My Ferocious Tigress Wife

Chapter 250 - Chapter 250: Heavenly Lightning Seducing Earth Fire

Chapter 250: Heavenly Lightning Seducing Earth Fire

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The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law chatted for a while. Lady Yuan called the maid over to wash her hands before she went to Yi An Hall with Xiao


When they arrived, Xie Xian had already left, leaving Mother Xie alone on the couch. Zhilan and Huilan were massaging the old lady’s legs. When they saw Xiao Baoxin and his mother-in-law and daughter-in-law come in, they quickly asked the maid to lean against them.

“You mother-in-law and daughter-in-law came early today. The kitchen hasn’t cooked yet. Order whatever you want to eat and stay for dinner.”

“I’m fine with anything.” Madam Yuan had a pure heart and few desires, so she had no requirements for food. If it weren’t for the fact that she waited on her mother-in-law every morning and evening, she would have been a vegetarian.

Xiao Baoxin is indeed practical.

“I want to eat the Hu cakes I ate at Grandmother’s place last time.”

The so-called Hu pancake was originally produced in the north. It was fried first and then burned. The taste was delicious.

This dish, however, required wheat from Longxi, green onions from Hedong, mutton from Hexi, black beans from Zhangye, Suzhou Dongting orange, Chouchi pepper, and Jibei salt. It was a dish that was quite popular among the nobles and had only become popular in Daliang two to three years ago.

” Aiyo, you’re thinking the same thing as me.” Mother Xie slapped her thigh.”There’s no need to specially order them to go down. This is originally a dish for our dinner.”

“Then Baoxin is lucky.” Xiao Baoxin was beaming like a blooming rose.

In the eyes of Mother Xie, she couldn’t help but praise her beauty. She was beautiful and gorgeous. It was rare that she had a heroic bearing. She was strong, but she was neutral. Her appearance was too beautiful.

“You are a straightforward child, but you don’t know that the ingredients used for this dish are complicated. You have to inform the small kitchen in advance to prepare it. If you order it like this, it will be four hours later. By then, it will be dark.”Mrs. Yuan teased.

Listen, not only was the son siding with his wife, but even his parents were always on his side.

On the surface, he was talking about her, but he only said that she was straightforward. Was this a compliment or a compliment?

Mother Xie smiled.” We’re all family. There’s no need to beat around the bush. I like Baoxin’s personality. He’s straightforward.” Even if my granddaughter-in-law wants to eat it in the middle of the night, she will do it.”

All the maids in the room covered their mouths and laughed. Even Lady Yuan couldn’t help but say,””That’s because mother dotes on granddaughter-in-law, Bao Xin can’t rely on grandmother’s love to be unscrupulous.”

“Not only does Grandmother love me, but Mother also loves me.”Xiao Baoxin smiled like a flower. “When I was young, there was a Taoist priest who told my fortune. He said that my luck was good. When I was at home, my parents doted on me. When I married into my in-laws ‘family, I was doted on by my grandmother and mother.”

Mother Xie and Madam Yuan held back their words, but their fate was not good, and their husband’s heart ached even more.

The room was filled with laughter and laughter. Just then, a maid lifted the curtain and came in, giving Zhilan a look.

Zhilan found a gap and came out. As soon as she went out, she saw a beautiful servant girl standing outside. She was tall and half a head taller than herself, but she looked a little unfamiliar. She immediately had a plan in her heart.

“This servant is the new madam’s dowry maid, Mu Jin.”

He was very polite. Zhilan nodded. “Did you come over in such a hurry to find Furen?”

“That’s right.” Mu Jin wiped the sweat from her forehead.” I was rude, but it happened so suddenly that I didn’t know what to do.” The four servants were the dowry maids of Furen, Cai Wei was one of them. Today, she accompanied Furen to the Freedom Courtyard to pay her respects to Old Furen. Who knew that she would forget to take Furen’s fragrant handkerchief, so she turned back to get it. Who knew that halfway through, she would hear someone speaking ill of our Furen.”

“Cai Wei was reckless and went forward to reason things out. After that, it was unknown what happened on both sides and it became a big deal. Madam Wang of the third household sent someone to call our madam over.”

“This servant didn’t dare to be negligent, so this servant came to Yi An Hall’s Grand Madam. I hope elder sister can forgive me for my rudeness. Could I trouble elder sister to see if you can help me pass a message to my Furen at a suitable time?”

The hibiscus wasn’t given for nothing. They hadn’t even read the script. Madam Wang had sent someone to invite Xiao Baoxin, and she could hear the voice from just a few sentences. She had received Xiao Baoxin’s instructions earlier that she had to find someone to kill as an example to the monkeys. At that moment, she had pretty much made things right. She had a nose and eyes.

Zhilan’s heart skipped a beat when she heard that.

This wasn’t a matter of passing on words. The love that Grand Furen and Old Furen had for the new Furen was beyond words. It was obvious that they valued it greatly, but this new Furen had to go against the Third Furen who was in charge of the third household’s gifts.

If the new madam was weak and gentle, it would be fine, but if the servant committed a crime, he could punish her. However, this new madam did not look like a good person. She was not easy to get along with. Outside, she had fought all over Jiankang City. This was clearly a heavenly lightning seducing the earth fire.

He couldn’t be careless.

“Wait here.” After saying that, she went back into the house.

When she entered, she glanced at Xiao Baoxin. She didn’t know what the new madam said, but it made the old madam laugh again. She stood a little further away, and she could see her little tongue from a closer distance.

He frowned and looked troubled.

“What’s wrong? What’s going on outside?” Mother Xie saw Zhilan come in and asked casually.

Zhilan pursed her lips and quickly walked to Mother Xie’s side to reply,””It’s Furen’s maid, she said that Third Furen invited Furen over.”He paused and wanted to say something but stopped.

“What exactly is going on? Why are you still stuttering? If you have something to say, just say it. You’re not such a shy person.”Mother Xie frowned and could tell that something was wrong.

Xiao Baoxin couldn’t help but want to slap Zhilan. She was indeed a big maid who was proud of being by the Grand Madame’s side. Her acting skills were absolutely superb. It was hard for him to say, so he led Mother Xie to ask her questions himself. If she did not offend anyone in front of her, it would be easier for her to answer if Third Madam asked something behind her back.

What a smart guy.

At that moment, Zhilan copied Mu Jin’s reply.” They said that Third Furen is rushing us.” That servant girl didn’t know what to do. She was scared silly and came here to look for Madam.”

These words were biased and were on her side. Xiao Baoxin put it to heart. He was blatantly selling himself well.

Regardless of whether Mu Jin had said this or not, Zhilan had said it in front of the Grand Mistress, which meant that she was siding with her.

Have vision, have decisiveness!

“Grandmother, then…I’ll go over and take a look first. Is there a misunderstanding?”Xiao Baoxin hurriedly stood up, his face full of anxiety. “That girl of mine is a silly one, don’t offend Third Shen.”

If it wasn’t for Xiao Baoxin talking about the Xiao family’s matter just now, perhaps Madam Yuan still wouldn’t be able to figure out the situation. But after hearing Zhilan’s words, she said something about ‘speaking ill of Furen.’ Wasn’t she aware?

At that time, his face fell..

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