My Space-Time System

Chapter 622 Controlling the Mother-Stream

Chapter 622 Controlling the Mother-Stream

Blake took a sip of tea as he constructed his first question. Thankfully, Azkelwart remained seated and waited patiently for him.

“Why didn’t you help out in taking down Valerius or Synder who were against the realm?” Blake finally asked his question. “I knew the war would eventually take place, but I didn’t know it would erupt so quickly as I was outside the dimension,” Azkelwart responded immediately as if he was expecting that question.

He reached for the silver plate, took a biscuit, and tossed it into his mouth. Azkewalrt chewed in silence for a short while before he continued.

“Also, I wasn’t worried about returning so soon since I knew Cassius could handle it,” he added, but Blake still couldn’t wrap his head around his words.

It wasn’t about who won or lost, people died in this war. Good people who didn’t deserve to die were killed in battle, and this was something avoidable if Azkelwart had joined them from the beginning. Blake was about to take another sip of tea, but he paused mid-way and put the cup down.

“What of the casualties in the war?” Blake blurted out. “You could have saved them from dying,”

Images of Corsair’s head and thousands of soldiers who lost their lives in battle flashed through his eyes, and the feeling of grief washed over him.

Blake felt more emotional not because Tigeria had suffered the least losses, but because he had spent most of his years in the Synder empire. To make matters worse, he knew most of the soldiers on the side of the Synder empire were innocent and knew nothing about their treacherous rulers, but they were still pushed to wage war for them.

The core of the pain he felt didn’t come from Tigeria’s losses but from the deaths of the innocent soldiers of the Synder empire. Azkelwart could only sit in silence and sip some tea while he listened to Blake.

“I understand you deities don’t care about low-level humans because you see them as insignificant. However, they would end up being useful in the war against the Neons,” Blake argued.

After talking so much, his throat felt dry, and he took a sip of tea before reaching for the biscuit on the silver plate.

“I had the same thought, and that was why I planned on returning early. But you see, all of it didn’t matter at all… at least a while ago,” Azkelwart finally spoke up.

“What do you mean?” Blake asked with a look of confusion etched on his face.

“The Neons are just too powerful. Infinite realm won’t be the first nor the tenth realm that would meet its end if they succeed,” Azkelwart explained. “So you can’t expect us to win a race that had so much time to amass so much power,”

Blake listened attentively and understood the point Azkelwart was trying to make. Against a race like the Neon, their hopes of survival were close to zero. It’s only natural for Azkelwart to feel helpless against them.

If anyone else had said these words to him, he wouldn’t have bothered. However, it came from Azkelwart and as expected this left him deeply troubled. If someone as powerful as Azkelwart believed they couldn’t win, then maybe they really had no hope of winning.

“Then what changed your mind?” Blake couldn’t help but as he felt a feeling of dread creep into his heart.

“You,” Azkelwart said confidently, leaving Blake deeply shocked.

Cassius has told him something like this in the past, but this was without knowing what Azkelwart had recently figured out.

“How can I be of help when you guys can’t do anything?” Blake asked with visible confusion on his face.

He failed to understand what he could do that legendary figures like Azkelwart and Cassius couldn’t. Azkelwart ignored his question and took a biscuit from the silver plate and broke it into two. He fed them to Ebony and Ivory without saying a word and petted the two a bit after feeding them.

“For one, you are the first in history to have four different elements,” Azkelwart chuckled since he understood the reason Blake doubted his words.

“Having four elements doesn’t change the fact that I’m still an angel,” Blake argued.

“Your power level isn’t too necessary since the enemy cannot be destroyed,” Azkelwart said with a smile. “Rather, the aim is to repair the barrier,” Azkelwart added.

This explanation wasn’t enough to make Blake understand his point, instead, it left him even more confused than before. Blake pulled up his cup only to realize it was empty, and a frustrated look appeared on his face.

“Refill?” Azkelwart asked as he picked up the teapot, and Blake nodded.

“What does repairing the barrier have to do with me?” While his cup was being refilled, Blake couldn’t help but ask, as the fact that the option of repairing the barrier existed but hadn’t been done meant that something was needed. .

“The barrier can only be repaired by the mother stream, but the rate of its repair is slower than the rate at which the Neons are damaging it,” Azkelwart said as he put down the teapot.

“The problem is that the Mother stream doesn’t recognize the external threats since they are not a part of it,” Azkelwart explained. “So to quicken its regeneration rate, it has to be taken off autopilot mode.”

Hearing this, Blake grasped a surface understanding of the solution to their problem.

“You are saying we should take control of the mother stream?” Blake asked with a surprised look on his face.

To this, Azkelwart nodded in agreement but provided no further explanation and casually took a sip of tea.

“How?” Blake was forced to ask.

“That brings me to the second part of how it relies on you,” Azkelwart said with a beaming smile as if he had been waiting for this question.

“You see, the All-Father has the highest connection to the Mother-Stream since he or she was chosen by it. However, the connection is not enough to control it as it is evident that the title can be withdrawn just like the case of Valerius,” Azkelwart explained as he put down his cup.

“My theory is that in order to increase the connection to the extent of controlling the Mother stream, the one needs to have all nine elements,” Azkelwart said.

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