. The others would be fine with it, but she didn’t.

Pei Song was busy with Huichun Hall’s autumn promotion, Pei Xi was visiting her daughter in the hospital, and Pei Huai was even busier.

Then, the unfortunate task of receiving the duke fell on Pei Qingshen, this idle person.

He glanced at the duke sitting opposite him and snorted.

If he wasn’t waiting for the duke to come, he would have been sitting at the stone table in the garden and having a 300 -round game with Old Wang at the chess table next door, attracting the adoring gazes of the ladies!

The duke smiled awkwardly. “Miss Su’s injuries…”

“You still have the nerve to mention it!” Pei Qingshen did not give him any face at all. “Such a beautiful kneecap, but it’s a shattered fracture! It’s all thanks to your family!”

When he saw his granddaughter-in-law’s kneecap, his heart ached.

Although the doctor said that his great-grandchild was not affected, it was not a small matter!

“…” Thinking of Miyazawa Ta, the duke gritted his teeth. “It’s all that unfilial son’s fault!”

“Don’t worry, Old Master. I’ll definitely support the handling of that unfilial son. If there’s anything inconvenient here in Continent M, just let me know!”

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Pei Qingshen slowly picked up the teacup in front of him. When he said this, a murderous look flashed across his turbid eyes. “Regarding the Miyazawa mother and son, the police will deal with them.

I only hope that you will not interfere. That is already helping…’

The Pei family’s house was very warm, but the duke couldn’t help but feel a chill down his spine.

In fact, before he came, he had already made a few calls to understand the situation of this case.

Miyazawa Ta was caught at the crime scene. The evidence seemed conclusive, but in fact, whether it was the bomb residue or the bag he was carrying at that time, all the evidence had been cleaned up by him.

Therefore, the police did not have conclusive evidence for many aspects, but…

this did not affect the entire process of the case.

The duke knew that the Pei family had no room for negotiation this time.

However, no matter how Miyazawa Ta was sentenced, he deserved it. The duke had wanted to kill him the day he found out that he bullied his daughter, but the other person…

As the teacup spun in his hand, the duke said, “Old Master Pei, actually, I came here today because I have something to discuss with you…”

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