My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

Chapter 1530 - 1530 The Previous and the Current (2)

1530 The Previous and the Current (2)

Suddenly, the guard thought of something. “Right, when I came to report just now, I met Miss Xin’er. She seemed to be heading towards the entrance of the camp.”


Liang Yingjun was shocked and hurriedly asked, “Where is Cheng Su’er now?”

“She should still be waiting outside the camp.” The guard immediately pitied Liang Yingjun even more.

If the former and the current encountered each other, their combat power… Tsk, tsk, they would definitely be either dead or injured!

Before the guard finished speaking, Liang Yingjun had already disappeared on the spot, leaving only an afterimage for everyone in the hall.

“Tsk, tsk, I’m afraid you’re going to be unlucky!” Lu Zijia nibbled on the spiritual fruit and shook her head with a sigh.

Liang Zongxing: “…” Why did he feel like Fellow Taoist Lu was gloating?

Mu Tianyan raised his hand and pinched his wife’s face, hinting to her to pay attention to the expression on her face and not make it too obvious.

Lu Zijia blinked, indicating that she was really sighing very sincerely.

Liang Zongxing, who felt like he had been stuffed with an extremely sweet display of affection for no reason: “…”

Young people nowadays really didn’t know how to respect the old and love the young. They tortured old people like them for no reason. They had really gone too far!

Lu Zijia didn’t go to watch the exciting scene of the battle between the ex and the current girlfriend in person, but she heard a bit about it after that.

Hearing that Cheng Xin’er knew that Cheng Su’er wanted to wreak havoc on Liang Yingjun again, she was so angry that she completely forgot Cheng Su’er’s identity and directly slapped her.

The maidservant, who was protecting Cheng Su’er, immediately used a killing move on Cheng Xin’er when she saw her master being beaten.

However, before he touched Cheng Xin’er, she was sent flying by the spiritual weapon Liang Yingjun threw out.

Liang Yingjun continued to attack. Before the maidservant could react, he quickly threw out a few Explosive Flame Array Disks, directly turning the maidservant into charcoal, and making them extremely enraged.

After that, he even knocked Cheng Su’er out, took off her veil, and swaggered to the relay station with Cheng Su’er.

After telling the eldest prince to take good care of his woman, he threw her down and left coolly.

Of course, leaving coolly was just putting it nicely. In fact, he was escaping quickly.

After all, he wasn’t stupid enough to stay and let the eldest prince punish him openly.

“Useless piece of trash! Get lost!”

Duanmu Chun kicked Cheng Su’er’s shoulder, sending her flying.


Cheng Su’er fell into the pool behind her like a kite with a broken string, causing a splash.


Duanmu Chun didn’t care about Cheng Su’er’s life at all and left the front yard angrily.


Cheng Su’er, who struggled out of the water, suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. Her red eyes were full of hatred and grief.

“Why, why did this happen? Why, why, why!”

Cheng Su’er tugged at her hair with both hands, hatred in her eyes.

If… If only she wasn’t trying to climb up the social ladder, if she wasn’t too greedy.

If she had insisted on staying by Liang Yingjun’s side and supporting him when he was at his lowest point, would she not have fallen to this state today?

The eldest prince’s favorite concubine? No, she was just a furnace that couldn’t even be considered a plaything.

If she hadn’t accidentally taken a Yin spirit herb at the bottom of the cliff that could help the man with dual cultivation increase his cultivation, the eldest prince probably wouldn’t have looked at her.

In fact, he might have already killed her in his anger.

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