Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 1552 - 1552 Touched

1552 Touched

Chen Qing spat out the poisonous blood in his mouth. He glanced at the extremely weak Lina. Although her face was pale, the purple color on her lips gradually disappeared, as if the poison in Lina’s body had lessened significantly.

“Seventh Princess, don’t say anything. Rest well.” As Chen Qing spoke, his gaze fell on the black blood flowing from Lina’s waist. It gradually turned red. Without hesitation, he continued to suck out the poison.

Chen Qing continued sucking for a while longer. When he saw that the blood on Lina’s waist had turned red, he heaved a sigh of relief.

His lips trembled slightly, a little uncontrollably. He had been sucking blood for Lina just now, and his lips were a little purple.

His gaze fell on Lina’s ankle. Her ankle was not seriously injured. He bent down and forcefully sucked the poisonous blood out of her ankle.

Lina’s eyes were wet. She subconsciously wanted to retract her foot, but she couldn’t. Her heart was beating violently, and the sound completely covered all the voices around her.

Everything around her no longer seemed to matter. Chen Qing was the only one left in her entire world. She watched as Chen Qing’s face turned more purple. Her voice choked as she said, “There’s no need, Chen Qing. I’m fine. You don’t have to suck anymore!”

Seeing that Chen Qing was still insisting on helping her suck out the poisonous blood, Lina tried her best to sit up. When Chen Qing spat out the poisonous blood, she suddenly retracted her leg.

Chen Qing looked at Lina’s tear-stained face. There were still tears on her eyelashes, and she looked pitiful and lovable.

His gaze fell on Lina’s waist and ankle. The wounds in these two places were already bleeding normally bright red. It seemed that the basic poisonous blood in her body had almost disappeared.

Chen Qing’s heart, which had been in his throat, finally settled back down. He looked at Lina. He didn’t know if it was his imagination, but he felt that Lina looked much better.

He heaved a sigh of relief. Madam hoped that he could take good care of the Seventh Princess. Now that she was fine, that was great.

He noticed that Lina’s shirt was up and looked away uncomfortably. Men and women should not touch each other so brazenly. Just now, he had no choice but to help Lina suck out the poison. Now that she was fine, he shouldn’t be staring at the Seventh Princess’s waist anymore.

“Seventh Princess, how do you feel now?” Chen Qing asked in a low voice.

Tears fell silently from Lina’s eyes. She looked at Chen Qing in front of her. She knew that if she said that her body hurt, Chen Qing would definitely think that the poison in her body had not been cleared.

Chen Qing’s lips were already turning purple. She couldn’t let Chen Qing help her suck out the poison anymore.

“I’m cold,” Lina said indistinctly, looking at Chen Qing with teary eyes.

When Chen Qing heard Lina’s words, he frowned slightly and placed the back of his hand on Lina’s forehead.

She still had a fever. It was normal for her to be cold.

Chen Qing glanced at the fire beside him. At that time, he had only brought in a little firewood, and the firewood quickly burned out. In a while, it would be extinguished.

Lina’s body was trembling. Her teeth were chattering from the cold, making a cackling sound.

Tears fell silently. She looked at Chen Qing pitifully. “I’m cold…”

When Chen Qing heard Lina’s words, he frowned, his eyes filled with conflict.

They had planned to leave the mountain on the same day, but an accident happened midway. They did not have any spare clothes at all.

Lina was still having a fever, and her clothes were still damp. Although he had already helped her suck out a lot of poisonous blood, there was no guarantee that there was no poisonous blood in her body.

Branches crackled at the side, and the flames swayed slightly, illuminating the entire cave in a dim yellow light.

However, the flame grew smaller and smaller, and the temperature dropped.

The moment the branches were burnt away and the fire disappeared, the hesitation in Chen Qing’s eyes disappeared. He reached out and unbuttoned his shirt, pulling Lina, who was already half unconscious, into his arms.

He couldn’t let Lina die here!

The heavy rain fell desperately, and the ground was muddy and uneven.

Not only did Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian have to avoid those people’s pursuit, but they also had to find the secret signal Chen Qing had left along the way.

They followed the secret signal and were about to turn the corner when messy footsteps suddenly appeared around them. There was thick killing intent everywhere.

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