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Chapter 1466 - 1466 Lady Chaoyan's Begonia Yard 3

1466 Lady Chaoyan’s Begonia Yard 3

Ruxue was right. Begonia Yard was her birthday present, and she had been living there for dozens of years. So it was very normal that she had some feelings towards it.

There were many yards in the Gu Mansion, which could be renovated to her taste, if she could just bear the undergraded ones in the following few days, but it was very rude of her to want to live in Begonia Yard!

Also, Gu Chaoyan used to give everything for Gu Ruxue, and Gu Mansion was treating her nicely enough, so she could just pick whichever other one she wanted.

Gu Zhenkang threw a look at Gu Chaoyan.

Seeing that she had not responded for a long while, he said, “What do you think? You are the Elder Sister of the family, and your sister has been living in Begonia Yard for so many years and loves this place. So can you pick any other yard rather than just focusing on this?”

Gu Zhenkang believed that it was a reasonable proposal, thus saying this.

Hearing that, De Fu believed that Gu Zhenkang was just a stupid man, but he could not possibly say anything.

Gu Chaoyan had been listening to their argument in silence, but since it was her turn to be asked about this, she decided not to ignore them.

She thought for a while carefully.

Seeing her thoughtful expression, De Fu was worried that she would really back off.

After a long while, Gu Chaoyan looked at De Fu and said, “Since the Gu Mansion doesn’t like me at all… Chief De Fu, please ask the imperial soldiers to carry those stuff to Xinlin Mansion or into the court. I can move back to either of these places, whichever place you think suits me best.”


“I will pay them for doing this extra work. Those who are responsible for carrying the stuff can pick one piece they want from my stuff as a gift,” Gu Chaoyan said calmly, smiling.

Then she glanced at them and said politely, “Thanks for your efforts.”

Hearing the Phoenix Girl’s polite tone, the soldiers responded with a smile too. “Phoenix Girl, this is what we should do. We will do it now.”

Then they started to get ready to follow her order.

Gu Zhenkang’s eyes widened.

He was just asking her for her opinion. If she really moved out, what should he do with the Gu Family in the future? He would seem to be on the opposite side against the Phoenix Girl!

Then the other officers from the capital would sneak in to take his place!

That would not work!

The Gu Mansion without the Phoenix Girl would fall down the ranks!

That would not work at all!

Gu Zhenkang regretted it immediately. He had not expected that Gu Chaoyan would put them in such a difficult situation.

He stepped forward and said, “Please don’t. This Begonia Yard will be yours, as I have promised. I was just trying to have a discussion with you! I am more than willing to offer you this.”

Having finished speaking, Gu Zhenkang added directly. “Quick, move away those stuff in Begonia Yard before it gets too late.” Then he turned to Chen Fu. “Go and fetch the guards from the Gu Mansion to offer some help! Don’t let the Phoenix Girl wait for too long.”

Then he glanced at Mrs. Gu and Gu Ruxue, telling Chen Fu to take them away as well, in case they caused any more trouble.

Gu Zhenkang finished the arrangements within a very short time, but apart from Chen Fu who obeyed his order, the imperial soldiers did nothing. They were all looking at Gu Chaoyan, waiting for her to give an order.

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