Myth Beyond Heaven

Chapter 1730 Heavenhold (3)

Chapter 1730 Heavenhold (3)

The entire Heavenhold Realm was instantly transformed into a world of dazzling blue light, overwhelming everyone’s vision.

Guan Wen swiftly conjured a dark barrier around herself while observing the situation cautiously.

Swoosh! BANG!

All of a sudden, a beam of blue light shot out from the void and struck Guan Wen’s barrier.

Guan Wen was momentarily startled because she couldn’t sense it in time. When she noticed it again, the blue ray had already hit her barrier.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The next moment, an increasing number of blue rays of light emerged from the void and struck Guan Wen’s barrier, causing her to tremble.

Guan Wen knew that being passive in this situation was not good for her. She quickly swung the whip around, deflecting the incoming rays.

However, as time passed, too many blue rays were coming, and it became impossible for Guan Wen to block all of them.

At the same time, Guan Wen discovered she couldn’t tear through the space and leave this place. It was as if every possible retreat route had been sealed.


A blue ray shattered Guan Wen’s defensive barrier and struck her back, sending her flying.

Guan Wen groaned slightly, and her eyes flashed with a murderous intent. Her power exploded as she swung the whip towards Tian Yuhan. This time, the attack was several times more powerful than the previous one.

Tian Yuhan was as calm as ever. She simply reinforced the barrier and took the blow directly.


A long crack appeared in the barrier, but that was all Guan Wen could do. Before she could make another move, the barrier had already repaired itself.

“Damn it. That’s enough!” Guan Wen cursed under her breath. Her seductive expression was no longer visible and had been replaced by ferocity.

All of a sudden, the dark aura around her swirled up, and her body began to distort. Guan Wen transformed into a gigantic black harpy with wings spanning over a hundred kilometers.

“Die!” Guan Wen uttered coldly.

Countless pitch-black feathers appeared in the air and rushed towards Tian Yuhan and everyone within the Heavenhold Sect’s territory.

Tian Jia and the others went pale upon seeing this scene. They could feel that death was near.

Tian Yuhan furrowed her brows slightly, and her aura exploded even stronger.

The Heavenhold Orb in her hand started spinning, releasing numerous streaks of blue light that eventually formed into a massive blue barrier spanning across the sky.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The black feathers smashed into the barrier, and a few of them successfully penetrated it. Fortunately, they landed in locations where no one was present.

Tian Yuhan released the orb, allowing it to hover in the air at chest level. She then raised her hands to block both sides of the orb and started spinning it.

As the orb spun faster, the barrier grew stronger and stronger, to the point where the feathers shattered upon contact with it.

“Go.” Tian Yuhan uttered in a low voice, and the barrier suddenly shrank in a flash, transforming into a blue orb in the sky.

The next moment, a thick blue beam shot out of the orb, rushing towards Guan Wen.

Guan Wen’s expression changed slightly. She opened her mouth, and a horrifying black beam shot out.


The two beams collided midair, causing the entire Heavenhold Realm to tremble. Countless spatial rifts could be seen everywhere, and the space above the sky was torn apart.

Guan Wen knew that her opportunity had arrived. She didn’t hesitate to activate a forbidden technique and vanished into the rift.

“Hehe… We will meet again.” Guan Wen’s voice reverberated through the sky, but her figure was nowhere to be seen.

Wu Jun was shocked and hastily cast the forbidden technique.

However, before he could make a move, another blue beam had already descended upon him.

His eyes widened in terror, and he screamed. “NO!”


Wu Jun was instantly engulfed by the blue beam and turned into nothingness directly, leaving behind a massive crater on the ground.

Tian Yuhan gazed at the sky for a moment before reaching out to grasp the Heavenhold Orb. Immediately, a blue barrier appeared around the Heavenhold Realm, preventing anyone from entering or leaving.

“Is it over now?” Many survivors stared blankly at the sky.

“It’s over. We are saved.” Someone in the crowd said.

“Mom… Wake up!” Miserable cries soon replaced the temporary silence, and everyone began to gaze at the devastating scene.

Their friends, families… everything was gone.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t come out faster.” Tian Yuhan’s voice reverberated throughout the entire world. “To provide compensation for everyone, the Heavenhold Sect will now be open to anyone who wishes to improve their strength.”

“We will rise again.”

Everyone fell to the ground and started sobbing. Some of them might blame Tian Yuhan in their hearts, but most people understood the situation. The enemy was formidable, and it wasn’t easy for her. It was already good enough that they could still survive.

Tian Yuhan’s aura gradually calmed down as she put the orb away.

“Sect Master.” Tian Hualing and the others dragged their weary bodies over and saluted Tian Yuhan.

Tian Yuhan looked at them and said apologetically. “I’m sorry, everyone.”

“What are you saying, Sect Master? Without you, we wouldn’t be standing here.” Tian Jia said, and the other elders echoed.

Tian Yuhan swept her gaze over the lifeless bodies scattered around the place and said with a heavy expression. “Give them a proper funeral. If their families are still alive, we will compensate them as much as possible.”

“Yes.” The elders and disciples responded in unison before dispersing.

“Master, your strength…?” Tian Hualing looked at Tian Yuhan with doubt.

“You have heard it.” Tian Yuhan didn’t hide anything. “The Heavenhold Orb is, in fact, the artifact of the Heaven Sealing God Emperor. Our Heavenhold Realm originated from her.”

“That’s great!” Tian Jia said with a hint of excitement. “We will soon become a god realm.”

Tian Yuhan shook her head and said. “It’s not that simple… My power is temporary.”

Tian Jia and Tian Hualing were stunned.

Tian Yuhan further stated. “I am not the best candidate to inherit the legacy of the Heaven Sealing God Emperor. It was because the orb sensed the impending danger that it selected me. I could barely utilize its true power.”

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