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Chapter 2086 Trust Yourself

Chapter 2086 Trust Yourself

The silence that was felt in one of the labs on the Marpo Cruise felt like an eternity, at least it did to one person. Edvard had just witnessed the man that was known as Vincent, who was also apparently Jim Eno's right hand man take off his mask.

In sheer shock, as he saw this, he couldn't help but blurt out the words Quinn. Now, that he took a closer look though, he could see there were some differences. Yet, the face was almost 95 percent the same, the way one wore the face felt different.

It was hard to explain, but the way one looked, their resting face, the smiling face and even when they talked, although it was similar it was different.

'The person in front of me right now. It might seem like they're Quinn at first, but now that I've analysed everything, they're not the same person, but it's almost as if they're in the same body, so what is going on?' Edvard thought.

What was an even more worrying thought, was the silence in the room, because he was now worried that he had just outed, or given away vital information to someone he maybe shouldn't have.

"Quinn?" Eventually Vincent replied. "Is that some type of ancient greeting that the originals used to do? It's not in any of my research? No that, can't be it. From the way you're looking at me, and waiting for a response, it's almost as if you have mistaken me for someone?"

Vincent was a smart man, and Edvard should have realised that just when entering the lab. At times, when dealing with Quinn, Edvard could get away with a few things here and there, but just as another reminder that he wasn't talking to Quinn, was how this person could see right through him.

Which made him second guess himself, in the situation right now, if he lied, would this Vincent know, if that was the case, then would it be better if he told him the truth.

"You're correct." Edvard eventually said. "You look oddly similar to someone I know… no that is not quite right. You look exactly the same. Have you ever heard the name Quinn Balen before?"

Now it was Edvard's time to put the pressure on. Since coming back, he had been pushed around by others, but he wasn't a normal vampire, he was an original, and if something was to go wrong, Edvard would be able to stop Vincent, he was sure about that, it was more so what he would do after that.

"I'm sorry, but I can't say I have." Vincent replied. "But, someone looks exactly like me… is that really the case? That would make sense though?"

"Make sense?" Edvard replied.

"Well yes, my body is running off the energy of a type of crystal. A nest crystal of sorts. I did a bit of research into my own body, and it seems that without it, my cells will naturally start to deteriorate, which is similar to clones. So are you saying, this Quinn person, is the original person who's my body is based on?

"If what you're saying is true, then why wouldn't Jim mention anything about it."

It looked like Edvard was in luck, as he usually was. As the curious vampire was even curious about his own body, he was sure Jim was also no fool, and there would be measures put up. At the same time, who knew whose side Vincent would really be on, as it seemed his memories had still been altered as he had no idea who Quinn was.

"I'm not sure." Edvard said. "But… maybe I can bring him to you. Maybe the two of you can meet. If that happens, then he can explain what happened to you. What did Jim tell you? Why did Jim tell you, you didn't have a real body?"

Vincent was trying to remember his memories. He was fighting against the leader of the Red vampires Laxmus, he was incredibly injured as he was trying to protect the red heart, and that's when Jim had saved him, giving him a nest crystal and a new body, but that made no sense, why was he in this body then.

Before, Vincent didn't question it too much, as Jim stated, the vampire he was based on was dead, but now someone was telling him differently.

"Your confused aren't you?" Edvard asked. "It's expected. When a mass memory manipulation ability is used. Sometimes not all of the spots can be filled. The only way is if they knew everything about you. Even if they tried doing something simple, such as replacing your memories of one person with another, it would cause problems in your mind.

"Who knows, maybe you have already gone to Jim and questioned him. He stated he would give you answers only to fix the holes in your memories, and that's maybe he has you by his side."

Vincent was following along with what Edvard was asking, and now realised as well, why he was asking those questions at the beginning, about a memory altering device but was it possible. Even by his own knowledge it didn't seem like something that was possible.

"How am I meant to know what's true?" Vincent asked. "You've just come in here and said these things. I remember very well the things that Jim has done for me. Even if you are an original, to trust a vampire I know nearly nothing about, you're just trying to trick me!"

Edvard was getting slightly worried, he was trying to help Quinn, and he might have just blown the whole operation, but it was worth the gamble. If they could convince Vincent that everything was a lie, someone who was closer to Jim than he was, then they would be able to open up many doors.

The mystery of the memories, and a way to trap Jim when the time comes. Perhaps they could even get to Jack through this as well.

At first, Edvard thought getting the information out of Jim would be relatively easy. Because Jim was confident that everyone was under his mind control, or whatever it was. So why would he have to hide anything, but he was keeping a lot of secrets, even to those that were close to him.

This Vincent couldn't have been too close to Jim in the past. Edvard just had a feeling that this must have been one of Quinn's friends or allies. Even when they spoke, everything was for the sake of the settlement.

It was a completely different tone compared to the originals, or Jim himself. The reason for keeping Vincent close, was to keep an eye on him.

"As I said, I know the person you are based on." Edvard said. "Just believe me for now. I won't do anything, Just you and this other person have to meet. I know then you will understand the situation better, and you might even be more inclined to believe him.

"Me and you are the same, we are both victims of this mind mess. He managed to open my eyes, and I think he can do the same to you."

Vincent looked off in the distance for a while, but eventually gave an answer.

"Okay, I will meet this person, but we need to try to figure out a way to reach him then. Away from Jim, and away from danger. I still don't trust you either."

Those were hard conditions to come by, but at least there was a chance.

"Thank you." Edvard said, as he went to leave the room and head back to make a plan and await further orders.

When Edvard finally left the room, Vincent placed the mask back on his face.

"What he said was true, it all happened like he predicted." Vincent said out loud. He picked up a few items, and with a quick pace started to leave the lab as he had somewhere important to head to.

"Quinn, the name Quinn. I… I… I have to report this." Vincent said.



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