Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3777 - Chapter 3777: Madam, What Do You Think?

Chapter 3777: Madam, What Do You Think?

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Although Fan Lin had told her that the place where the mercenaries had seen the Snowdrop Flower was extremely dangerous, and that there were powerful fierce beasts guarding it, hence it was difficult for ordinary people to pick it. However, the world was so big, and there were so many powerful people everywhere, no one could guarantee that the Snowdrop Flower would still be there and no one had picked it.

Jin Yifeng pondered for a moment and then said: “That is difficult to say. I can’t guarantee that it will still be there, but there is no news of the Snowdrop Flower appearing outside. So, it is very likely that it is still there because the fierce beast guarding the flower has already reached the seventh order. It is extremely ferocious and its combat power is even more astonishing.”

He didn’t give any confirmation because he just wasn’t sure. However, what he knew was that the Snowdrop Flower was extremely difficult to pick, otherwise, they wouldn’t have not dared to go forward to pick it when they first saw the flower back then.

When he thought of this, he turned to Feng Jiu and asked: “Madam Xuanyuan, I heard that if you store the Snowdrop Flower in a special ice box after it has been picked, the medicinal effects won’t fade. Is that right?”

Feng Jiu shook her head slightly and replied: “That is only what people would say if they want to auction it and sell it to some spirit herb collector. The Snowdrop Flower has a unique medicinal effect and even if you store it in a special ice box, it will still lose some of its efficacy. Of course, it doesn’t mean that it will lose all of its efficacy, but it will be gradually reduced over time as compared to putting it in the medicine at a specific time.”

“The growth period of the Snowdrop Flower is a hundred years, and it will only bloom after a hundred year cycle. It will flower for one year, and it is only most effective when used in medicines during this period of time.” She smiled and added: “However, the Snowdrop Flower is a precious spirit herb, and unless it is an extremely precious medicine, this kind of spirit herb is not generally used.”

After listening to her words, Jin Yifeng’s eyes flickered, and he asked: “Madam Xuanyuan is so proficient in medical knowledge, are you a pharmacist?”

“You can say that!” She chuckled but didn’t elaborate.

When Jin Yifeng thought of Fan Lin and the Medicine Pavilion, then he thought about the time when the Second Young Master of the Yu Family whose heart had been injured and had been saved, he vaguely guessed that the Madam Xuanyuan who was in front of him probably had good medicinal skills.

Perhaps it was because they had been travelling in the same direction for a while, so when they saw that the mercenaries in front of them had stopped to rest, the middle-aged man along with the young men and women, as well as an old man who were in his team, came forward.

“Captain Jin.” The middle-aged man smiled and cupped his hands. He looked towards Feng Jiu and the others and nodded slightly.

“Patriarch Ouyang, is something the matter?” Jin Yifeng asked, his eyes fell on the middle-aged man.

“It’s just that I realised that we seem to be going in the same direction, so I would like to take the liberty to ask if we combine our two teams and work together. This way, if we are attacked by fierce beasts, we can help.”

As soon as the middle-aged man had spoken, the old man at the side stroked his beard and smiled: “Captain Jin, it is thanks to you that we have had an easy journey behind you this whole time. However, I just wanted to clarify that we aren’t following you, but that we are going into the depths of the forest, therefore this is the path that we have to take. So I hope that you will consider our proposal to travel together! That way, if anything were to happen, we can help each other.”

As soon as the old man had finished speaking, his eyes fell onto Feng Jiu.. His eyes flashed slightly and he said: “Madam, what do you think?”

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