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Chapter 455 Sherwin vs Another World’s Player...

Chapter 455 Sherwin vs Another World’s Player…

“Is someone approaching?” Sherwin frowned.

Petran was also silent at this time, he looked intently at Skelegon, then back at Sherwin.

Sherwin closed his eyes. After a while, he opened his eyes and asked: “I don’t feel the presence of anyone around.”

Skelegon did not answer immediately, he looked into the distance for a moment and then said: “They are not people from Misty World, they come from another world.”

Rhon and Petran were startled when they heard this. Rhon felt excited, for him, foreign players were like a wonder that needed to be visited.

Petran was different. He frowned and asked: “Are there other worlds besides Misty World?”

“That’s right.” Skelegon nodded and explained: “In addition to Misty World, there are many other worlds that exist.”

“Misty World is a recent world. It can be said that compared to people in other worlds, you are just ants.”

Hearing this, Sherwin and Petran frowned. At this moment, Sherwin spoke up: “You mean… players from other worlds.”

“That’s right.” Skelegon nodded and said.

In fact, Skelegon and Sherwin had read each other’s memories, so Skelegon knew about what a Player was and what the system was.

Therefore, he was not surprised when he himself appeared in the event world as a monster summoned by Sherwin.

Petran frowned and asked: “So… what are you waiting for? Why haven’t you run away yet?”

Sherwin’s face was expressionless, he said: “I want to find out how strong a player from another world is.”

“Hahahaha… Me too.” Rhon smiled and said: “I want to see if they can finally kill me or not?”

“You two… you… you two are crazy. Damn it!” Petran was about to run away when Skelegon used magic to imprison him.

“You… What the hell are you doing? Let me go…” Petran shouted angrily.

“Don’t worry, the opponent’s level is not high, it’s only around level 80.”

Petran: “…”

“Level 80 isn’t that high? Are you crazy? Their level is twice as high as mine, you’re saying that their level is not high? Petran felt extremely hopeless.

He felt that these people were like crazy people, the only sane person in this place was him.

“Rest assured… Sherwin and Rhon will not be easily defeated. I also want to see how strong the foreign players are after developing for such a long time.”

“AAA!!! I don’t care… let me out.”

Skelegon sighed, he surrounded Petran with another magic circle, this circle was used to block off his sound.

No matter how much Petran screamed, no one outside could hear him.

Immediately after that, a magic circle appeared in front of Rhon and Sherwin.

A gray wolf and a black bear appeared.

The gray wolf was over 3 meters tall, while the black bear was over 4 meters tall. They were like two small mountains, as their pressure surrounded the whole area.

“Ah! Three players and… is that a fish?” The Black Bear said, the way he looked at Skelegon was a bit… strange: “I haven’t eaten fish in a long time. Looks like… I can eat fish today.”

“Stop being stupid!” The gray Wolf shouted: “That fish is a monster summoned by those players. Even if you kill that fish, it will return to the summoning space.”

The black Bear sighed: “That’s too bad, okay, let’s work.”

Sherwin saw the two monsters and frowned: “Are they members of the Beast tribe? Are all the foreign players in the other world Beasts or is this their talent?

“This situation is not clear to me, it seems like most of the people you call players are members of the beast race. There are very few people who are human or from other races.” Skelegon explained.

“Hahaha…” Rhon suddenly laughed loudly: “This is my first time facing people from the Beast tribe, I hope they are not too weak.”

Sherwin didn’t say anything, as he just took out a long spear from his inventory. The spear was nearly two meters long, the tip of the spear was sharp, and it pointed towards the two monsters.

“Whether it’s a Bear or a Wolf they are all just ordinary people.” Sherwin said, his voice filled with contempt.

“Ah! This kid…” The black bear frowned, he began to feel uncomfortable.

The black Bear walked towards Sherwin. Even though it stood about 3 meters away from Sherwin, its body was so large that its shadow covered Sherwin’s entire body.

The Bear lowered his head to look at Sherwin like he was looking at an ant. To him, Sherwin was really just an ant.

“Brat…what did you just say?

Sherwin smiled disdainfully: “I just said, you are just an ordinary person.”

“Ah! This kid still doesn’t seem to know who I am. I intended to capture you for my Guild Master but because you are too arrogant, I will…”

Before the Bear could finish his sentence, he raised his paw high, then brought it down.


An explosion rang out, as dust and sand flew up, the ground shattered, and it sunk more than a meter.

However, the Bear frowned because he knew he didn’t hit Sherwin.

“Oy! Stupid bear!” Suddenly, a voice rang out from behind the Bear.

Before it could turn around, a long spear stabbed towards it.

“Huh! A stick of wood wants to cause damage to me? The Bear laughed contemptuously.

However, it was wrong.

The tip of the spear was so sharp that it seemed to tear through space, as it rushed towards the Black Bear.

It also knew that that long spear was not normal, however, by the time it realized this it was too late.

The spear had penetrated inside its body.

“Hmm?!” Sherwin was startled because he realized that the tip of the spear only penetrated the fur and pierced the bear’s body a little, it had only pierced less than 3cm.

“Hahaha… you surprised me. Perhaps… The tier of this long spear is quite high.” The Bear smiled contemptuously: “Brat, if you give me that long spear, I will let you continue to stay in this event world.”

“If not…”

The black Bear did not continue speaking, but Sherwin knew for sure what his next sentence would be.

However, as Sherwin tried to pull out the spear he realised that he could not pull it out. It was like it was glued to the Bear’s body.

The black Bear turned around, and swung its claws towards Sherwin.

Sherwin couldn’t pull out his spear so he jumped back.

As soon as he retreated, the Black Bear’s claws swung out three streaks of light, that flew straight towards Sherwin.

He couldn’t dodge it because the speed of the streaks of light was too fast.

Their power was extremely terrifying,it seemed that it could tear through space, as the space where it passed through vibrated a bit.

Sherwin gritted his teeth and shouted: “Hero survival!”

His body was then surrounded by a dazzling halo of light. As the streaks of light hit the halo it immediately dissolved into countless light particles and disappeared.

The Bear saw this and frowned: “It seems… this kid is not weak at all.”

“Do you need my help?” The Gray Wolf who standing in the distance suddenly spoke.

However, its voice sounded a bit cheerful as if it was mocking him.

The black Bear knew that the Gray Wolf was looking down on him, he frowned and said: “No! I can handle this brat.”

“Hahaha… don’t let that brat defeat you, otherwise, you will become a laughing stock in the Guild.”

The Black Bear gritted his teeth. He was actually provoked by the Gray Wolf so he became angry.

Its fur began to stand up, and burst into flames. The Black Bear’s entire body seemed to become a torch.

Its eyes radiated golden light as it looked straight at Sherwin.

“Kid… you annoy me.” As he spoke, he grabbed the long spear from behind his back and pulled it out.


It immediately threw the long spear towards Sherwin. The wind whistled as it shot towards Sherwin but he was not worried.

He stretched out his hand, and the long spear flew into his hand.

“Come! I will teach you a lesson.” The Black Bear’s voice was filled with coldness and murderous intent.

Sherwin smiled fiercely: “I hope you won’t regret this.”


Thr black Bear roared, and it’s roar choed everywhere.

It immediately jumped high, and its body that was like a burning volcano pressed down on Sherwin’s head.

Sherwin of course did not look down on him, he waved his spear: “Let me see how strong the players from other worlds are.”

The long spear radiated a dazzling light. Suddenly, the lights combined together to form the image of a dragon head.


The dragon roared, the roar formed countless waves that hit the Black Bear.

Although the Black Bear was very large, it was also extremely agile. Even though it was in the air, it could still turn around, its claws protruding from both hands.

Then, it used the force from the torque to slash out 6 streaks of light. However, the six streaks of light this time were surrounded by flames so hot that it caused the surrounding space to distort.


The dragon head roared, it opened its mouth, and spat out a beam of light that was like a laser beam.

At this moment, the six streaks of light and the dragon head’s laser beam collided with each other.

The world seemed to be engulfed in blinding light. Immediately afterwards, a terrifying explosion rang out.

The ground trembled violently, and a gust of wind from the center of the explosion blew away everything around.

Skelegon immediately created a curtain of light, that blocked the storm and energy from the explosion.

When petran saw the scene in front of him he was immediately scared. The ground cracked and the crack stretched for thousands of meters, and it even spread below his feet.

Luckily Skelegon protected him, otherwise, he was afraid he would have been blown away by that storm.

“AAA!!!” Suddenly, a scream rang out and the Black Bear swooped down from the sky.

Its two hands carried two burning flames as it rushed forward.

Sherwin was about to retreat, but he suddenly realized that his body was surrounded by a magic circle.


Immediately afterwards, another terrifying sound rang out. Petran felt the ground tremble violently as if there was an earthquake.

The cracks under his feet multiplied and spread.

“Skelegon, save me! I’m about to fall into the hole!” Petran shouted in fear.

The crack under his feet was now about a meter wide, and this scared him.

It didn’t stop there, the ground broke into pieces, and those fragments shot up and then fell like meteors.

Petran looked at the scene before him and immediately felt despair.

“I feel like the biggest mistake of my life was joining you guys.”

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