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Chapter 337 - Chapter 337: Difficult Mission

Chapter 337: Difficult Mission


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“Just say that you came to the wilderness survival training. I’ve already rehearsed my lines with the director. As long as you don’t say anything wrong, everything will be fine.” Jiang Yi had already thought of a solution for her. Then he pushed the muzzle of her gun aside, leaned close to her, and kissed her lightly on the lips.

He stared into her beautiful eyes and said softly, “Don’t worry, the traces I left behind are all in your private parts. They won’t be able to discover them. Besides, I can’t always see you. It shouldn’t be too much to be impudent today, right?”

Fu Xin had no resistance when facing such a gentle Jiang Yi at all. She placed the gun on the car and wrapped her arms around his neck. She smiled evilly and bit his lips hard. Then, she tasted the metallic taste of blood. She touched the damaged area. “The next time I see you, the wound should be healed.”

“Huh?” “So I left a mark on you.”


Fu Xin turned around and stopped looking at him. She was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to control herself and would want to kiss him again. Then, she waved her hand and called the driver of the car. The driver had already treated himself as a tool and pretended not to see what had happened just now.

When Fu Xin returned, Chen Xiaomei was cooking. Guo Na was her kitchen helper. When the rest of the people saw her holding a gun, they ran over curiously.

Boys liked guns. When they saw Fu Xin holding it proudly, they couldn’t help but exclaim.

Bai Ruirui didn’t have any feelings for guns and was forcefully pulled over by Feng Fei.

Jiang Xinyuan saw that his mother was back and quickly ran over. He had not seen his mother for almost two hours. He missed her so much. Although Jiang Xinyuan was young, his calves were very strong. He ran very fast and had a drive.

Fu Xin knew that her legs were weak and she would definitely not be able to withstand Jiang Xinyuan rushing over like this. She might fall from the impact. In order to avoid suspicion, she quickly handed the gun to Zhang Nan and held her arm.

This action seemed to be involuntary and would not arouse anyone’s suspicion. Just like that, when Jiang Xinyuan hugged her thigh, she used Zhang Nan’s strength to stand steadily.

Zhang Nan was also shocked. Her body swayed. “You look so small, but you’re really strong.” Zhang Nan did not suspect anything. She only felt that Jiang

Xinyuan was already so strong. ‘You’re going to knock your mother down!”

“Mom, are you alright?” Jiang Xinyuan was worried that Fu Xin would be hurt.

“It’s okay. Mommy is a Hercules. She’s very strong!” Fu Xin comforted him, thinking that it was a close call.

Zhang Nan fiddled with the submachine gun. The little ones were stunned and envious.

“Auntie Fu, is this gun real?” Feng Fei asked.

Huo Ran also asked, “I really want to play! Auntie Fu, can I?”

“If it’s a real gun, children can’t play with it. It’s too dangerous,” Feng Jun continued.

Zhang Nan pretended not to hear their questions. With a gun in one hand, she asked Fu Xin, “You were gone for too long, right? I thought you had done something unspeakable! ”

Fu Xin sweated. Zhang Nan really knew how to guess.

“By the way, I heard from the director that other than exchanging food for us, you will also bring back something special. Is this it?” Zhang Nan raised the submachine gun in her hand.

“The Island Master is just as the director said. He said that this thing is very important to us. We might encounter difficulties in the future. This thing can help us.” Fu Xin held Jiang Xinyuan’s hand and held Zhang Nan’s arm with her other hand as she walked forward.

Fei Fei was puzzled. “This Island Master is so mysterious!”

“Why do I feel that the Island Master is an actor hired by the production team? Would the real Island Master cooperate with the production team to give this thing? Also, what did you do after being gone for so long? I asked the director, but the director refused to tell me no matter what.” Zhang Nan had many questions.

“I’m learning escape techniques over there and I still have to learn guns, so I wasted a lot of time,” Fu Xin explained simply and secretly glanced at Zhang Nan to see if she had any doubts.

Zhang Nan was puzzled. “You already know how to shoot an arrow. Why are you still learning this?”

“It’s not bad to have many skills,” Fu Xin explained.

Fei Fei was even more confused. “How difficult is it that you still have to use a gun? I thought I was here for a vacation! I didn’t expect there to be a difficult mission

Zhang Nan seemed to have thought of something. “By the way, I’ve communicated with the director before. He seems to have said that there are some difficulties waiting for us. We might encounter them today.”

“The dishes are ready. Don’t think about completing the mission first. Let’s fill our stomachs first. This is the first time I’ve made Chinese food for you since I recovered. Try it and see how it tastes,” Chen Xiaomei said as she scooped the dishes onto a plate..

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