My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

Chapter 1528 - 1528 Falling Out

1528 Falling Out

“Your Highness, there’s urgent news from the front line. The Liang family has won again. Many cultivators from Zhuang Prefectural City also participated in the beast tide battle this time.”


“The Liang family!”

Before the guard who reported finished speaking, Duanmu Chun suddenly slammed the table and stood up, his androgynous face ferocious and terrifying.

“Your Highness, I still have something to report.” The guard lowered his head and said again.

Duanmu Chun glared at the guard. “Tell me!”

“According to the report of the secret guards watching the Liang family, they found that at least 40% of the Liang family’s guards broke through in a short day. Even the eldest daughter of the Liang family, Liang Yingyue, and the second daughter of the City Lord Manor, Cheng Xin’er, are among the 40% who broke through.”

After a pause, the guard said with a trembling voice, “Your Highness, the secret guards also discovered that not only did the Fourth Prince, who should have already died from the poison, not die, but his cultivation level has also recovered to the eighth level of Qi practicing.”


“That bastard isn’t dead? His cultivation level has even recovered?!” Duanmu Chun’s eyes widened and his malicious gaze was full of strong killing intent.

“The Liang family, it must be the Liang family! Damn the Liang family, how dare they ruin my plans? I won’t let them off!”

Duanmu Heng, who should have died, wasn’t dead. The first person Duanmu Chun suspected was the Liang family.

Apart from the Liang family, Duanmu Heng no longer had anyone to ask for help!

He sent Duanmu Heng to reunite with the Liang family in order to catch them all in one go, but he never thought that he would let them go. At this moment, Duanmu Chun even had the intention to kill them!

“Your Highness, could there be a problem with the Spirit Dispersion Gu that person gave us?” The guard said carefully.

Duanmu Chun’s eyes narrowed when he heard that and he stared at the guard with a dangerous gaze.

The guard broke out in cold sweat. Just as he was about to collapse under the pressure, Duanmu Chun finally spoke again benevolently. “Go find that person and ask him what’s going on!”

“Yes, Your Highness. I’ll do it immediately.” The guard quickly left Duanmu Chun’s study as if he was running for his life.

“Your Highness, Your Highness, something bad has happened. The few secret guards sent to monitor the Liang family were seriously injured by the Fourth Prince and his men, and they were thrown out of the relay station!”

Not long after the guard left, a servant knocked on the door in a panic and entered the study to report to Duanmu Chun.

Duanmu Chun’s expression was extremely dark at this moment. The veins on his clenched fists bulged. “What did that bastard say?”

“No, His Highness didn’t say anything. He threw down a few seriously injured secret guards and left.” The servant replied fearfully.

“Good, very good!”

Duanmu Chun laughed in anger. “Duanmu Heng, you bastard, how dare you provoke me? I want to see how long a small Liang family can protect you!”

“Go, call the Lu family over!” Duanmu Chun suddenly said to the servant.

“Yes! I’ll do it immediately.” The servant hurriedly received the order and left.

“Stop right there!”

Duanmu Chun suddenly thought of something and suddenly stopped the servant. The servant was so frightened that his face instantly turned pale, thinking that he had made a mistake.

However, before the servant could beg for mercy, he heard Duanmu Chun say again, “Call Cheng Su’er over first!”

“Yes, yes, Your Highness. I’ll do it immediately!”

Hearing that Duanmu Chun only asked him to send the message, the servant immediately felt like he had survived a disaster. He hurriedly left the study and informed Cheng Su’er as quickly as possible.

And Cheng Su’er, who found out from the servant that Duanmu Chun even summoned the members of the Lu family, immediately looked twisted with hatred.

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