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Chapter 2084 Do You Still Remember Me? (Part 2)

Chapter 2084 Do You Still Remember Me? (Part 2)

The original vampire leaders, Jim as well as others, didn't have much involvement in the war in terms of tactics, at least not yet. There were a few more people that were behind the scenes that were working on that part, and they were analysing all of the reports and everything that was going on in the field so far.

Inside the Marpo Cruise, there was the tactical team. A group which consisted of humans, Dalki and more, but the one that was leading the group was a human.

"Sir, it seems we have received an early report from one of the Vampire groups." One of the men shouted, sitting at his desk with a screen in front of him.

"This fast? I didn't expect this. I thought the vampires would have been sent over more as bait, but for just a single group to accomplish something so fast." The person talked to himself, as it helped him think a little more. "Bring me a list of the names of those that are in the platoon that made a report."

In front of the human, a screen appeared out of thin air, and a list of all their names started to appear from top to bottom. That was because he was trying to search for someone that stood out to them in the group.

"What should we do, Logan?" One of the men by his side asked.

Logan Green was one of the core figures that were in charge of the humans on Earth, and one of the people that worked closely with Jack Truedream on a number of things. Due to his smarts, the systems he created for the people, and his defence measures, he was invited as the head tactician.

"Send out the Dalki platoon and one of the human groups to support the vampires. They need to learn how to work together. Keep an eye on all of their reports, and once we know how the Namriks react to all of this, we will update them with what to do next. There is a good chance that they could be at a pivotal point in this war, so we don't lose a lot of people."

It was shortly after that the two groups had been given their orders, and had soon arrived in the living area where Jeouk and the others were present. Unlike them, they didn't have such a hard time landing, as there was no one attempting to shoot them out of the air.

A purple crystal signal was made, that would shine a luminous light in the centre, so the others knew where to come towards, and soon everyone had met up. From the humans' side, they looked to be around fifty strong, with the people they had lost now there were 87 altogether.

The humans had relatively low beast gear with the highest being advanced tier, and had a set of different abilities as well. Just like the guards that had been sent, they weren't the strongest of the group.

The leader of the humans was a buzz cut man named Sid, who looked fairly young to be leading a group, but he had the best beast gear of the lot, and he quickly came over to introduce himself to Jeouk.

"My name is Sid, and we have come to support you, Sir Jeouk!" The man politely saluted. "You did a good job getting rid of the Namriks so fast. We believe you are the first group to send a report back."

Jeouk really didn't want to take credit for it, but how was he meant to explain what had happened here, for now while he didn't understand it, he decided to leave things as they were.

"Thank you, I hope we can work together, so we can end the fighting as soon as possible." Jeouk stated.

The two of them looked at their groups, and the vampires and humans seemed to both be whispering to each other. The relations between humans and vampires didn't exactly improve, as more and more vampires were moving to live in the settlement, it felt separated once more.

The few news related instances that the humans did get, it was always about vampires, feeding on the other's blood as such. Still, both leaders would keep an eye on their teams and knew what was best for them all.

Everything was fine, that was until the last group had appeared, and they were the Dalki. They were the smallest numbers of the group, as there were ten of them in total. Most of them had two spikes on their backs, but the leader of the Dalki had four spikes on his back compared to the others, and one of his spikes were slightly red rather than black toward the end. Giving him the nickname Redback.

When the Dalki arrived, they hadn't arrived empty handed, and instead were carrying large crates. When dropping them, they opened them up, and a lot of the vampires rushed to the crates, because they were filled with tier-4 flasks.

"Our boss, told us that you might need these." Redback smiled, almost laughing as he saw the scene. The vampires were scrambling for the Green Blood. For many of them, they had only survived because of it, and had already used the two flasks that they had originally been given.

"Look at you, I guess you guys really can't do anything without our blood."

Jeouk had heard the comment, but decided to ignore it, as he came over to introduce himself.

"I am Jeouk, captain of the vampire platoon. I look forward to working with you." Jeouk had his hand held out for a handshake, but Redback didn't take it.

"So you're the leader of these vampires, huh? The people back on the ship seem to be quite impressed with your skills. My guess is, since you're the leader of this group, you should be the strongest, right?" Redback asked.

Although that was safe to assume in most cases, when Jeouk heard this, another person came to mind, someone who was far stronger than him.

"Well, have you ever heard the human saying, too many cooks in the kitchen?" Redback said. "If we want to work well, then we need to decide who will be the head of this group."

Jeouk had been informed that this might happen, but the leaders, and according to the orders passed down from Jim, it was important that the vampires attacked first, so they had the right to lead the charge.

That way the vampires could also take the most credit from this war, and it was a point that was quite stressed to them.

"We were the first ones to attack, we know quite a bit about the Namriks tactics. We have also managed to do quite well. Most of the orders we will be getting will be from the top, and us leaders can still micromanage, but just in case, urgent orders need to be given on the ground, at the moment I think we will be best for the task, if you don't mind."

Sid thought a lot of what the vampire said made sense, and unlike the vampires, the humans had nothing to prove. On top of that, he knew the vampire had better senses, instincts, hearing and more.

"I am not happy with that, not happy with that at all." Redback smiled. "Why would anyone follow someone who's weaker than them?"


"In the end, we had a fight, and as you can see this is the result." Jeouk had finished explaining to Quinn what had exactly gone on while he was away, and it was more or less what he had guessed in the first place.

"Quinn, be honest with me, do you think your friend has a chance?" Jeouk asked.

"No." Quinn replied straight away. "Against a four spike. That's a strong Dalki, it would have caused a lot of problems in the past."

Jeouk felt bad, it was because of him, because he was trying to follow orders from above, that now another vampire was going to get hurt, but he had another question on his mind. What if Quinn fought, could even Quinn deal with this?

However, it was too shameful for him to ask for someone else to take his place.

"Don't worry, with some help, I'll make sure Ronkin wins." Quinn smiled.


Back in the tactics room, Logan was looking at the list of names once again, and he was struggling as he was fixated on one of them.

'They are similar… but not exactly the same…'



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