Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 1551 - 1551 Don't Leave

1551 Don’t Leave

Chen Qing frowned, his hands trembling slightly.

Lina’s current reaction meant that she had been poisoned by a snake. Once the snake poison spread in her body, Lina would be in danger.

If only they had a serum. Lina would definitely recover soon, but their conditions were difficult now. They couldn’t go out and get the serum at all.

Chen Qing carefully placed Lina on the ground. He pulled up Lina’s pants and took off her shoes. He saw that there was a trace of blood on her ankles, and her entire ankle was swollen.

Chen Qing glanced at the top of Lina’s shirt, which had already been lifted. There were two round holes at her waist. The black blood was a stark contrast to her snow-white skin. The places where she had been bitten were very swollen, making for a ghastly sight.

Chen Qing frowned. The wound was so serious. No wonder Lina had taken a step back.

It was at that time that they were almost discovered.

Chen Qing frowned, his heart filled with frustration and guilt. If he had discovered earlier that something was wrong with Lina, there wouldn’t have been a problem.

Madam handed Lina to him and asked him to take good care of Lina. That meant that Madam trusted him, but he only found out after a long time that Lina had been poisoned.

Lina lay there, frowning in discomfort. She tossed and turned, trying to find a suitable position to sleep.

Chen Qing was about to get up when Lina grabbed his arm.

Lina stared unblinkingly at Chen Qing, her eyes filled with trust. Her voice was muffled. “Don’t, don’t leave. Iā€¦”

When Chen Qing met Lina’s gaze, his heart softened, and his voice became much gentler. “Don’t worry, I’ll bring my bag over.”

Lina blinked and gently let go. She narrowed her eyes at Chen Qing’s back.

Chen Qing walked to the entrance of the cave, took their bags, and walked back to Lina.

Lina reached out and grabbed Chen Qing’s clothes. Only then did she close her eyes in peace and prepare to sleep.

Chen Qing opened his bag. Every time he went out, he would prepare a lot of things. A dagger was also a must-have when he went out.

He placed the dagger on the flame to disinfect it and quickly brought it back. He glanced at Lina, who was in so much pain that her eyes were closed. He said softly, “Seventh Princess, it might hurt a little later. Bear with it.”

Chen Qing’s hand, which was holding the dagger, trembled slightly. If he had to use the dagger to cut himself, he would definitely have done so without hesitation. But now, he had to cut open the Seventh Princess’s waist. Even though the Seventh Princess was already so uncomfortable that she no longer had the ability to struggle, he still couldn’t bear to do it.

Chen Qing’s gaze fell on Lina’s face. He pursed his lips tightly. Lina’s face was getting paler and paler. She looked very weak. He was really worried that Lina wouldn’t be able to survive.

If he didn’t release Lina’s poisonous blood, she might faint at any moment.

Chen Qing pursed his lips tightly. In the end, he made up his mind and pursed his lips tightly. Without hesitation, he drew a cross with the dagger where Lina had been bitten.

Just as he retracted the dagger, black blood instantly gushed out of Lina’s waist, flowing down her skin to the ground.

It wasn’t enough to rely on blood alone. Lina had been bitten for a long time. What if the poison had already penetrated deep?

With this thought in mind, Chen Qing threw the dagger aside and bent down. Without hesitation, he placed his lips on the wound on Lina’s waist and tried to suck out the poison.

When Chen Qing cut Lina’s wound with the dagger, Lina gasped in pain. Soon, the burning sensation on her waist gradually disappeared, replaced by a chill.

In a daze, Lina seemed to see Chen Qing lowering his head and sucking on her wound. The pain in her body gradually disappeared.

She saw Chen Qing suck the poisonous blood from her waist with his lips, then spit the black poisonous blood to the side.

His expression was serious, and his movements did not hesitate at all. He had no intention of neglecting her.

Lina’s heart seemed to be filled with something warm. Her eyes were slightly red, and there were still tears in the corners of her eyes.

Although she wasn’t a doctor, she had heard that people who helped others suck poisonous blood could also be infected. She refused weakly. “No!”

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