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Chapter 1196 - Chapter 1196 The Last Madness

Chapter 1196 - Chapter 1196 The Last Madness

Chapter 1196 The Last Madness

“Everyone knows that Shao Yanru is dead. You should have another trusted subordinate outside the Palace, right? You can ask them about it. It’s not a secret,” Shao Wanru continued.

Madam Jiang suddenly raised her head and looked at Shao Wanru with hatred. “That’s impossible. Ru’er WILL be indescribably noble. How could she die?”

“Indescribably noble?” Shao Wanru smiled sarcastically and said slowly, “If you mean the title of Secondary Consort, I’m sorry that you’ll have to be disappointed. No one will think that the Secondary Consort is indescribably noble.”

Her attitude was extremely disrespectful. Her long eyelashes fluttered twice, and there was a trace of leisure in her eyes. She looked at Madam Jiang as if she were looking at a clown.

Her expression and behavior drove Madam Jiang crazy with anger. She had always looked down on Shao Wanru and even felt that her life and death were in her hands. At that time, she didn’t kill Shao Wanru directly, mainly because she wanted to be more subtle and push Shao Wanru to the dead end step by step. She didn’t expect that this bitch, whom she had once looked down on, would one day look down on her beloved daughter so much.

She couldn’t stand it anymore.

“This bitch is too arrogant and presumptuous!”

“Ru’er is indescribably noble. She will be the future Empress. How could anything happen to her? You’re slandering her on purpose.” Madam Jiang was so angry that her mind was full of hatred. She glared at Shao Wanru fiercely and hissed.

“She must be lying. Ru’er has Phoenix Fate. There’s no way that she has died.”

“Do you think that Shao Yanru wouldn’t die because she has Phoenix Fate?” Seeing that Madam Jiang’s eyes were red with madness, Shao Wanru asked calmly, “Do you want to know how she died? It is said that she was self-righteous and arrogant. She confronted the favored concubine in the Palace. After being injured, she was poisoned to death that night. No one in the Palace helped her. She was thrown into a mass grave. I’m afraid even her corpse is not intact by now.”

The angrier Madam Jiang was, the calmer Shao Wanru became. There was even a faint smile on her face. It could be seen that she was in a good mood.

“That’s just nonsense. You’re talking nonsense.” Madam Jiang trembled all over. “I don’t believe it. I would never believe it.”

“Do you want to go to the mass grave to see Shao Yanru’s body?” Shao Wanru suggested. On her jade-like face, there was a sweet smile, which was very pleasant. It could be seen that she was very relaxed.

That kind of smile burned Madam Jiang’s heart.

“Madam Jiang, after Shao Yanru died, Second Uncle now has an outstanding daughter. For the sake of this daughter, he has to marry that mistress. I heard that she is not from a good family, but she became the Miss of the Imperial Censor’s Mansion. This has been planned on purpose so that she can marry into the mansion legally. Of course, her daughter is the Miss of this Marquis’s Mansion and can marry into a more noble family.”

Shao Wanru looked at Madam Jiang with her black jade-like eyes. She was calm, but her eyes were dark. It was as if there was something deeply suppressed in her heart. It was the calm before the storm. If Shao Yanru had died, it would be strange if Madam Jiang didn’t go crazy.

“My daughter is dead? No! That can’t be!”

Madam Jiang subconsciously opposed this idea. How could her smart daughter get killed? However, when she saw Shao Wanru’s calm face, she felt that it might be true. In fact, it was easy to expose such a lie. It could not be fake. Who would groundlessly say that someone had died? Moreover, this person was the Emperor’s Secondary Consort.

“You… you’re lying…” Madam Jiang gasped and murmured, covering her chest with her hands. Everything in front of her turned dark, and she felt dizzy as if the figure in front of her was shaking with blood.

“Madam Jiang, you killed my mother, didn’t you? Now it’s all your daughter and son’s karma, isn’t it? When you were determined to hurt people, did you ever think that God was watching your every move?”

Shao Wanru looked at Madam Jiang coldly. As she saw her fall to the ground feebly, her eyes were cold.

She was not a saint, so she could not sympathize with Madam Jiang, who had harmed her family. Not only would she not sympathize with her, but she would also reveal all the truth.

Madam Jiang struggled and said loudly, “No… it’s not me… It’s not me… Shao Jing… it’s Shao Jing…” It sounded like an explanation, but it also seemed that she meant something else.

“Where is my mother?” Shao Wanru suddenly asked.

“I don’t know… I don’t know… it’s Shao Jing… Shao Jing who is doing this…” Madam Jiang’s lips moved twice, and her voice was so low that it was almost indiscernible.

Shao Wanru bit her cherry lips hard and lowered her eyes. She looked at Madam Jiang, suppressed the killing intent in her heart, and asked seductively, “Where is she now?”

When Madam Jiang was devastated, it was the easiest for Shao Wanru to get the correct answer from her.

“I, I don’t know… I don’t know that… I know nothing.” Madam Jiang suddenly stood up and stumbled over a small tea table. She bent down in pain, and the sharp pain made her sober for a while. She looked up at Shao Wanru and said with a grim smile, “What do you want to know from me? Your mother? She has been dead for a long time, and now her bones are rotten.”

After that, she laughed wildly and stood up with the help of the table.

“Shao Yanru was thrown into a mass grave, and her body is incomplete. Second Uncle has given up on you. He wants that mistress, but he is not willing to bear the reputation of killing you, so he deliberately tricked me here. After I leave, you will die tonight, and he will push the blame on me. I am now Princess Chen, protected by Prince Chen, so I can bear such a bad reputation. You and Shao Yanru have harmed me more than once. This time, I am willing to be the instrument of Second Uncle’s crime.”

Shao Wanru said those words with her eyes as sharp as cold swords.

Madam Jiang felt dizzy. She had wanted to disgust Shao Wanru, but she didn’t expect that not only did she fail to do so, but Shao Wanru made her suffer a lot. How could her daughter, her only daughter, end up like that?

Shao Jing had said that her daughter had Phoenix Fate and would be the Empress in the future. How could she die young? But Madam Jiang had an intuition that Shao Wanru was telling the truth.

“Shut up!” With a shrill voice, Madam Jiang reached out to slap Shao Wanru.

Yujie stepped forward and pushed her away.

Madam Jiang hit the tea table heavily behind her as she suffered in great pain.

“Madam Jiang, I came here today to see what happened to you. You hurt my mother wantonly. Now everything is retribution. After you die, Shao Jing can still have a pretty woman in his arms, and he will marry the daughter of the former imperial censor. His status is not lower than yours. The reason why she is a mistress is just an accident. Others will only pity her and then accept her. The next Empress may be this mistress’s daughter. Madam Jiang, both you and your daughter have nothing.”

Shao Wanru was aggressive.

Madam Jiang felt dizzy. She wanted to refute and slap Shao Wanru a few times. She wanted to tear Shao Wanru’s face apart and trample Shao Wanru to death. She wanted to tell her proudly that everything in the Marquis Xing’s Mansion belonged to her and her daughter. Infanta Qinghua and Shao Wanru were nothing but stepping stones for her and her daughter.

“How could my daughter get killed? She has Phoenix Fate. Shao Jing said it…”

Madam Jiang, who was sitting on the ground, was in a daze. She was trapped in her own emotions. Sometimes she was crazy, sometimes angry, and sometimes gnashed her teeth. Others would definitely think that she was a lunatic upon seeing her by now. Her eyes were sometimes mad, sometimes clear, and sometimes bloodshot.

“Madam… Madam…”

Someone was calling her. Madam Jiang pressed her head and looked straight ahead. It took her great effort to see a wrinkled face in front of her.

“Madam… Madam…”

“Who… who are you…” Madam Jiang asked in a hoarse voice.

“Madam… I’m here to serve you!” the old maid said cautiously. No matter how she looked at Madam Jiang, she felt that she was weird. Madam Jiang was sitting on the ground with her hair scattered, and her eyes looked crazy.

“Where is Shao Wanru?”

“Princess Chen has left. Are you… are you looking for her?” The old maid shrank back in fear, but she had to answer. She was here to serve Madam Jiang. Although she was unwilling to do so, she did not dare to let Madam Jiang sit on the ground like this. After all, the First Young Madam was in charge of the mansion.

“Where is First Miss?” Madam Jiang grabbed the old maid so hard that the old maid was caught off guard and knelt. Her throat was tightly locked, and she almost couldn’t breathe. She pulled the clothes around her throat hard. The old maid struggled hard and said, “First Miss is dead…”

As soon as she said this, she was shocked. She broke away from Madam Jiang, sat on the ground, and took a few steps back. Then, she shook her hands and said, “No… no… Madam, I was wrong. First Miss is fine… First Miss is fine!”

The mansion had ordered that no one was allowed to tell Madam Jiang about it. Just now, in a panic, the old maid accidentally told the truth.

Madam Jiang’s hands trembled uncontrollably, and she could only keep thinking about the words “First Miss is dead”.

Seeing that Madam Jiang raised her head high and looked wildly into midair with scattered eyes, the old maid was so scared that she shouted a few more times, but Madam Jiang didn’t come to her senses. The old maid hurriedly ran out to call for help. If Madam Jiang really died, she would also end up miserably.

After going out of the courtyard, the old maid thought for a while and did not dare to go to Old Madam or Marquis. She went straight to the study to look for Eldest Young Master. She had to ask for Eldest Young Master’s help since he was Madam Jiang’s biological son.

The old maid ran out quickly.

In the outer study, Shao Hua’an frowned when he heard about this. “Princess Chen said that?”

“Yes. I heard it from the side.” The old maid didn’t dare to say that she had sent the news of Shao Yanru’s death to Madam Jiang and shifted the blame onto Shao Wanru.

Shao Hua’an thought for a moment and said, “Go back and tell Madam Zhao about this. Ask her to check on Mom.”

“Yes, Young Master. I’ll go to Madam Zhao now.” The old maid breathed a sigh of relief. She was relieved that someone would be in charge of this matter. She was afraid that no one would handle it. If something happened to Madam Jiang, she would be blamed.

The old maid hurried to look for Zhao Xiran, who could decide on this matter.

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