Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl?

Chapter 1241: Alliance of Gods

Chapter 1241: Alliance of Gods

After sending out her mana to survey the city, Shiro understood that every combat mech had been sent out along with anyone who could fight. The only ones left were civilians who were hiding in the bunkers.

Meanwhile, the city itself has been placed in a pocket dimension for safety.

"This isn't good. Seems like a fight broke out while I wasn't here." Shiro furrowed her brows as she glanced back at the party.

"I assume all of you are geared, yes? Or do you need some upgrades from Helion's Forge?" She asked with a serious expression.

"Only I am. Compared to Helion's items, they're still relatively under geared." Lyrica replied with a frown. Seeing that Shiro had entered serious mode, she knew that this was no time to joke.

While she hasn't been in Asharia in a long while, she could tell that the current state of the city should only be seen if there's danger. If everyone else is not present, it means that they're currently fighting.

"Alright. I'll give you a guide that'll take you to Helion's forge. Take whatever you need. Once you're ready the guide will take you to our location then you can help out. Lyrica, you follow me." Shiro ordered while snapping her fingers. Next to her, a small mote of light appeared and gestured for Asher and the others to follow it.

Once they were out of the room, Shiro opened the windows to the mage tower and glanced out towards the city.

Swiping her hand, she brought out the system interface.

[System Error]

"What?" Shiro muttered out loud, unable to hide her surprise. While she understood what had transpired in the world of creation that caused the system to be frozen, the same shouldn't have happened in this world.

Furrowing her brows, Shiro brought up the city logs to find out what had happened.

Without saying a word, Shiro jumped up and tore a hole in space before dashing through. Quickly following behind Shiro, Lyrica wanted to say something but stopped when she saw her expression.

The anger in her eyes and the pure rage that Shiro was exuding caused Lyrica to understand that wherever they're flying towards, blood will spill.


"I had come with the understanding that the brat would be here. But seems like she must've ran with her tail tucked between her legs." A giant laughed while scratching his chin.

"Shut up, be glad she isn't here for now and we can weaken her forces significantly." A woman snapped in annoyance while fending off Helion's attacks.

Slamming her hand down, she sent out a wave of force that caused him to stumble back.

Catching him quickly, Madison dashed forward.

"Who the fuck do you think you're touching." She growled in anger as demonic runes appeared around her. Disappearing from her location, she appeared behind the woman and tore off her right arm.

However, the arm quickly grew back before grabbing Madison by the throat and slamming her against the ground.

"GAH!" Coughing out a mouthful of blood, Madison tried to tear the arm off her throat but it was resilient.

Scattered around the battlefield, the 7 Ancient Lords of Sin were currently regenerating at a slowed pace. Their bodies had been thoroughly destroyed and struggled to be pieced back together.

The rest of the party weren't in a good state either. Nan Tian was currently clutching ribs that there was a hole in his torso while Silvia was trying her best to heal him.

If it wasn't for the strange domain that they were dragged into, their combat potential would not be decreased this much. Even with the help of Demi Gods, they were isolated.

Surrounded and besieged by an alliance of God's, they couldn't contact Gaia or the others to seek help. They could only try to fend them off themselves.

The main forces of Asharia were fighting against the hordes of summons that the gods sent to destroy the city. They were guarding the border of the portal.

They had felt that something was wrong when thunderclouds suddenly appeared above the city and Nan Tian immediately had the city enter the pocket dimension for safety.

His hunch was correct since Zeus was the one spearheading the assault.

"Just you wait! When my mum arrives you're dead!" Yin raged while she and Atesh tried their best to fend off against a flaming behemoth but their attacks were being negated.

"Oh I wish she would arrive." Zeus grinned. They had managed to release the lock on their divinity in the mortal world thanks to the system going down.

They didn't know who gave them the hint, but they were the first to find out the system had malfunctioned. And thanks to that, they could launch the pre-emptive strike before Nyx and the others could react.

By the time they break through the barrier, the fight should be long over.

"Oi Poseidon, didn't you say you wanted to kill this girl yourself?" The woman shouted over and Poseidon glanced back and nodded his head. He was currently fighting against the duo of Li Jian and Koji, surprisingly they formed a good pair that could ward off his attacks.

However, they were beginning to tire out.

Jumping back, he traded opponents with the woman and stood above Madison.

"I told you, your head was mine." Poseidon narrowed his eyes as he stabbed his trident downwards.

However, contrary to what he had expected, he was now looking at the sky.

There was indeed a fountain of blood but it wasn't Madison's.

A chill filled his mind as he realised that it was his own head that was severed.

Without even saying anything, his vision was blurred. The last thing he saw was a wave of circuits that flooded his mind.

[Poseidon has been slain]

Standing above Madison, Shiro had crushed the head of Poseidon while glaring at Zeus and the other gods in anger.

"I believe I warned you before." Shiro said coldly as her killing intent radiated out.

A deafening silence covered the battlefield as questions filled their minds.

How did Shiro enter the barrier that they had set out? Even the other gods couldn't enter with their strength. Has she surpassed the realm of gods?

"Lyrica! I think you can handle all of them right?" Shiro asked while glancing up.

Nodding her head, Lyrica conjured up two swords. She was also mad that they attacked and caused Madison and the others to end up in this state.

"I'm going to have my fun with Zeus. You can deal with the others."

Appearing in front of Zeus, Shiro grabbed him by the head and kicked him in the chin, causing him to fly backwards, slamming against the border of the barrier.

Before the other gods could back him up, Lyrica cut off their path to Shiro and stabbed her sword down.

A myriad of blades erupted from the ground, each radiating a menacing energy that threatened to extinguish their souls.

"No one is allowed past this point." Lyrica declared coldly as she stared at the group of gods.

However, some of them were not convinced. Seeing that they were still trying to get past her, Lyrica narrowed her eyes.

"A demonstration is in order." Appearing above the gods who tried to run past her with brute force, she cleaved down with her blade, causing the ground to rumble from the force. A spectral energy gathered in the skies before forming the tip of a sword and stabbed towards the god, splitting him in two.

Summoning the wheel of samsara, she grabbed his soul and tore out his essence before extinguishing it.

"Who's next? You've lived long enough, I'm sure death doesn't scare you." Lyrica narrowed her eyes as she turned her blade towards the next victim.

Meanwhile, Zeus was trying to fight back against Shiro but was completely overwhelmed. He was trying to launch a myriad of attacks but Shiro deflected them with a swing of her finger. A cyclone of Nanobots swirled around her, stopping the attacks and absorbing it as energy.

"Why isn't the barrier working! You shouldn't be able to use your spells!" Zeus shouted out as panic settled in his heart.

"Indeed. But it only blocks destruction. What about creation?" Shiro answered coldly as golden energy radiated from her body.

Slamming her hands together, chains erupted out from the ground, locking Zeus in place.

"Time and time again you have tested my patience. It's about time you step down from your throne."

Conjuring up a wave of circuits, Shiro implanted them in his body, causing him to scream out in pain. Finding the essence of his divinity, Shiro tore it out without hesitation as Zeus could feel his divine energy fading away rapidly.

His body crumbled into ash while Shiro snapped her finger. Ensnaring his soul with a chained collar, Shiro glared at him coldly.

"You will spend an eternity reliving every pain, every punishment, every harm you have given to others."

With her spare hand, she created an intricate magic array that sped up his perception of time.

In the single instance it takes for him to enter, he will experience everything his victims experienced but with him as the victim instead. Clasping her hand together, Shiro watched as his mental crumble in a matter of mere moments, unable to withstand even half of the torture he had given to others.

Clicking her tongue in disdain, she erased him completely before looking towards the skies.

"Aekari, have you watched enough?"

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