My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

Chapter 1529 - 1529 The Previous and the Current (1)

1529 The Previous and the Current (1)

“Sister, how is it? Have you found out what’s going on?” Seeing his sister return, Liang Yingjun hurriedly went forward and asked Dao Seeking.

Liang Yingyue nodded. “I’ve found out. The eldest prince and the Lu family joined forces to do this. 80% of the families who have already signed a contract with the Liang family strongly request to terminate the contract.”

Towards the end, Liang Yingyue’s tone was filled with obvious anger.

“It’s them again. They’ve gone too far!”

Liang Yingjun was so enraged that his chest heaved violently. He couldn’t wait to fight the Lu family and the eldest prince.

“Since they want to terminate the contract, let’s terminate the contract!” Lu Zijia, who was sitting lazily in the armchair, said indifferently.

Liang Zongxing didn’t say anything immediately, but thought about what Lu Zijia meant intermediately.

On the other hand, the straightforward Liang Yingjun directly voiced his concerns. “But if we let them terminate the contract, wouldn’t all our hard work for more than a year be in vain?”

Lu Zijia smiled and shook her head. “No, not only will it not be in vain, but it’ll also go one step further. It won’t even be long before those families who ask to terminate the contract will beg us to cooperate.”

Business matters were consensual to begin with. There was no good outcome if she forced them to go on. She might as well be more carefree and generous.

As for whether there would be a chance to cooperate again in the future, that was up to the Liang family.

“That’s right! Beast tide, spirit beasts!”

Liang Zongxing finally thought of something and said slightly excitedly, “The outbreak of the beast tide will last for a few years, at least two to three years. In these two to three years, we can totally do the business of spirit beasts. The business of spirit beasts can be said to be prosperous in the cultivation world!”

After all, apart from helping cultivators increase their cultivation levels, spirit beasts were also excellent materials for refining weapons, array formations, and so on. The demand was huge, so they didn’t have to worry about sales.

The spirit beasts they hunted before were basically used to set up array formations. They also gave a lot of the spirit beast meat to the guards who participated in the beast tide battle.

The rest was sold in the shops under the Liang family.

In less than a day, tens of thousands of kilograms of spirit beast meat were sold out. It could be seen how attractive spirit beasts were to cultivators.

“Right! Why didn’t I think of that?” Liang Yingjun patted his head and said in frustration.

Liang Yingyue looked at her brother with a smile. “It’s right that you didn’t think of it. It’s normal that you didn’t think of it. If you did, I’d be surprised instead.”

Liang Yingjun: “…” This was definitely not his sister!

Seeing her brother’s defeated look, Liang Yingyue immediately felt much better.

“Then I’ll deal with the contract termination now.”

After saying this, Liang Yingyue left impatiently again.

“Second Master, someone is looking for you outside.”

At this moment, a guard rushed into the hall and said to Liang Yingjun after bowing.

“Looking for me? Who is looking for me?” Liang Yingjun asked in confusion.

Ever since the Liang family’s downfall a few years ago, he didn’t have any so-called “friends” anymore. He really couldn’t guess who would come to find him at this time.

A strange look appeared on the guard’s face for a moment before he replied, “It’s a woman with a veil. She said she was the woman you once loved deeply, Second Master.”

Of course, Cheng Su’er’s original words weren’t like that, but it was about the same.

As soon as the guard said that, Liang Yingjun’s face immediately darkened. “Cheng… Su’er!”

Hearing the anger in Liang Yingjun’s tone, the guard couldn’t help but pity him.

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